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									                       Baby Shower Planning Checklist
When                Task                                                         Complete
4 weeks prior to Choose a theme
                 Create a party folder or file - this is for your to record
                 all your ideas and developments for the party
                    Consider a date and time and check with key friends
                    and relatives if the date is suitable
                    Confirm date and time
                    Determine an affordable budget (allow $10-15 per
                    Generate a guest list with consideration of your budget

                    Choose a location for the party and make reservations
                    (if necessary)
                    For a party at a park, check with the local council if
                    there are any regulations you need to follow.
                    If you are having the party at a venue, discuss with
                    management what you a required to bring on the day
                    and what they will supply for you such as decorations.
                    Also discuss whether you are able to bring your own
                    decorations and how much time you have to decorate
                    the room and when.
                    Develop a party action plan
3 weeks prior       Plan party games - make a list of prizes and supplies
                    you will need for the games.
                    If hiring caterers, book their service now.
                    Make or purchase invitations.
                    Create a contingency plan for an indoors party (only if
                    you are having an outdoors party)
2-3 weeks prior     Send invitations, be sure to specify an RSVP date so
                    you can confirm number (make the RSVP date a week
                    before the party)
                    Begin plans for the cake. If you are making the cake
                    from scratch, bake the cake, freeze it until closer to the
                    If you are purchasing a cake, order the cake and
                    arrange for the cake to be ready the morning of the
                    party day.
                    Make a list of things you will need on the day such as
                    extra tables, serving platters and other supplies.
1-2 weeks prior     Ask friends and family if you are able to borrow extra
                    supplies such as tables and chairs etc.
                    Contact party hire for extra supplies such as tables if
                    you are unable to obtain these items from your friends
                    and family. Arrange a booking for these items.
                    Create a plan for the party venue. Consider where you
                    will play games, place food, how you will hang
                    Create a party food menu and a shopping list for food
1 week prior        Gather extra party supplies such as tables, chair,
                    serving platters.
                    Go shopping and purchase all party supplies for
                    decorations, prizes, games and food that can be pre-
                    prepared and frozen before the party day.
                 Begin prepare any foods that can be frozen until the
                 party - try making a different party dish each night of
                 the week to decrease the daunting task of preparing
                 food for a large group.
                 Prepare your party clothes - choose what the party
                 child so you won't need to worry about it on the day
                 when you are busy.
5 days prior     Follow up with guests who are yet to RSVP.
2-3 days prior   Go shopping for remaing party supplies (perishable
                 items that cannot be frozen) and any supplies you have
                 forgotten along the way.
Day before       Defrost the cake
                 Clean the party area(s)
                 Set up party area - lay out tables, paper plates, forks
                 and activity and game areas. ( if the party is outside
                 you may need to wait until the party day.
                 Charge the camera and videocamera.
                 Hang decorations
                 Prepare your family's party clothes - wash, iron etc.
Celebration Day! Decorate cake

                 Prepare remaining food such as fresh food platters with
                 fruit and cheese.
                 Finish setting up games and activities
                 Quick tidy up of the party area and house

                 Get ready to celebrate!
                 Have Fun!
                 Clean up once guests have left.

Day after        Finish cleaning up party area
                 Return hired party supplies

2-3 days after   Return borrowed party supplies
                 Put away props to be kept for future party use
                 Have your party pictures developed!
                 Create a photo album dedicated to the day.
                 Email some pictures to guests and relatives.
                 Make or purchase thankyou cards (or notes).
                 Send thank you cards to the guests who attended (You
                 may also like to send them a photo from the day).

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