INDIANA FIRE CHIEFS ASSOCIATION
                               2011 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

Title:                                               Department Name:

Department Address:

City:                                                State:                                           ZIP Code:

Phone:                                               E-Mail:                                          Fax:
State Senate District:
                                                     US Congressional District:                       IN Homeland Security District:
State Representative District:
                                                   MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES
ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - Active Membership shall be comprised of the Chief of Department and any Chief Officer Rank of a
regularly organized Fire Department officially recognized by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Active members shall be entitled to
vote on all matters requiring a vote unless otherwise prohibited by the Constitution and By-Laws and shall be entitled to hold
elective office. For departments with less than 30 emergency responders, the Fire Chief and one (1) Assistant / Deputy Chief will
be identified as active members who will have voting rights, all others of that department will be considered to have
Departmental Membership.
DEPARTMENTAL MEMBERSHIP – Departmental Membership shall be a department with less than 30 emergency responders.
Departmental Members shall be entitled to participate fully in the affairs of the Association. The Fire Chief and one (1) Assistant /
Deputy Chief of each department will have voting rights. All other members will be considered associate members. * attach roster
list of member names.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – Associate Membership shall include individuals interested in the protection of life and property
from fire. This also includes all members of a department with 30 or more emergency responders who are not the Fire Chief or a
Chief Officer. Associate Members shall be entitled to participate fully in the affairs of the Association, with the exception of
holding elected office and voting privileges.
RETIRED ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP – Retired Active Membership shall include only Active Members who have retired from the
Fire Service after ten (10) consecutive years, as members of the I.F.C.A. Retired Active Members shall be entitled to participate
fully in the affairs of the Association, with exception of holding elective office. Retired Active Membership may be obtained by
application to and certification from the Board of Directors.
                                              MEMBER SECTIONS DUES                (CHECK – JOIN ANY OR ALL)

___ EMS………………………$ 25.00                              ___ Public Safety Educator………$ 25.00

___ Technical Rescue …..$ 25.00                      ___ Aviation…………………..………$ 25.00

                                         MEMBER DUES STRUCTURE AND PAYMENT METHODS
        Active Chief – First two (2) Chiefs (30 or more in Dept.)                   $ 75.00 each

        Additional Active Chief - (30 or more in Dept.)                             $ 50.00 each
                                                                                                      Member Dues           ______
        Departmental - Combo/Vol Dept. less than 30                                $100.00
         (please provide Dept. Roster) * attach roster list of members names
                                                                                                      Section Dues          ______
        Associate - Non Chief Rank (more than 30) or Interested Individuals         $ 50.00
                                                                                                      TOTAL DUES:        $ _____
        Retired Active (by approval)                                                   Free

If an invoice is needed please complete application and indicate here with your initials_____

Check     (payable to IFCA)   # _____       Visa _____         MasterCard _____

Card Number:                                                                                   Expiration Date:

Name On Card:


                                        Three Easy Ways To Join. Return application and payment:
                          By Mail:      IFCA Membership Application, P.O. Box 364, Zionsville, IN 46077
                          By Fax:        317-733-4212                    Toll Free: 1-877-733-1850
                          Online:            E-Mail:

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                     contact Terry Rake, IFCA Executive Director at 317-733-1850 or

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