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					The financial ‘detox’ that will save you a fortune

Gina Ganney and Martin Indge have saved £7,000 and got their lives back on track over the past
year, just by organising their finances.

Gina Ganney and Martin Indge have saved £7,000 and got their lives back on track over the past
year, just by organising their finances. They changed their lives so completely by following the
simple 12-week MoneyNet Financial Detox that Gina has even started her own business now
too.“The detox has transformed our lives. “Getting our finances in order has taken away that
feeling of being swamped and given us a more positive outlook to the future,” says Gina, 35.
“There is nothing like the feeling of being in control. I used to waste so much time worrying
about getting on top of the mess of paperwork that was our finances. “I was actually spending
more on shopping because I didn’t know what we already had. I was in such a muddle that I had
no idea how much we were spending. “Now, I feel much calmer. I feel like a huge pressure has
been lifted and now have time to enjoy life."

 Gina and Martin, 38, live in Swindon with their son Campbell who is four. They didn’t have
severe debt problems, they were just disorganised with their finances and didn’t know where
their money was going.

 But when Gina was told she was being made redundant, they knew they would have to make
some savings. The first week when we had to get all our paperwork together and write a list of
everything we were paying out was the worst bit.

“But it was a valuable exercise. It’s not until you understand exactly what you are paying out that
you are in a position to do something about it.

“But I never imagined that by making that first move we could go on to save £600 each month –
and with a minimum of effort! It was mainly simple things like switching bills, reviewing
insurances and bank accounts and planning the weekly shop to buy things we needed, rather
than just filling up a trolley each week.”

Saving that amount each month allowed Gina to open her business Cast & Present which casts
hand and footprints in plaster and silver, in Wroughton, Wilts, in October last year.

“Life is now so good. I’m really enjoying doing my own thing,” says Gina.

“Sorting out our finances has given us a sense of freedom.

“We spend money on things we enjoy, rather than wasting it on boring household finances.

“And we don’t feel guilty when we spend, we know what we can afford now.”

Now, you too could save thousands of pounds by following the same free plan. How brilliant
would it be to start the New Year without the usual festive financial hangover?
5 reasons to detox your finances..

1. Save thousands of pounds.

2. Get rid of your money worries and financial stress.

3. You’ll be in control of your money.

4. You’ll have cash to spend on the fun things in life.

5. It’s easy and it’s free.


 We’ve teamed up with financial experts to take you step-by-step through our
simple 12-week Financial Detox plan.

 You could save a fortune and be quids in. Each week we will give you tips, advice and
inspiration so you can get savvy with your finances.

Sign up via where you can download budget planners and all the
tools you need to help you along the way. And we have some fantastic cash prizes to help keep
you motivated and boost your bank balance even further.

We will help you get organised, work out where your money goes and help you reduce your
household bills. We’ll also show you how to repay debts quicker, make everyday savings and
we’ll tell you the ways banks conspire against you and how to stop them. This is no miracle cure,
and it will require some effort on your behalf but the financial rewards can be vast This is your
big chance to get a grip on your finances. Don’t bury your head in the sand. NOW is the time to
take action and start saving.

Move fast and you could win bundles of cash to help you get your financial house in order.

We are looking for three volunteers for one-to-one money makeovers with Each
will be used as case studies in our Financial Detox series and receive £500 for their help.
Financial expert Andrew Hagger will visit you at home and help you sort and save as he did with
Gina and Martin. For a chance to win £500 sign up at

Plus, we have £200 to give away each week for the best reader moneysaving tip or the best
Detox success story from a reader following the Financial Detox.

And our overall favourite will win an extra £1,000.

 And, we also have two £50 prizes for the first two readers who sign up to the full online detox
today at Send us your moneysaving tips and the ways our Detox
has helped you save money to: Financial Detox, Your Money, Daily Mirror, 1 Canada Square,
Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AP.

Difficult words.

Detox = Declareren

debt problems = schuldenproblematiek

redundant = overtollig

conspire = samenzweren
Discover the best ways to borrow.

In a perfect financial world, it’s best if you never borrow. Or at least, only borrow to buy a home.

Sadly, however, most of us do end up borrowing more than just a mortgage. Sometimes it’s for
an emergency like a new boiler. Or sometimes it’s because we just can’t wait any longer for that
top-of-the-range computer or holiday in the sun.

So if you’re going to borrow, what’s the best way to do it?

0% credit cards

My favourite way to borrow is a 0% new purchases credit card . The current market leader is the
Tesco Clubcard credit card . If you took out this card tomorrow, you could make a purchase and
then not pay any interest on that purchase for 15 months!

However, there are some catches. The most important is that the 15-month interest free period
begins when you take out the card, not when you make the purchase. You’ll also have a spending
limit on the card and that may not be enough for the purchase you want to make. (If you go over
the spending limit, your 0% period will end immediately.)

Alternatively, you could make the purchase with your current credit card, and then transfer your
debt to a 0% balance transfer credit card. You’ll then get a longer interest-free period. If you
transfer your debt to the Barclaycard 22 month Platinum Visa card , you won’t have to pay any
interest for 22 months!

Be careful though. The credit card companies won’t give you either kind of 0% card unless you
have an excellent credit rating. In other words, you should have a long track record of
successfully paying off your debts on time.

Personal loans

Taking out a personal loan is your next best bet. And the good news is that interest rates on
these loans have been falling.

If you were looking to borrow £10,000 back in June, the best loan rate on offer was 6.7%. Now
there are three loans which will only charge you 6.3%.

These are the Alliance & Leicester Aggregator Personal Loan , the Sainsbury’s Finance Shopper
Personal Loan , and the Nationwide Existing Customer Personal Loan .

Unfortunately, the Nationwide loan is only available at 6.3% if you’re an existing customer of the
building society. As for Sainsbury’s, you can only get this rate if you have a Nectar card. So, for
many people, the Alliance & Leicester loan is the one to go for.

That said, don’t assume that you’ll definitely get the 6.3% rate. This rate is ‘representative’ which
means that at least 51% of approved loan customers must be offered the 6.3% rate. If your
credit rating is weak, you may be asked to pay a higher rate or not be offered a loan at all.
What’s more, these rates are only available to people who want to borrow between £7,500 and
£15,000. If you want to borrow less than £7,500, the cheapest rates are a fair bit higher at 8.2%.

Social lending

Another option is social or peer-to-peer lending. This is where you borrow from other
individuals via social websites. The best known website in this field is Zopa . If you went to Zopa
and borrowed £10,000 over three years, you could benefit from a loan rate as low as 7.2%.

However, once again, the best rates are only on offer for borrowers with a good credit history.

None of the above

It’s possible that you won’t be able to get a loan from any of the options we’ve highlighted so far.

If that’s the case you might have better luck if you transfer your credit card debt to a low APR
credit card . The best card in this market is the Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity card which
charges a 7.9% interest rate.

However, even with this card, there are no guarantees that you’ll be offered one. Once again, it
all depends on your credit rating.

If you find that you can’t borrow via any method we’ve mentioned, then it’s probably best not to
borrow at all. If you don’t need money immediately, just try and save up instead.

But if you go for the safer options such as a personal loan or a 0% credit card, and make your
payments on time, everything should turn out fine.

Use Mirror Money's complete range of financial comparison tools to see which products offer
which terms, and apply online.

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Difficult words;

Mortgage = hypotheek

Catches = nadelen

Social lending = sociale leningen

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