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					Symbolism in the Scarlet Letter                  Symbolism is very important throughout the Scarlet Le
tter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. According to Henry James, the famous American novelist, he bel
ieves the symbolism is overdone. Others think the symbolism is just right to know what is going on
through Hawthorn's wordiness. Throughout the entire book, Hawthorne used various kinds of symbolism
. Hawthorn's symbolism helped make the story line cleaner and brought the characters to life. He o
ften used symbolism to justify a point or to describe and idea. Hawthorns' symbolism also helped wi
th understanding the character's emotions at that particular time.                 The Scarlet Letter
 is about sin. The rosebush growing at the prison door symbolizes beauty in the midst of evil. The
 scarlet letter upon Hester Prynne's bosom, that is so beautifully embroidered, represents sin cloak
ed in beauty, and a secret for Pearl never to know. When Pearl asks her repeatedly what it means He
ster tells her to "hold her tongue." When Pearl asks her if it was the Black Man in the forest Heste
r says, "Once in my life I met the Black Man, this scarlet letter is his mark," only so Pearl would
leave her at peace. (Page 182) The Black Man symbolizes the devil or one of his demons. Pearl is
the extraordinary child. Hester dresses her in vivid colors, with elaborate detail, much like her o
wn scarlet letter. Pearl is the most important part of Hester's life. She was truly a pearl of gre
at price. In the forest, Pearl could catch the sunshine, but Hester could not. "Mother the sunshin
e does not love you. It runs away and hides itself, because it is afraid of something on your bosom
." (Page 180) Hester and Pearl lived in a cottage hidden from view, as if there was something to h
ide.                Roger Chillingworth, who was really Master Prynne, came back into Hester's life
exactly at the time of her public humiliation, but hiding his true character. " A writhing horror t
wisted itself across his features, like a snake gliding swiftly over them, and making one little pau
se" (page 56). This symbolism alerts the reader of his true intentions. Chillingworth, as a physic
ian is given the responsibility of aiding in the Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale's health, hoping to find th
at what he suspects is true about the minister. Chillingworth is referred to as the "Leech" when he
 truly was sucking the life from Dimmesdale.                  Reverend Dimmesdale often covered his he
art with his hand as of in mortal pain. Hester wore her scarlet letter on the outside for all to se
e. This symbolism makes the reader aware of the connection between the two characters. When Hester
removed her scarlet letter in the forest, she seemed to be younger and happier, with even the sun sh
ining down on both of them. This symbolizes how dark the letter was and what burden it was. Seven
years later, the Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale, is giving his speech and was at the highest point of respe
ctability in his career, standing and listening to him was Hester still wearing her scarlet letter,
as if nothing had changed. This also symbolizes their connection.                   Even in the end, t
he symbolism helps the reader feel the emotions of the characters. Reverend Dimmesdale climbs on the
 scaffold finally condemning him publicly. He opens his shirt for all to see the shadow the bears o
n his breast. Reverend Dimmesdale seeks public humiliation, retribution of his sins and then dies.
                     symbolism scarlet letter symbolism very important throughout scarlet letter writt
en nathaniel hawthorne according henry james famous american novelist believes symbolism overdone ot
hers think just right know what going through hawthorn wordiness throughout entire book hawthorne us
ed various kinds hawthorn helped make story line cleaner brought characters life often used justify
point describe idea hawthorns also helped with understanding character emotions that particular time
 scarlet letter about rosebush growing prison door symbolizes beauty midst evil upon hester prynne b
osom that beautifully embroidered represents cloaked beauty secret pearl never know when pearl asks
repeatedly what means hester tells hold tongue when pearl asks black forest hester says once life bl
ack this mark only would leave peace page black symbolizes devil demons extraordinary child dresses
vivid colors with elaborate detail much like most important part life truly great price forest could
 catch sunshine could mother sunshine does love runs away hides itself because afraid something your
 bosom page lived cottage hidden from view there something hide roger chillingworth really master pr
ynne came back into exactly time public humiliation hiding true character writhing horror twisted it
self across features like snake gliding swiftly over them making little pause page this alerts reade
r true intentions chillingworth physician given responsibility aiding reverend dimmesdale health hop
ing find that what suspects true about minister chillingworth referred leech when truly sucking from
 dimmesdale reverend dimmesdale often covered heart with hand mortal pain wore outside this makes re
ader aware connection between characters removed forest seemed younger happier even shining down bot
h them symbolizes dark burden seven years later reverend giving speech highest point respectability
career standing listening still wearing nothing changed also their connection even helps reader feel
 emotions characters climbs scaffold finally condemning publicly opens shirt shadow bears breast see
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