Reading comprehension by m7G9AJ


									             Reading comprehension

Read the following text then answer the questions
that follow.

                       Walt Disney
Walt Disney was a very famous
American filmmaker. He created
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
Walt Disney was born in 1901 in
Chicago. He always wanted to make
Cartoons. In 1923 < he went to
California and opened a small studio
In his garage. The first movies Disney
Made were short. First he and his
Artists drew the cartoons and colored
them. Then they added sound. Did you
 Know that the voice of Mickey Mouse
Was really the voice of Walt Disney?
Walt Disney showed his Mickey Mouse
Movies in 1928 and people enjoyed
Them very much. His first long cartoon
Was the movie, Snow White and the
seven Dwarfs. Millions of people went
to see it , and the movie is still popular today. Later , Disney
made movies
with real actors, like Mary Poppins.
Walt Disney died in 1966, but the Disney studio is still makimg
movies like the lion king and Pocahontas. People from all
over the world enjoy these movies in their own language.
Today ,you can rent or buy your favorite
Disney movie on video.

reated– ‫ابدع‬                          cartoons-‫صور متحركة‬
garage-‫كراج‬                            filmmaker-‫صانع افالم‬
         studio-‫ستوديو‬               sound-‫صوت‬
A)True / False
Decide whether the following sentences
are true or false.Correct the false ones :

1-Walt diney opened a small studio.

2-walt Disney was French.

3-The first movies Disney made were long.

B)References :

1-The pronoun"he"line 5 refers to________
2-The pronoun"they"line 12 refers to______

C)Multiple choice :

1-walt Disney was born…….

a. Chicago
2-The voice of Mickey Mouse is……

a.the voice of Donald duck
b.the voice of walt Disney
c.the voice of an actor
d.the voice of a cat

3-walt Disney and hes artist drew the
cartoons and……

a.Watched them
b.talked about them
c.colored about them with them

4-walt Disney showed his Mickey Mouse
movies in…..


5-The Disney studio……..

a.closed in 1966 still making movies
c.buys videos
d.sells videos
6-Walt Disney……. alive not alive not dead an old man

D)Number the sentences in the correct
order according to the text:
__In 1923 he went to California opened a
small studio.
__Walt Disney made movies in the studio.
__Walt Disney died in 1966.
__Walt Disney was born in 1901

E)Answer the following questions:
1-Who created Mickey Mouse and Donald
2-When did Walt Disney go to California?
3-How did Walt Disney make cartoons?

F)Write the opposite:
1-dark___________         2-warm_______
3-comfortable_________    4-clean_______
5-thin__________              6-narrow______
7-soft__________              8-messy______
9-ugly__________              10-wet________

G)Translate the sentences into English:

__________________.‫-ااألوالد يسبحون في البحر اآلن‬
_____________________.‫-أنظر!القطة تشرب الحليب‬
___________________.‫-الرجل المسن يأكل غذاءه اآلن‬

     Grammar ( present progressive )

A) Put the in the brackets in the correct
from of the present progressive

1- The boys _______ _______ (make) a lot
of noise.
2- The girls _______ ______ (play) quietly .
3- My brother and I ________
________(talk)on the phone now.
The teachers _______ ________ (plan)the
school trip now.
I_______ _______ (write) a letter now.
B)Rewrite the sentences in the negative.
Use the words in brackets Use short forms:
1-I am cleaning the table.(the chairs)
2-The family is moving to Tel Aviv.(taibeh)
3-The detective are following him.(her)

C)Rewrite the sentences into yes/no
1-They are visiting the zoo next Saturday.
2-The driver is carefully.
3-The old woman is dying.

D)Write Wh-question to the underlined
words in the following sentences:
1-The cat is drinking water now.
2-She is crying because the movie is sad.
3-Mira is washing the dishes.

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