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									                    The Anti-Money Laundering Association

           Advocate for Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Professionals

                          Chicago Chapter Training Event Agenda
                                      April 6, 2009

8:30 AM: Welcome & Overview- Mary McGauley-Meile

8:35 AM: Speaker Introduction and BIO - Mary Meile

8:35-9:50 AM: Training Presentation- Shaun M. Hassett, CAMS

9:50- 10:20 AM: Articles of Interest and/or Regulatory Issues
1. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
     1. Proposal to Share SAR Information Internally with Affiliates (3/9/2009)
     2. FinCEN Director Freis Remarks: (3/16/2009) Mortgage Bankers National Fraud Issues
         Conference (highlights)
     3. Special Due Diligence Programs for Certain Foreign Accounts: An Assessment of the
         Final Rule Implementing Enhanced Due Diligence Provisions for Accounts of Certain
         Foreign Banks Issued August 9, 2007 (March 2009)
     4. Ruling (FIN-2009-R001) on Whether Certain Operations of a Service Provider to Prepaid
         Stored Value Program Participants is a Money Services Business - 03/10/2009
     5. Ruling (FIN-2008-R012)on Whether a Money Services Business Must Establish and
         Maintain Separate Deposit Accounts for its Separate Check Cashing and Money
         Transmission Lines of Business - 03/10/2009
     6. Ruling (FIN-2008-R011) on Whether a Company that Engages in Microfinance is a
         Money Services Business - 02/20/2009
     7. Ruling (FIN-2008-R010) on Whether a Company that Engages in Certain Operations as
         an Authorized Agent for Collection of Social Security and Veteran Benefits is a Money
         Services Business - 02/20/2009
     8. Educational Pamphlet-CTR Reporting Requirement –Regulatory Hotline
     9. Multi-agency task force to deter, detect and investigate fraud in Term Asset-Backed
         Securities Loan Facility (TALF) formed- (3/12/09)

    2. Enforcement or Other Regulatory Actions
     OFAC Enforcement Actions-Release 2/27/2009
     12/3/2008: West Suburban Bank, IL –Cease & Desist and LookBack Review ($1.85 Billion
     1/2/2009- $1 Million Fine: E*Trade Securities, LLC and E*Trade Clearing, LLC. AML
      Failure to establish and implement policy and procedures to detect suspicious activity.                   407-691-0100                      
     1/29/2009-First Vietnamese American Bank (Westminster CA $53 Million Assets) Cease
      & Desist -BSA Compliance

3. Reports/Fact Sheets
     FinCEN 314a Fact Sheet- 2/24/2009
     Filing Trends in Mortgage Loan Fraud -2/25/2009
     Mortgage Loan Fraud Connections with Other Financial Crime (MSBS, Insurance
       Companies and casinos and card clubs (3/16/2009)

4. The AMLA Website Update/News & Happenings
    AML/BSA Officer Training Certification Program-Level 1 (April 28 -30)
    Website Enhancements: Customer Testimonials, Contact Us, Certification Program,
       OFAC Forum Section, Job Opportunities, Products-Store
    Ask the AMLA Expert
    Event Calendar
    Florida Chapter-Additional Training Available-Upcoming Dates: May 20th
    Continuing Education Credits-Certificate of Attendance
    May 15, 2009-Money Service Businesses, Michelle Hassen-Hemerley, Corus Bank

10:30 Adjournment                 407-691-0100                    

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