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					                                                 STATE OF WASHINGTON                                                                                            FORM
                                      CAPITAL PROJECT REQUEST                                                                                                    C-2
AGENCY NAME (1)                                                                                                                                       AGENCY CODE (2)
                       STATE BOARD FOR COMMUNITY AND TECHNICAL COLLEGES                                                                                           699
PROJECT TITLE (3)                                                                                                                      TYPE (4)       PROJECT NUMBER (5)
      Alternative Financing - Columbia Basin College - Academic Support & Achievement Center                                                  3                08-2-034
PLAN PRIORITY (6)     OFM PRIORITY (6)         PREVIOUSLY REQ?(8)         COUNTY (13)                           CITY (14)                             LEGISLATIVE DIST. (12)
        001                     5                          No                           Franklin                               Pasco                               16
WAS PROJECT INCLUDED IN PRIOR 10 YEAR PLAN? (9)                             no        IF YES, WHEN? (10)                        PREV. PROJ. # (11)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION (15)                                                                                                                   SEVERITY SCORE
a. Problem/Justification/Why This Project Is Necessary

  CBC recently received approval of a Title 5 grant. The grant provides $280,000 of funding plus interest and related
  costs to finish shell space at the Pasco Campus. The grant will be disbursed at $70,000 per year for four years. This
  requires the college to borrow the funds on a COP. This space will triple the tutoring space. In overcrowded facilities
  CBC has a high percentage of at-risk students - All -Math 83%, Hispanic 94%, Writing 45.7%, Hispanic 68%, Reading
  38.3%, Hispanic 60%. This situation creates an unrelenting demand on academic support services, such as the current
  Tutor Center. The grant will allow CBC to have adequately trained staff and sufficient peer tutors.

b. Proposed Solution/Benefit to College                                                                                                 COMPLIES W/GMA? (16)

  CBC proposes to develop an Academic Support and Achievement Center (ASAC) within the confines of the Diversity
  wing of the Science and Technology building on the Pasco campus. The space will be outfitted with an adequate
  number of computers, appropriate academic support software and supplemental educational materials using existing
  unfinished space. The space will be designed to separate a main tutoring area from the writing tutorial area. A
  systematic tutor selection and training process will be developed to obtain International Tutor Program Certification
  (College Reading and Learning Association). Additional space will be retrofitted with smart classrooms to be utilized for
  Supplemental Instruction (SI), faculty instruction, project pilots and other academic support services.

RELATED COSTS (17) Operating budget costs/savings required for                                                              0.0 FTE;              $0 / $ per fiscal year
this project, including staff and cost of maintenance - MANDATORY

                                             ESTIMATED                                    EXPENDITURES                                    2007-09 FISCAL PERIOD
       FUND CODE                             TOTAL COST                      Prior Biennium        Current Biennium               Reappropriation      New Appropriation
          COP                                $300,000                                $0                         $0                       $0                   $300,000
                                                                                                                FUTURE FISCAL PERIODS
       FUND CODE                                                                    2009-11                  2011-13             2013-15                         2015-17
          COP                                                                        $0                         $0                       $0                        $0
  PROJECT LIFE                      Net Project Size (sq. ft.)                         Gross Project Size (sq. ft.)                        Cost Per Gross Square Foot
     40 years         New                      Remodel           6,900    New                     Remodel    8,600 New                               Remodel     $34.88
                                                                                                PROJECT SCHEDULE (20)                          ADJUSTED CAPITAL COST
Project Phases                                                   BASE COST (7/01)              START          COMPLETE                        %              COST
ACQUISITION COSTS                                                              $0
DESIGN CONSULTANT SERVICES                                                 22,700                                                                                       $22,700
         MACC                                 $221,000
  5.00 % CONTINGENCY                           $11,050
  8.30 % TAX                                   $19,260
CONSTRUCTION SUBTOTAL                                                     251,310                                                        1.0000                      $251,310
EQUIPMENT (include tax)                                                         0
ARTWORK                                                                         0
OTHER COSTS                                                                25,990                                                        1.0000                         $25,990

TOTAL COST                                                               $300,000                                                        1.0000                      $300,000

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