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									                                            Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts
                                       8866 GULF FREEWAY, SUITE 320  HOUSTON, TX 77017 (713) 947-8727  FAX (713) 947-7181

      2010-2011                                                                   April 25, 2011
Matt Bratovich
Baker Hughes
Houston, TX 77073
(+1) 713-296-3380                      Saif Al Arfi
                                       President Abu Dhabi Chapter
Randall D. Cooper                      Abu Dhabi, UAE
Houston, TX 77056
(+1) 713-296-3380
                                       Dear Saif,
VP Technology
Roland E. Chemali
Halliburton-Sperry Drilling Services
Houston, TX 77032
                                       This last weekend I started preparing my comments for the 52 nd Annual SPWLA Symposium
(+1) 281-871-4257                      which will be held less than three weeks from today. As I looked back at my activities for the past
VP Education
                                       year one of the highlights was attending the 8th Annual Abu Dhabi Topical Conference last month.
Michael J. Manning
Tulsa, OK 74103-3101                   The conference topic, Multidimensional Reservoir Characterization was challenging. I appreciated
(+1) 918-591-1563                      how the organizing committee had grouped the presentations along different levels of investigation
VP Finance                             each day. I want to complement you and your committee for the high technical quality of the
Thuy Rocque                            selected speakers and presentations. The meeting organization was very good as all three days ran
Anadarko Petroleum
The Woodlands, TX 77380                quite smoothly and stayed on schedule. In addition, the meeting details of the conference also met
(+1) 832-636-3364
                                       a high standard. The venue, food and beverage arrangements and social events were very nicely
VP Publications                        done. I look forward to seeing photos of the event. Based on my personal observation of the last
Ahmed Badruzzaman                      two years conferences the Abu Dhabi chapter should take pride in the consistent quality of these
Cheveron E&P
San Ramon, CA 94583                    conferences.
Tegwyn Perkins                         While one cannot see into the future, hopefully, I will be able to attend the 9th annual conference
Houston, TX 77032
                                       next year.
(+1) 281-871-7336
Regional Directors
                                       Kind regards,
N. America 1
Brett L. Wendt
ConocoPhillips, Inc.                   Matt Bratovich
Houston, TX 77252-2197                 President SPWLA
(+1) 281-293-1118
N. America 2
Sue G. Cluff
The Discovery Group, Inc.
Denver, CO, 80231
(+1) 303-831-1515
Latin America
Eric L. Decoster
Barra da Tijuca, Brasil
(+55) 21-3541-7123
Europe I
John Williams
BP Exploration
England, UK
(+44) 1932-764265
Middle East/Africa/India
Matthew Benefield
Baker Hughes
(+33) 05-59-927704
Far East/Asia
Keith Boyle
Santos Ltd.
Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
(+61) 8-8116-7697
Executive Director
Sharon Johnson
Houston, TX 77017
(+1) 713-947-8727

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