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					               GASP! Newsletter
                                January 2010

Upcoming Events                           Where: Hyatt Regency Chicago;
                                          Chicago, IL
ISPA Convention                           When: March 2nd-March 6th
Where: Embassy Suites; East Peoria,          Rachael Levine is arranging
IL                                             accommodations for GASP at
When: January 21st-January 23rd                NASP.
    On-site registration is available.      Karen Herzel and Lee Affrunti
    The Manager’s Reception will              are organizing the NASP
     be on Thursday, January 21st              Hospitality Suite.
     from 5:30pm-7:30pm                      The presentation, “Student
    Contact Lauryn Toby                       Fundraising: Finding Ways to
     ( if you are             Support Graduate School
     interested in carpooling.                 Activities” will be at NASP on
    Good luck to all students                 March 4th from 11:30-12:50pm.
     presenting!                               GASP members are encouraged
                                               to attend.
GASP! January Happy Hour
Where: TBA                                Announcements
When: Weekend of January 29th-
January 31st                              Look out for more information from
Look out for more information from        Karen Herzel regarding the Beverage
Eddie Mockus about voting for dates to    Sale on the quad. Karen will determine
hold this event and when/where the        the dates and times for this event and
event will take place. If you have any    send out an email requesting
suggestions for future social events,     volunteers.
please contact Eddie Mockus
(                      If you have any ideas for GASP!
                                          Advocacy events or activities, please
February GASP! Meeting                    contact Anna Hickey
Where: PSC Playroom                       (
When: Friday February 5th
       2:00pm                             Please feel free to use the new
All students are welcome to attend!       stepladder in the PSC student
                                          workroom provided by GASP!
NASP Convention
               GASP! Newsletter
                               January 2010
              GASP and YOU!!!

Thanks to everyone who attended the
End of Semester Fat Jack’s Party!

Thanks to Carrie Kreissl and Jamie
Kremsreiter for organizing a successful
Doctoral Interview Day and Dinner!
Thank you to everyone who attended!

Thanks to Rene Staskal and everyone
who participated in the Multicultural
Potluck! A good time was had by all.

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