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Convert Microsoft Word Documents to PDF File Format


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									   Convert Microsoft Word Documents to
            PDF File Format
It was recently I wrote my first eBook and I wrote it in Microsoft Word 2007. Once I completed
the book I tried to covert it from ‘.docx’ format to ‘.pdf’ since PDF is a portable file type. I spent
hours to find a suitable add-in to convert it. There were lots of free software but they never
converted my files to pdf retaining the hyperlinks in the book.

I didn’t want to buy a PDF converter for this purpose, so I just ignored the ones which weren’t
free. Finally I got into Microsoft’s official page and downloaded their add-in. It did the job,

So if you’re having problems with converting docx to pdf, just follow the simple steps below and
convert you Microsoft Office files into high quality pdf files.

Download and Install Add-in

It’s too simple and is just like installing any other software. Just follow the steps below -

   1. Go to Microsoft’s official download page and download ‘Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS’ add-in
      from there.
   2. After downloading the file, double click to install it – just the way you install anything else.
   3. The job is done.

How to save the Word document to PDF format

After the installation, open the document you want to save as PDF. Now from the ‘Quick access
toolbar’ at the top right corner select the customize option. Select the ‘More commands’ option
and add ‘save as other formats’. Now you’ll see the ‘Save as’ button on the quick access toolbar
and you can use it to save your file as PDF quickly and easily.
Or just use the keyboard shortcut F12 key to open the ‘Save As’ dialogue box and change the file
format to PDF.

This is a very useful and free tool and it can convert other Microsoft Office 2007 files to pdf as
well. Note that this add-in will not be listed under the ‘add-ins’ tab of the Word; you have to
select ‘Save As’ option.

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