iEARN 2011 Report by vGyR3uG


									                    Egyptian Delegation Report

Day 1:

July 18, the Egyptian delegation arrived at Garden Villa, the venue of the
international youth summit and conference.

The opening started by a speech from the organizers of the conference and
it was really inspiring.

Then the IYR of iEARN and the LYR of iEARN Taiwan started the country call.
And it was a great pleasure when he called Egypt; we were the largest
delegation there.

Then there was a nice icebreaking that involved dancing with various body
gestures that get everyone excited for a wonderful summit.

Then the actual icebreaking games started at 2 PM by dividing the
participant into 15 groups.

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     Taiwanese Culture experience workshops:
        - Calligraphy: ElHussein Anas and Marihan Mohamed attended this
          workshop and they learned how to write their names and the word
          “Egypt” in Chinese.
        - Flag Beads: Merna Maged, Ehab Ebeid and Sherouk Mohamed attended
          this workshop and made Egypt’s flag badge using beads and pins.
        - Tai Chi: Hazem Fahmy and Nouran Adel attended this workshop
          featuring the Chinese martial art.

In parallel with the sessions, the cultural stands and exhibitions were established
in another room. Actually the Egyptian cultural stand and exhibition was really
dominating all the cultural stands and exhibitions by its unique activities and

At the end of the day, it was the reflections time. All members of the delegation
expressed their feelings.

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Day 2:

Youth summit activities took place at the National Museum of Science and

     Crazy Scientist workshop
        All the delegation attended this workshop but in groups not all together.
        We learnt a little bit about science, physics and optical illusions. It
        featured physics tricks such as breaking a pipe with a rope, taught by a
        physics professor.

     Solar Car Racing
        All the delegation attended this workshop. A brief about
        solar panels and the importance of solar power in our life
        was given before the workshop started, then each
        participant got plastic car parts and solar-powered
        motor, in order to design and create his own car and then
        test it under a strong lamp.

     Dam Design
        Like the previous workshops, all the delegation attended this one too. This
        workshop was special and lovely to all of us. We learnt a little about floods
        and how they can affect houses.
                                         The activity was to work in teams of two
                                         students to design a dam made of plastic
                                         parts and test it using marbles. The dam
                                         blocking the biggest number of marbles is the winner
                                         and received a prize in the end.
                                         Ahmed Mamdouh's team won the second place.

In parallel with the Youth Summit, the conference was
occurring with many concurrent sessions and workshops.
Mrs Amal Elqersh attended the first inspiring session on
"Learning circles 2011" By Barry Kramer (USA).

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Then she attended another session entitled "Eco Friendly
Schools Project" by Bob Hofman (Netherlands). And finally
she attended a very interesting workshop: "Adobe Youth
Voices Essentials: Creating Visual Messages” By Allan
Kakinda (Uganda) and Dmitry Savelau (Belarus.)

After dinner the delegation attended the Adobe Youth
Voices Festival. There were many inspiring videos made by
youth from all over the world.

Day 3:

The 20th of July was an amazing day for the
participants of the iEARN international conference
and youth summit as it was the day of the field trips
in Taiwan. The first route was the Formosa
Aboriginal Cultural Village and it was the one
chosen by the Egyptian delegation. On the way the
green mountains and temples formed very
beautiful scenery around us.

                              The village features entertaining activities and
                              shows centered on Taiwan’s aboriginal culture as
                              well as an amusement park. In the amusement park
                              ride we went on very exciting rides!

                               Later we attended
                               different aboriginal
                               shows, an aboriginal
marriage and a rite of passage ceremony. They were
all very interesting; we had fun and learned more
about Taiwanese culture and traditions.

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We then walked up the mountain to the cable car station and took the aerial tram
down to the road.

Everyone enjoyed the trip; it was really fun
and educational.

Alaa Abd Elrahman, the LYR of iEARN Egypt
arrived that night to join the delegation. And
the delegation had their longest reflection;
lasting about six hours, preparing for the
next day’s presentation. Nearly everyone
didn’t sleep that night.

Day 4:

It was the most important day for the Egyptian delegation; we had two

First there was the iEXPRESS presentation at 9:15 AM. Six students took part in
presenting it. After that there was an Arabic writing activity that impressed all the
attendants of the presentation.

Secondly we had our workshop “Dialogue Decalogue”. It was presented by Alaa
Abd Elrahman and the other members helped him facilitating the room.It was
really a wonderful image for all the Egyptian delegation.

iEXPRESS Presentation:
The presentation was divided into two parts, first
one was the presentation itself by Abdalla Khalil ,
Nouran Mohamed, Marihan Kamal, Hazem Fahmy
and Ehab Ebeid.

The second part was a workshop introduced by
Mohamed Ramy.

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The presentation was okay with some defects but it wasn't recognized by the
audience. The activity after the presentation was best, the audience were divided
into several groups, each was facilitated by of a delegation member and at the
end everyone had learned to write and pronounce some Arabic words, and they
all got souvenirs from Egypt.

After our presentation, each one of the delegation went back to his group and we
all attended different workshops and presentations.

Regarding the conference and the activities that were occurring on the same day,
it started with a wonderful plenary speech by Rey-Sheng and his wonderful
lecture titled "Healing the Earth and the Body and Spirit of Man."

Then Mrs Amal attended a very important session "The History of iEARN" by Peter
Copen the founder of iEARN and she had a fruitful speech with him in which he
praised iEARN Egypt and its country coordinator Dr
Dalia Khalil and he described her as a superwoman
who took the risk to start iEARN Egypt in very difficult

Then she attended another session on "Cutting Edge
Tools for Empowering the Most Needed" by Ramon
Barlam & Toni Casserras (Spain).

     Press conference
        Sherouk Mohamed, dressed in
        Nubian costume, was Egypt's
        ambassador in the press conference.
        She talked about the use of the
        clean energy in Egypt (Solar energy
        and wind energy.) There were four
        other ambassadors from different
        countries. At the end of the
        conference each ambassador planted a tree and they all took a photo with
        their trees on Earth Model.

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     International Cultural Night
        This event was one of the best; Egypt was the third
        presenter after the host country and an international
        show. Before our show we gave the audience in the
        auditorium small Egyptian flags.

                                   The first part of our show was called “A Prayer
                                   from the Sunny Land to the World”, it impressed
                                   the audience and some even cried!

        The second part was the video of Sout el-
        Horreya, song of the Egyptian revolution,
        subtitled in English. It was played and we
        were singing along on the stage with our two
        big flags. People stood up and waved the
        small flags with us. We felt really proud that
        we presented Egypt well.
        Some other shows were very good, some
        were okay, but in general the night was

Day 5:
On 22 July, iEARN Egypt did a successful presentation by Alaa
Abdelrahman, the LYR of iEARN Egypt and Mrs Amal El-Qersh,
the mentor of iEARN Egypt delegation.

The presentation highlighted iEARN Egypt’s achievements as well
as the obstacles and challenges iEARN Egypt faced. It also
discussed how iEARN Egypt could overcome such obstacles. The
presentation was greatly appreciated by the attendees; they
were all impressed and wanted to know more about iEARN

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After the lunch the closing ceremony took place. It was really impressive. After
the dinner the Gala party started with lots of music, dance and fun. The Egyptian
delegation members got an Arabic song played by the DJ. Everyone danced to it!
It was a great ending to a well-organized conference and youth summit by

School to School (STS) Program:

The Egyptian delegation was one of the luckiest
delegations for taking part in STS program that
lasted for 2 days after the end of the conference.
Members of the delegation were hosted by
Taiwanese host families. During such visits the
Egyptian students had a firsthand experience of
the Taiwanese culture and lifestyle and they could
exchange ideas and thoughts with the Taiwanese
families as well. It was really an important
experience that we highly recommend in the
coming international conferences and youth
summits. Our delegation was hosted in 2
Taiwanese schools.

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