Santa Letters Flyer 2011 by vGyR3uG


									Santa Letters – Xi Chi Fundraiser
         Share the Magic of Christmas!
         Once again, Xi Chi is offering this unique fundraiser.

         Send a personalized Santa Letter to a child and watch their eyes
         twinkle as they read a note that proves Santa really has been
         watching all year!
         Keep the yearly tradition going or start a new one this year.

         Order today for “just in time” delivery to the young and the young
         at heart.
                                                                                 1 personalized letter for
Please provide the following information so that we can make                              $4.00
your letter(s) truly unique . . .                                                          or
                                                                                  3 personalized letters
                                                                                         for $10
Name of Recipient (for salutation) -
_______________________________________                                           Please complete a separate
Name of Recipient (for envelope) -                                                 order form for each child
________________________________________                                                       .

Name(s) of Sibling(s) or friend-                                                    Deadline for orders is
____________________________________________                                       Thursday, December 1st.

Address of Recipient including full mailing address with postal code, etc. -       Letters will be mailed no
                                                                                  later than December 12th.
_______________                                                   All letter templates are new
Age of Recipient - ____________                     Male -      Female -           each year so there will be
                                                                                     no duplication if you
Recent Accomplishment(s) -                                                          ordered previous years.
                                                                                    Templates on reverse -
                                                                  please indicate your choice.

_________________________________________________________________                    Please make cheques
_______________                                                                       payable to Xi Chi.

What is the recipient requesting from Santa this year?                            More order forms available
                                                                                      on our website at
_______________                                                                 html
Any other details you wish to add -
                                                                                 Template choice #____



Your name, phone number and/or e-mail address
(Just in case we need to get clarification, etc.)


            Return completed forms and payment to the Xi Chi representative at Ottawa City Council
                             Questions? Contact us at
( ) Template 1
All of the elves are in the kitchen right now baking lots of cookies with Mrs. Claus, so I decided to take
a short break to write you a short letter since I won’t get the chance to talk to you when I am in
(HOMETOWN) on Christmas Eve . I wanted to let you know I am proud of you and
(ACCOMPLISHMENT). Congratulations!
 I’ve heard that you like to play with (SIBLING/FRIEND) and that you are so nice to
(SIBLING/FRIEND). It says on my list that you have asked for (PRESENT) for Christmas. We’ll do the
best we can to bring you what you’ve always wanted.
The reindeer are getting so excited! They love visiting all of the good boys and girls like you on
Christmas Eve. Well (NAME), it’s time to head back to the workshop. I’ll be seeing you very soon!
Sleep tight!
Merry Christmas and Warmest Wishes from the North Pole!

( ) Template 2
The elves have been busier than ever making sure I have plenty of toys for all the children everywhere
in the world. Mrs. Claus is making gingerbread and sugar cookies to fatten me up for my costume. Ho,
ho, ho, whoever heard of a skinny Santa? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?
I would like to tell you Mrs. Claus and I are proud of you for (ACCOMPLISHMENT). I know that you
have asked for (PRESENT) this year, and I will do my best to bring something that you will really like.
Well, the sleigh is almost packed, and the GPS is set for (HOMETOWN) so it won’t be long now! If
you and (SIBLING/FRIEND) want to track my route, please ask for help to go online to

Merry Christmas and Warmest Wishes from the North Pole!

( ) Template 3
I found your name on my Nice List of (AGE)-year old (BOYS/GIRLS) this year. I am so proud of you! I
love bringing parcels to everyone who has been good all year. . I am also happy to hear about
(ACCOMPLISHMENT). Please keep up the good work! I’ll be sure to leave something extra special for
you this year. I know that you have asked for (PRESENT), so I will do my best.
Mrs. Claus has been baking some Christmas cookies for all the elves as they have been busy getting all
the toys finished and the bags packed to put on the sleigh. Rudolph and the reindeer are looking
forward to visiting your home in (HOMETOWN). Rudolph said he’d really like it if you would leave
out some carrots and cookies for us because we get very hungry as we have a very long night ahead of
us! Please ask (SIBLING/FRIEND) to leave something out for us too!
Merry Christmas and Warmest Wishes from the North Pole!

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