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					Finance Officer Cover Letter

Dear Mr Gold

I have recently completed the Institute of Financial Management MBFA through
South City University and I am interested in applying for the position of Chief
Finance Officer advertised on this month’s Business Analyst recruitment board.

My experience as both an accountant and a financial administrator leaves me, I
believe, well qualified for the post.
My background includes:

-    Finance manager for Daryl Hall & John Oates Ltd industrial division;
-    Five years as audit supervisor with _______________;
-    Accountant and financial administrator with the largest haulage company in
-    Staff accountant for _____________________.

Recent successes include the profitable renegotiation of credit facilities at
________________, and the implementation of a freight cost analysis, which resulted
in an annual saving to the organisation of over £150,000.

I am an energetic, ambitious professional, with a decisive, self-reliant personality. I
am also well able to work co-operatively and productively within a team environment.

Although I have been very happy with ______________, I am now looking for a
position that will allow me to use the skills and competencies that I have acquired
through my recent_______________. I believe that your vacancy offers just the
opportunity that I am looking for in order to advance my career.

I would very much appreciate learning more about _______________________and
its objectives. I am currently available for interview at any time and I look forward to
hearing from you.

My full CV follows.
Yours sincerely

Ms Silver

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