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TFDL Equipment borrowing agreement - Library - University of Calgary


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									TFDL Netbook Borrowing

Eligible UofC borrowers may borrow a netbook for use in the Taylor Family Digital Library.

The following equipment may be available:
    Dell Lattitude 2110 Netbooks


For complete information on Netbook borrowing see “Netbook borrowing information” (the link
to this will be coming- we can only send it to you if we publish)

TFDL Netbook Borrowing Agreement

        1: Net Book
            Net Book     777

        Borrowing Terms & Conditions
       Netbooks are available for loan during regular TFDL operating hours, may be checked
        out for up to three hours at a time, and must be returned in person no later than one hour
        prior to circulation service closing time. Netbooks must be kept inside the TFDL.
        Equipment loans are subject to availability and contingent on the borrower's acceptance
        of terms and conditions including the following:
            o The borrower accepts complete financial responsibility for the netbook . The
                borrower will reimburse the University of Calgary for the repair or replacement
                costs for the netbook and/or accessories if lost, stolen, or intentionally damaged
                while checked out in the borrower's name.
            o The borrower understands the full replacement cost for the laptop is $750,
                the loan period is three hours or less, depending on the time the laptop is
                checked out, and overdue fines are $10.00 per hour or fraction thereof. These
                fines will continue to accrue until the netbook is returned or the full replacement
           cost is reached. The borrower understands that borrowing privileges will be
           suspended for late return until fine is paid.
   Saving work regularly to the cloud or USB device is the borrower's responsibility.
    Although the Library will make every effort to maintain properly functioning equipment,
    the Library accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged electronic information or
    personal storage media.
   The borrower agrees to comply with all applicable Library and University policies
    regarding acceptable computer use including using the netbook inside the library building
     uidauthent     sdbeatty

    Authorization Code:

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