Appointment Approvals by HC120809154711


									                                POLICIES and PROCEDURES
Responsible Unit                Human Resources
Policy Number                   A-8
Date Last Updated               01 November 2005
Approving Sector Head           Director, Human Resources
Policy                          APPOINTMENT APPROVALS

1.       Academic Units

         Recruiting action for non-academic positions in the academic faculties must be pre-
         approved by the respective Dean and the Vice-President (Academic). The original
         approved requisition is to be sent directly to the Human Resources Officer (Staffing &
         HR Policies), so recruiting action can be expedited, and a copy returned to the Dean.

2.       Administrative Units

         Recruiting action for non-academic positions in administrative units must be approved by
         the senior administrator responsible for the sector, e.g., Chief Financial Officer &
         Treasurer, Vice-President, Growth & Operations, Vice-President, Student Affairs,
         Director of Human Resources, or the President, etc.

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