FERMANAGH                         COMHAIRLE


Minutes of the meeting of the Development Committee held in the
Council Chamber, Townhall, Enniskillen on Monday, 10 October
2011 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT:              Councillors Ruth Lynch (Chairman) Harold
                      Andrews, Rosemary Barton, Alison
                      Brimstone, Frank Britton, Cyril Brownlee,
                      Debbie Coyle, Barry Doherty, Sheamus
                      Greene, Stephen Huggett, Robert Irvine,
                      Basil Johnston, Thomas Maguire, Brian
                      McCaffrey, John O’Kane, Thomas O’Reilly,
                      Frankie Rice, Paul Robinson and Bernice

APOLOGIES:            Councillors Alex Baird, Raymond Farrell,
                      Brendan Gallagher and Bert Johnston

IN ATTENDANCE:        Chief Executive, Economic Development
                      Officer and Committee Clerk


           The minutes of the meeting held on Monday, 12
           September 2011 were approved and signed.


           D125/11 – D112/11 b) CROSS CEMETERY

           The Chief Executive informed the Committee that copies
           of the meeting notes would be tabled at the
           Environmental Services Committee meeting on
           Tuesday, 11 October 2011.


           The Chairman welcomed Mr Andrew McKeever,
           Managing Director and Mr John Gartlan, Technical
           Director from Net1 Ltd and Mr Stephen McClelland,

       Managing Director and Mr Danny McFadden, IT Manager
       from North West Electronics (NWE) Wireless Networks
       to the meeting.

       Mr McKeever addressed the following points in a

          The background of Net1 Ltd
          Advantages of Broadband
          The method of service delivery and how it worked
          Net1 Ltd tariffs and speeds
          Current and target coverage areas

       Mr McClelland addressed the following points in a

        The history of NWE Wireless Networks
        Solutions for Broadband access
        The location of NWE Wireless Networks operating
       sites throughout Northern Ireland and Co Donegal
        Current and target coverage areas
        DETI Infill Project
        NWE Wireless Networks tariffs and speeds

       Members raised a number of issues in relation to phone
       masts, weather conditions affecting signal, planning
       permission impacts on the location of bases, distances
       involved with the connection having to be line of sight,
       criteria involved when deciding where to locate a base,
       community objectives, impact of Fermanagh landscape
       on access to bases, limited mobile phone coverage,
       installation costs and the expenditure involved if
       changing from one provider to another.

       The Chairman thanked Mr Andrew McKeever, Mr John
       Gartlan, Mr Stephen McClelland and Mr Danny
       McFadden and they left the meeting.


        Enniskillen Business Partnership

       The Chief Executive informed the Committee that
       Enniskillen Business Partnership had been officially
       established in September 2011, he informed the
       Committee of the Partnership’s mission statement,
       aims, and their policies on the environment, marketing,
       accessibility and security.

         RECOMMENDED: That representatives of Enniskillen
         Business Partnership be invited to the December
         Development Committee meeting.

D141/11 Rural Development Programme – Village Renewal,
        Measure 3.5

         Councillors Cyril Brownlee, Ruth Lynch, Brian McCaffrey
         and Paul Robinson declared an interest and left the
         meeting for the duration of the discussion on the item.

         In the absence of the Chairman, Councillor Ruth Lynch,
         it was agreed that Councillor Thomas O’Reilly be elected
         Chairman for the duration of the discussion of the item.

         The Economic Development Officer gave an update on
         the development of integrated village plans which had
         now been drafted; comments had been received from
         local communities and the Council had to send final
         comments to the Consultants by Thursday, 13 October

         The Economic Development Officer informed the
         Committee that there were a few issues yet to be
         resolved, such as:

          Plans had been developed for 31 settlements across
           the four District Council areas but when the call for
           Measure 3.5 opened it would be an open call so other
           settlements in the cluster area would be able to apply
           for funding. The total amount of funding available
           was approximately £1.9 million meaning that the
           amount of money available for each settlement could
           be relatively small.
          Each settlement could have to prioritise an
           action/actions to be funded which could require
           drawings to be completed and priced and applications
           for planning permission may be required. There was
           concern that some settlements would not have the
           capacity to do this.
          Each settlement could have to provide evidence of
           match funding at the application stage. Most
           settlements would not be able to provide this funding
           although some Councils in the cluster had indicated a
           willingness to assist with match funding

          Many of the groups were at early stages of
           development and would have little or no experience
           of managing projects.
          Many of the applicants required intensive support to
           roll-out their projects and there was difficulty meeting
           target spend on the Rural Development Programme in

         Members discussed concerns including the match
         funding requirements, the lack of spend by groups in
         Fermanagh, the criteria used to define villages and the
         allocation of funding to each Council area.

         RECOMMENDED: That Fermanagh District Council staff
         would meet with the other Councils in the cluster and
         SWARD Management to agree a way forward that would
         allow the maximum number of Fermanagh villages to
         benefit from Measure 3.5.


         Western Health and Social Care Trust

         The Chief Executive informed the Committee that the
         Western Health and Social Care Trust would attend the
         November Development Committee meeting on
         Monday, 14 November 2011. Members agreed that any
         issues to be raised with the Trust at the meeting would
         be forwarded to the Chief Executive by the end of

D143/11 Consultation on a Telecommunications Action Plan
        for Northern Ireland 2011 – 2015

         The Chief Executive informed the Committee that the
         Council had responded to the DETI Consultation on the
         Telecommunications Action Plan for Northern Ireland
         2011 – 2015. The Consultation document and DETI’s
         reply to the Council’s response had been forwarded to
         all Members for information.

D144/11 Cross Border Training and Impact Assessment in
        Ireland and Europe – International Conference

         The Chief Executive informed the Committee that an
         Officer would attend the conference.

D145/11 Agricultural & Food Seminar

          The Committee considered attendance at the above
          seminar to be held on Thursday, 1 December 2011 in
          the Dunadry Hotel, Co Antrim. Members were informed
          that the seminar would cost £175 and travel would cost
          approximately £110.

          RECOMMENDED: That Councillors Rosemary Barton
          and Sheamus Greene attend the seminar.

D146/11 Collective Lobbying – ICBAN Event

          The Chief Executive informed Members that an
          invitation had been emailed to all Councillors inviting
          them to an event run by ICBAN entitled ‘Collective
          Lobbying’. The event would be held on Tuesday, 25
          October 2011 in the Bush Hotel, Carrick on Shannon.

          RECOMMENDED: That Councillor Brian McCaffrey
          attend the event.

D147/11 Enniskillen status as a Sub-regional Centre

          The Chief Executive informed the Committee that
          Enniskillen had been identified as a Sub-regional Centre
          in the 10 year review of the Regional Development
          Strategy 2025. The Council proposed to engage
          consultants to carry out a review of Enniskillen as a
          Sub-regional Centre and prepare a report. It was
          anticipated that the report would define the
          characteristics of a Sub-regional Centre, carry out a
          review of Enniskillen as it currently existed and
          recommend actions to strengthen the position of
          Enniskillen as a Sub-regional Centre.

          The Chief Executive informed the Committee that the
          Council also recognised the potential for Enniskillen as a
          Public Sector Hub within Northern Ireland. He indicated
          that the report would also examine the potential for the
          relocation of public sector jobs to Enniskillen.

          RECOMMENDED: Accordingly.

RISING:   The Committee rose at 10.10pm.

All Members named were present for the
commencement of the meeting except Councillors
Debbie Coyle who arrived at 7.35pm and Stephen
Huggett at 7.40pm.

All Members named were present for the duration of the
meeting except Councillors Rosemary Barton who left at
8.50pm, Frank Britton and Robert Irvine at 9pm, and
Alison Brimstone at 10pm.

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