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									Dear <<retiree>>,

Thank you for your recent contribution to United Way. I am
always moved by the generosity of <<company>> employees,
and it is even more heartwarming to see caring individuals
continuing to give back after retirement. Your involvement
is improving thousands of lives and helping strengthen our
Chicagoland community.

Supporting United Way is the most effective way to improve
lives and strengthen our community. United Way works to
understand the greatest needs in each community, and then
funds a network of programs that address those needs. If no
programs exist, United Way launches new initiatives.

Currently, United Way is working to address the greatest
challenges facing people in metropolitan Chicago, including
access to healthcare, crisis support, affordable housing,
educational achievement and financial stability. These are
complex issues that impact all of us. Average incomes are
falling while costs of living, including medical care and
housing, are rising. Throughout our community, families and
individuals are forced to make sacrifices.

However, your contributions have real impact—United Way
holds itself and its partner agencies accountable for
delivering results. And to United Way, results are lives
changed. For example, take Elias. At 56, he found himself
without a job and without the computer skills necessary to
find a new one. Through a technology literacy program that
helps individuals develop critical job skills, United Way
helped Elias become self-sufficient.

Or look at Anne, a hardworking mother of three from the
south suburbs. Her son died suddenly in an accident and her
daughter needed to be hospitalized. To cover these
unexpected debts, Anne put off paying her mortgage. Much-
needed child support payments from her ex-husband stopped.
And then Anne lost her own job. Through United Way, Anne
has found steady employment and developed an affordable
mortgage payment plan. “I have peace of mind,” she says.

Thank you for helping United Way improve lives and
strengthen communities. Thank you for helping United Way
provide leadership and resources so that people can
overcome life’s challenges and become independent. Thank
you for partnering with <<company>> to support United Way.


<<CEO or other title>>

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