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									                          Kendal at Lexington
                                   Lexington, Virginia

                      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

                        POSITION SPECIFICATION

               Executive Director

Prepared by
Kathleen M. Gillespie
Partner and Practice Leader
Senior Care Practice
Jennifer G. Bauer
Associate Consultant
Senior Care Practice
June 2012

This Position Specification is intended to provide information about Kendal at Lexington and the position of
Executive Director. It is designed to assist qualified individuals in assessing their interest in this position.

CONFIDENTIAL: This report has been prepared for the
exclusive use of Kendal at Lexington. Due to the
confidential nature of this information, its use should be
controlled and limited.


Lexington, Virginia
                                               Final Revised
                                               July 17, 2012

Prepared by: Kathleen M. Gillespie
             Partner and Practice Leader
             Senior Care Practice
             --- and ---
             Jennifer Bauer
             Senior Associate
             Senior Care Practice
Table of Contents


         I. INTRODUCTION                             1

         II. PERSONS INTERVIEWED                     2



         V. CANDIDATE QUALIFICATIONS                11

        VI. INFORMATION ON THE COMMUNITY            13

        VII. SEARCH TIMETABLE                       14

       VIII. PROCEDURE FOR CANDIDACY                15
I.   Introduction
     Witt/Kieffer has been retained by the Search Committee of Kendal at Lexington to assist in the
     search for the next Kendal at Lexington Executive Director (ED). Kendal at Lexington is an
     affiliate of The Kendal Corporation of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

     This report represents the results of our discussions with representative groups of Kendal at
     Lexington Residents, Staff, Supervisors, Management Leaders, the Board of Directors, and
     the Kendal at Lexington Executive Director Search Committee, as well as written materials
     Kendal at Lexington has provided us. These discussions allowed us to:

        Gain a full knowledge and understanding of the community and the position of Kendal at
         Lexington Executive Director, and of the expectations of the goals and objectives to be
         achieved by the Kendal at Lexington Executive Director;

        Prepare the specifications of the background, experience and type of person ideally suited
         for the position of Kendal at Lexington Executive Director;

        Identify key issues, challenges and attractions involving the role and/or search for the
         Kendal at Lexington Executive Director;

        Make appropriate recommendations regarding the search effort.

     We are pleased to be working with you on this important engagement. We wish to express our
     appreciation for the courtesies and hospitalities extended to us during our interviews. Your
     candid input, cooperation and willingness to assist us has been most helpful.

II.   Persons Interviewed
      Kendal at Lexington Board Members

      Marylin Alexander    Hardin Marion
      Lloyd Craighill      Kim Ruscio
      Farris Hotchkiss     Ab Smith
      Hank Humphreys       Dan Walz
      Norm Jones           Sally Wiant
      John Knapp           Ruth Woodcock
      Pam Luecke

      Kendal at Lexington Residents

      Gordon Baker         Pat Irons
      Caroline Bridges     Jo McMurtry
      Sally Emory          Dick Minnix
      Val Freeman          Matt Paxton
      Sarah Giddings       Karen Russell
      Leland Goddard       Adelaide Simpson
      John Gunn            Ann Snoddy
      Maury Hanson         Helen Staley
      Winifred Hart        Mary Stratton
      Caroline Hemmings    Wil Stratton
      Sally Holland        Tom Strickland
      Helen Head           Beth Thompson
      Ned Henneman         Phil Young
      Bob Huntley

      Kendal at Lexington Senior Management

      Felicia Bush         Director of Finance
      Gina Campbell        Director of Nursing
      Becky Edmondson      Executive Assistant
      Margaret Hager       Human Resources Manager
      Charlotte Sibold     Director of Marketing
      Ron Smith            Director of Facilities
      Brian Torrence       Director of Dining Services

      Kendal at Lexington Supervisors

      Drake Breeden        Dietary Manager
      Mark Chittum         Food Services Manager
      Jessica Goodbar      Administrator for Dining/Events
      Mary Koonce          Nursing Team Leader
      Camille Pierce       Manager Information Services
      Cathy Lewis          Nursing Manager Residential Care

Kendal at Lexington Front Line Staff

Sybil Adams                Resident Support
Marjorie Anderson          Nursing
Robert Ayers               Dining Services
Jackie Burke               Nursing
Joyce Clark                Finance
David Faulds               Kitchen staff
Helen Goodbar              Housekeeping
Brett Hamilton             Maintenance
Linda Montgomery           Dining Services
Beverly Nedrow             Nursing
Betsy Shepherd             Human Resources & Finance
Alexis Slaydon             Marketing
Patlean Watts              Nursing
Marcelina Dates (Lena)     Housekeeping
Hattie Miller              Housekeeping

Kendal at Lexington Executive Director Search Committee

Judy Braun
Ned Henneman
Hardin Marion, Chair
Joan Robins
Beatrix Rumford
Brian Shaw
Mary Stratton
Linda Wilder
Loraine Deisinger, Staff

III. Kendal at Lexington: An Overview
                                                       With rolling hills, peaceful streams and many
                                                       hiking trails to explore, Lexington, VA was
                                                       named one of the “Top 60 Places to Retire”,
                                                       according to Retire in Style. Kendal at
                                                       Lexington is located on Sunnyside Farm which
                                                       takes full advantage of the all that Lexington
                                                       and the Shenandoah Valley have to offer. The
                                                       lovely property is centered around a beautiful
                                                       old farmhouse called Sunnyside (see photo
                                                       below) which has been extensively restored
                                                       through the generosity of a sole benefactor.
                                                       The Kendal at Lexington community brings
                                                       together a stunning natural setting with easy
                                                       access to the quaint historic town, two first-
    rate educational institutions, and diverse offerings of art, music, academic pursuits, physical
    fitness and much more.

    Kendal at Lexington was established as Lexington Retirement Community, Incorporated (LRC)
    in March of 1995. LRC was formed by a group of citizens concerned that the Lexington-
    Rockbridge area was losing many of its "greatest natural treasures" as community leaders
    moved out of the area in search of retirement housing and health care. Through their diligent
    efforts and in collaboration with The Kendal Corporation, Kendal at Lexington opened its doors
    to the first residents on July 17, 2000.

    Kendal at Lexington added the Benjamin Borden Health Center in October 2002 to complete the
    continuum of care. The health center serves both Kendal residents and the greater Lexington

    Beginning in June 2007, Kendal at Lexington expanded its campus in a $25 million project that
    included the construction of 35 cottages, a 14-apartment addition, a fitness center, a
    restaurant, a community meeting place, and renovations to common buildings. When the
    expansion was completed in 2009, Kendal at Lexington included 121 independent living
    cottages and apartments on its campus.

    Kendal at Lexington, like The Kendal
    Corporation and its other Kendal affiliates, is
    recognized as a not-for-profit leader in the field
    of care for older adults. Based on values of the
    Religious Society of Friends, Kendal emphasizes
              respect for the individual
              excellence in service
              social responsibility
              fiscal integrity

    Recognizing that Kendal communities must be
    good places to work if they are to be good

places to live, Kendal is also committed to providing a high quality work experience for
employees. To achieve its purpose, the Kendal organization relies not only on the energies and
good will of its staff members, board members, and residents, but also on the exchange of
ideas with others who serve older people. Kendal takes an active role in public policy issues
that affect older people and participates in many professional associations.

Borden Health Center

Kendal at Lexington's Benjamin Borden Health Center offers
advanced design and a homelike atmosphere based on the
comfort and needs of older adults. With a total of 60 beds in
both shared and private rooms, The Borden Health Center
offers skilled nursing and long term care to Kendal at
Lexington residents as well as citizens of the greater
Lexington-Rockbridge County area.

Webster Center (Assisted Living)
Living in Webster Center means being a part of the greater
Kendal community. The Webster Center is designed for
residents who need some assistance with meals, medications,
dressing and other activities of daily living and who would
benefit from the supervision of staff 24 hours a day.

Each studio residence offers a kitchenette and private bath.
Some apartments have patios or balconies.

Residents who have entered into a Residence and Care
Agreement with Kendal at Lexington always have priority
access to Webster Center. On occasion, residency in Webster
Center can be offered to individuals from outside of the Kendal

Kendal at Lexington Mission, Vision and Core Values

Kendal at Lexington is a charitable not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community,
established to serve a diverse population of older adults from the local community and beyond,
by providing services designed to promote and support successful aging.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Lexington is home to Washington and Lee University and Virginia Military Institute – two
nationally respected institutions of higher learning. Kendal residents have the opportunity to
audit classes, use either school’s libraries, attend concerts, enjoy plays, hear lectures or watch
sporting events. In addition, Kendal College is a resident-managed, life-long learning program
offered at Kendal at Lexington that provides ongoing classes on a variety of subjects and

Choice of Financial Options

Kendal at Lexington has three Health Care
Options to select from - Lifecare, 365-Day
Modified Health Care and 60-Day Modified
Health Care. Residents have the option of
either at 50% or 90% guaranteed refund or a
refund declining at 2% per month of occupancy
over 50 months.


Annual revenue for Kendal at Lexington in 2011 increased from the prior year at $13.9 million
compared to $12.7 million in 2010. Revenue from Medicare and Medicaid programs account for
approximately 38% and 23%, respectively, with combined revenue of $5.8 million in 2011, and
residential revenue accounts for just under $5 million annually. Kendal at Lexington was able
to reduce its overall operating deficit in the past year from $850,728 in 2010 to $64,212 in
2011 and has continued to make fiscal improvement into FY 2012.

Board of Directors

Kendal at Lexington is governed by a seventeen (17) member board of directors.

The Kendal Corporation

Kendal is a national leader in the field of non-profit senior care/aging services and is one of the
nation’s oldest and most respected continuing care retirement community (CCRC) networks.
Kendal consists of 12 CCRCs located in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, New
Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maryland.

The mission of Kendal, a non-profit organization, is to create, develop, support, and lead a
system of communities and services for older persons, in accordance with the principles of the
Religious Society of Friends. Each of its affiliates is financially independent.

The communities affiliated with Kendal are:

   Kendal at Longwood in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, (opened in 1973);
   Crosslands in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, (opened in 1977);
   Coniston in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, (opened in 1981);
   Cartmel in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, (opened in 1988);
   Kendal in Hanover, New Hampshire, (opened in 1991);
   Kendal at Ithaca in Ithaca, New York, (opened in 1995);
   Barclay Friends in West Chester, Pennsylvania, (affiliated in 1997);
   Kendal at Lexington in Lexington, Virginia, (opened in 2000);
   Kendal Northern Ohio in Ohio (created in 2003), including Kendal at Oberlin
        (opened in 1993) and Kendal at Home (began offering services in 2004)
   Lathrop Communities, Northampton and Easthampton, MA (affiliated in 2004)
   Kendal on Hudson in Sleepy Hollow, New York, (opened in 2005)
   Kendal at Granville, Granville, Ohio, (opened in 2005)
   Collington, Mitchellville, MD (affiliated in 2011)
   The Admiral at the Lake, Chicago, Illinois

Kendal at Longwood, Crosslands, Kendal at Hanover, Kendal at Ithaca, Kendal at Oberlin,
Kendal at Lexington, Kendal on Hudson and Kendal at Granville are all full-service continuing
care retirement communities accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation
Facilities - Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CARF-CCAC), an independent accrediting
body for aging services continuums. Kendal and all of its affiliates are members of Friends
Services for the Aging.

Barclay Friends is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare
Organizations (JCAHO), an independent non-profit organization dedicated to improving the
quality of care in health care settings.

Kendal residential retirement communities (Coniston and Cartmel) provide independent living,
maintenance and housekeeping services and access to Kendal-affiliated CCRC health care. The
Lathrop Communities in Northampton and Easthampton, Massachusetts, offer independent
living and independent living and personal care services, respectively.

Kendal at Lexington, and The Kendal Corporation, with their shared values and mission,
dedicated board members, and deep commitment to innovative care and support of older
adults, look forward to the continuation of a fruitful and beneficial relationship.

IV. Goals and Expectations for Leadership
    From our conversations, the Goals and Expectations for Leadership for the Kendal at Lexington
    Executive Director for the first 12 to 18 months will include the following (the order of
    appearance is not necessarily the order of priority):

    Strategic Leadership

          Provide strong leadership to Kendal at Lexington as Executive Director, guided by the
           mission statement Values and Practices of Kendal. Demonstrate sound judgment in the
           role of Executive Director.

          Establish and maintain strong oversight of the Kendal at Lexington community. Establish
           the style of a ‘team leader’ with management and staff to ensure the enterprise is
           running smoothly.

          Review and assess Kendal at Lexington’s most recent strategic objectives and long
           range goals, guided by the mission statement. Establish a new, well conceived Strategic
           Plan by carrying out a planning process which ensures all key Kendal at Lexington
           constituents participate in the development of the new strategic plan.

          Participate with the Kendal at Lexington Board in adopting the agreed upon Strategic
           Plan. Included among the multiple goals in the strategic plan will be the following:

           Ensure the core Kendal at Lexington leadership team is functioning at a highly efficient

           Have staff person in place, either hired or assigned, dedicated to strategic long-range

           Achieve staff turnover rates at a sufficiently reduced level to ensure Kendal at Lexington
           is in Kendal Corporation’s green benchmark zone.

           Make arrangements for work to be completed by outside consultants required under the
           strategic plan.

          Take ownership of Kendal at Lexington’s new Strategic Plan and, with the management
           team, successfully execute the plan. Ensure the organization has effective leadership
           and sufficient support in place to carry out key goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan.

    Relationship Development

          Listen, observe, become familiar and establish positive relations with the staff and the
           roles they play; with Kendal at Lexington residents; with the Kendal at Lexington Board
           of Directors; and with colleagues at the Kendal Corporation.

          Earn the trust and confidence of Kendal at Lexington’s management team and staff.
           Establish strong and positive working relations with the management team and staff and
           foster continuous communications and the exchange of ideas with these colleagues.

     Achieve a significant increase in key levels of staff satisfaction.

     Develop and cultivate strong working relations with key colleagues at other Kendal
      affiliates to ensure the continued success of Kendal at Lexington and to contribute to the
      rich network of communities serving older adults that has allowed Kendal to be a high-
      impact enterprise. Collaborate with fellow Kendal community executive directors to
      advance the quality of life of Kendal at Lexington residents and of residents served in
      Kendal communities across the country.

Operations Leadership

     Establish strong, positive operational performance at Kendal at Lexington by achieving
      critically important occupancy targets, streamlining and containing costs, generating new
      sources of revenue, maximizing the performance of Webster Center assisted living and
      the Borden Health Center, and sustaining and enhancing the record of high quality of
      care and service at Kendal at Lexington.

     Put plans in place, if justified by research and consultants’ advice, for reconfiguration of
      Borden Health Center to achieve goal of establishing a comprehensive program of care
      for cognitively impaired residents.

     Put plans in place, if justified by market research, for construction of new residences.

     Put plans in place to provide additional services to independent living residents based on
      their needs and expressed desires.

Resident Relations

     Win the hearts and minds of Kendal at Lexington residents.

     Create a high level of trust and strong communications with Kendal at Lexington
      residents. Cultivate constructive relationships with individual residents, members of
      Kendal at Lexington’s Residents Association, and Kendal at Lexington’s formal and
      informal resident leaders.

     Be available and accessible to residents by creating a variety of communication forums
      for the healthy exchange of ideas between Kendal at Lexington residents and the
      Executive Director. Serve as a valued resource and advocate for Kendal at Lexington
      residents. Work with residents to continue to build on the ‘strong sense of community’ at
      Kendal at Lexington.

     Together with the management team, achieve significant increase in resident

Fund Raising Leadership

     Adopt a new, more workable approach to philanthropy, designed to raise substantial
      funds from residents and outside sources.

     Embrace the philosophy of philanthropy. Work to continue moving Kendal at Lexington
      forward in this area. Successfully achieve Kendal at Lexington’s fundraising objectives.
      Earn the respect of financial contributors.

     Assure that Kendal at Lexington, as a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, works to
      demonstrate its contributions to the wider community in the form of substantive
      community benefit initiatives.

Financial Leadership

     Adopt a budget for 2014 showing at least a break-even operating statement.

     Increase cash by at least $2 million during 2013.

     Achieve required bond covenant ratio of at least 1.20 by year-end 2013 and subsequent

     Create a five-year capital plan and budget incorporating capital repair and replacement.

Board Relations

     Foster open communication with the Board of Directors. Continue the development of a
      constructive, collaborative, highly effective working relationship with the Kendal at
      Lexington Board of Directors.

External Leadership

     Serve as an articulate and knowledgeable representative of Kendal at Lexington to all
      key constituents, including Kendal at Lexington residents, management, staff and board
      members. Serve as a dynamic leader of Kendal at Lexington with business and civic
      leaders throughout the Shenandoah Valley region, and work effectively on behalf of
      Kendal at Lexington to address the needs of older adults in this region.

     Establish positive rapport and partnerships with local hospitals to achieve improved
      quality of life and continuity of care for residents of Kendal at Lexington, to reduce
      health care costs, and to better utilize resources.

     Develop cooperative working relations with senior care/long term care, home care,
      hospice and community-based care provider colleagues, regulatory and health care
      accreditation agency professionals, and political leaders in the region.

V.   Personal Qualifications and Personal Qualities
     The background, experience and personality traits of the ideal candidate for the Executive
     Director of Kendal at Lexington in the view of the residents, management team, staff, board
     members and search committee include the following:


        A Bachelor’s degree, with a Master’s degree preferred in health care, nursing, business,
         finance or a comparable discipline.


        A minimum of five years executive management experience in a continuing care retirement
         community, assisted living facility, skilled nursing, or other similar environment or
         experience within the health care clinical continuum of care with extensive oversight and
         managerial leadership. Candidates with other non-for-profit experience and a strong desire
         to work with the elderly will also be considered.

        A leader with a distinct knowledge of and expertise in aging services, of the challenges and
         opportunities associated with older adults ‘aging in place’, of the appropriate settings for
         and utilization of different models of care delivery, and the potential from medical homes
         and ‘transitions in care’ services to various groups of older adults.

        An executive with strong business skills who has demonstrated excellent leadership,
         financial management, team development, strategic planning and operating capability. A
         senior professional with a record of improving the financial performance, census, service
         delivery, quality of relationships, and the strategic position of organizations of former

        An executive who possesses a track record of successfully managing a complex organization
         and delivering the highest quality of service and operational and financial performance. A
         professional manager capable of successfully leading a CCRC community by strengthening
         the overall enterprise and planning for its future.

        A metrics-based approach to management that incorporates the ability to communicate
         expectations, monitor and discuss results in financial performance, quality and satisfaction.

        An executive experienced and skilled in working effectively with a local Board of Directors,
         able to form a relationship of partnership and collaboration with the Board of Kendal at

     Personal Attributes:

        A leader who leads through an open, collaborative approach to decision-making,
         cooperation and sharing of expertise, and building teamwork through inclusiveness and
         mutual respect. A leader who actively engages with and seeks input from residents, staff,
         board and the community.

   A leader who works as a member of a team and delegates effectively; is capable of creating
    a climate of collegiality, cooperation, and collaboration among members of the management
    team, and of fostering an environment responsive to residents and to staff. A leader willing
    to give the management team the authority to fulfill their roles and responsibilities and to
    hold them accountable.

   A leader who is able to function as a mentor/coach. A person who can develop, nurture
    and encourage staff to embrace change and improve the organization. The willingness and
    ability to invest time in communicating these skills and attributes to managers and staff in a
    mentorship role.

   A leader who leads through an open, collaborative approach to decision-making,
    cooperation and sharing of expertise, and building teamwork through inclusiveness and
    mutual respect.

   A professional manager capable of successfully leading a clinical/health services team by
    supporting and strengthening the health services teams across the breadth of the
    community and planning for the clinical and health care needs of older adults in the future.

   A professional who will develop and sustain effective working relationships with colleagues
    at Kendal at Lexington and The Kendal Corporation. Able to serve as a resourceful and
    collaborative partner with fellow Kendal community leaders across the country and with
    colleagues at Kendal at Lexington and in turn to utilize the expertise and support available
    among these colleagues to enrich and improve the community.

   A dynamic leader with strong interpersonal skills, a desire to work with and serve the well
    and frail elderly in a cohesive community setting, a clear vision and strategy for designing
    programs and services that anticipate and meet the needs and desires of seniors in the

   A rigorous thinker, able to cultivate an environment distinguished by healthy and vigorous
    debate, an open ‘town meeting’ approach to community decision-making, leadership
    through logic and persuasion versus through fiat and directives, and building community
    through diversity, inclusiveness and mutual respect.

   An effective, articulate communicator, who is also able to listen and engage with residents,
    staff, families, local community leaders and other stakeholders.

   A professional with emotional maturity and moral integrity, who will respect a community
    committed to the dignity and care of seniors, who will preserve and strengthen an
    intellectually and culturally rich community, and will establish a strong and visible public
    image as the Executive Director within Kendal at Lexington with residents and staff and on
    behalf of Kendal at Lexington in the larger community.

   A leader who is by nature supportive, mentoring, inclusive, and very engaged with staff,
    residents and other stakeholders.

VI. The Lexington, Virginia Community

    Lexington is ideally situated in Rockbridge County,
    Virginia, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, 55 miles
    east of the West Virginia border, between the
    Shenandoah National Park and the Monongahela National
    Forest. Rockbridge County includes 58,000 acres of
    national forest and over 20,000 acres of state-managed
    land. This abundance of preserved land and the
    proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian Trail,
    and many rivers and lakes lead to endless opportunities
    to enjoy the outdoors.

    Historic Lexington possesses small-town America charm, well-preserved historic structures, and
    the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located approximately 45 miles north of Roanoke,
    120 miles west of Richmond, and 190 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., Lexington is home
    to Washington and Lee University and the Virginia Military Institute. Both institutions offer
    abundant cultural and educational opportunities; and the town includes many museums,
    including the R.E. Lee Chapel and museum, the Stonewall Jackson house, and the museum
    honoring General George C. Marshall. Lexington is home to many state and national historic
    landmarks, is located at the crossroads of Interstates 81 and 64, and today serves as the retail,
    service, governmental, and educational center for the area.

    The entire town is well known for its outstanding architecture, record for historic preservation,
    friendly people, cleanliness, and extremely low crime rate. In short, Lexington is unique, a very
    special place.

VII. Search Timeline
                                    Executive Director (ED) Search
                                         Kendal at Lexington
                                         Lexington, Virginia

     Start-Up Search Assessment Meetings             Tues, June 7, 2011
      Focus Groups Sessions with Kendal at
                                                     (Location: Kendal at Lexington Campus)
      Lexington Board, Residents, Staff,
      Supervisors, Management Team &
      Executive Director Search Committee

     Presentation “On-Paper” to Search               Thurs, Sept. 13, 2012
     Committee of Kendal at Lexington ED Slate       (Location: Kendal at Lexington Campus)
     of Candidates

     Recording of On-Line Async Video                Fri, Sept. 14 - Mon, Sept. 17, 2012
     Interviews with Selected Candidates

     Round I ED Candidate Interviews with            Mon, Sept 24, 2012
     Kendal at Lexington ED Search Committee             --- and ---
                                                     Tues, Sept 25, 2012
                                                     (Location: off-site in Lexington)

     Round II Semi-Finalist ED Candidate             Tues, Oct. 9, 2012
      Interviews with Kendal at Lexington               --- and ---
      Residents, Staff, Supervisors, Leadership,     Wed, Oct. 10, 2012
      Board and ED Search Committee                      --- and ---
                                                     Thurs, Oct. 11, 2012
                                                     (Location: Kendal at Lexington Campus)

     Round III Semi-Finalist Interviews at           Mon, Oct 15, 2012 & Tues, Oct 16, 2012
     Kendal Corporation                              (Location: The Kendal Corporation)

     Formal Job Offer extended to Kendal at          Late October/Early November 2012
     Lexington ED Candidate of Choice and
     acceptance of job offer

     New Kendal at Lexington ED assumes              January 1, 2013 (approximately)

                                                                          All times are Eastern Time

VIII. Procedure for Candidacy

    Please submit resume in confidence (preferably by email) to Kendal at Lexington’s executive
    search consultants:

              Kathleen M. Gillespie                                  Jennifer G. Bauer
            Partner & Practice Leader                              Associate Consultant
               Senior Care Practice                                 Senior Care Practice
                    Witt/Kieffer                                        Witt/Kieffer
           2015 Spring Road, Suite 510                      7201 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 775
            Oak Brook, Illinois 60523                          Bethesda, Maryland 20814
           Email:                      Email:
                Cell: 630.215.9631                                 Office: 301.654.5070


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