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					                            CHESTER MINOR HOCKEY
                              EXECUTIVE MEETING
                             TUESDAY, JULY 3, 2007

Those in attendance: Roger Foster, Dean Madill, Terry Ferguson, Gary Graves, Charles
Longville, Spencer Westhaver, Allen Jewers, Rob Myra, Nancy Rhodenizer, Trudy
Payne and Darryl Peterson.

Absent: Ross Shatford


Moved by Gary Graves and seconded by Roger Foster that the minutes of June 2007 be
approved as circulated. Motion Carried.


It was decided not to proceed any further with obtaining quotes for the trophy case.

A question was asked as to whether the female team confirmed they needed five and a
half hours of ice time on the weekend. They have confirmed requiring 2 and half hours
on one day and are inquiring about hours for the second day. Once they confirm they
will need to take a season rental. This year Church Memorial Park will be having written
agreements with users. Charles will use this same format to have a written agreement
with the female team. Charles will try to meet with Tommy, the Arena Manager, this


Brian Wentzell, President of Bridgewater minor Hockey, thought we had opted out of
amalgamation. Bridgewater and Lunenburg are forging ahead. Terry will stress again
that Chester Minor Hockey is interested in sitting down to craft a final document and that
we still want to be involved in the process. If the document gets into a satisfied draft
form the Executive will take it to the membership before making any final decisions on
amalgamation. Terry will also make sure that Hockey Nova Scotia and Scott Kennedy
our Regional Representative is aware we want to be involved in the process. Our
membership at the AGM asked us to investigate and look into amalgamation is that still
is the intention of the Executive.


The new website for Chester Minor Hockey is
Committee members commented on the website being very user friendly and hosting a
number of great features. Everyone thanked Charles. Charles and Terry did receive
some training and Charles will assist others who would like to receive some training.
It was recommended that during the development weekend that a session be set up to
give members of tutorial of the website.


It was decided that an evaluation camp and schedule be set up for triple A Pee Wee. It
was decided that for players in Chester Minor Hockey at the Pee Wee level would
register as a Pee Wee player and pay the set registration fee. If they try out for the triple
A team and make it they would pay the extra registration required to play for that team.
It was also agreed that the Pee Wee triple A team can do their own fund raising as long as
it is sanctioned by Chester Minor Hockey. There will be a fee to tryout which funds for
the tryouts will go directly to the Pee Wee triple A team. Pee Wees will require one and
half hours for games and one hour and fifteen minutes for practices.

Concerning all the Triple A teams each organization (Bridgewater, Lunenburg, Liverpool
and Chester) can have a representative to sit on a committee for coach selection.

Early registration for Chester Minor Hockey was set for Monday, August, 27th and
Tuesday, August 28th from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. This can be advertised in the community
calendar that is published weekly in the Clipper and managed by the Recreation & Parks
Department and put on our website.

Coach application ad will be placed in the Clipper. Terry will look after this. The
deadline for coach applications was set for July 24, 2007 and application will be sent to
Dean Madill’s email.


Terry, Roger, Spencer, Ross and Gary will make up the coach selection committee.
Recommendations will be brought back to the Executive. Concerning trip A each
association will put a member forward to sit on the committee. Terry will confirm this
with the other three associations.

Player placement needs to be looked at. It was felt that coaches should be identified
ahead of time.

To begin the hockey season teams would have two practices the first weekend and two
during the week, inner squad the following weekend. The first 2 on ice sessions are when
player placement will be handled by the Development Coordinator with involvement
from the coach, involved parents and Division Director.

There are standard forms for evaluation through Hockey Nova Scotia.

There are no tryouts at Novice; placement is decided by skill level.

We are currently in the black. Dean will have an update next meeting on where we stand
and how much was made from the ball tournament.


Roger is looking for direction to develop a format for development weekend. Charles
will assist Roger. The 2008 Clinic schedule is on Hockey NS website. It was believed
the development weekend is the weekend before Remembrance Day this year (November
4/5). Something specifically for goal tenders should happen during the weekend.


Nancy brought up the nice framed jersey’s Chris Weeks had done up for retiring players.
She wanted the Executive to think about doing this for those leaving Midgets. There was
some discussion and felt this might be able to done on a year to year basis. More
discussion is needed concerning this matter.

Terry will find out if there are any rules about playing games on November 11th.

It was agreed to keep the registration fee for the Golf Tournament the same at $300.00
per team. The meal has increased by $1.25 per person. The date is October 6th. We can
offer participants either steak or chicken. We will need to have them check off their
choice when they register. Gary will accept up to 38 teams. Gary needs the forms to
start soliciting sponsors. Gary will call the teams from last year to let them know about
this year’s event.

Terry asked what is a reasonable price to charge businesses to advertise on our website.

Darryl informed the group that a good water system has been installed at the rink. The
water is now drinkable. Concerning ice rentals Darrell believes a 5% increase was
passed at the last Board meeting.

Nancy and Rob will bring in a time line for fund raisers. The Executive did not want all
the fund raising happening at once. It was agreed to sell chocolate bars as one of the fund
raisers this year.

Moved by Dean and seconded by Spencer that we sell bars as a fund raiser and give out
to parents the first week of hockey and each player is to sell one box. Motion Carried.

Spencer suggested as opposed to the money draw we sell tickets on the World
Champions to be held in Halifax.
Rob stated he will not do the weekly 50/50. He still thinks a good idea but need to find
someone to take on this task.

Darryl suggested for March Break we hold a penny auction as a fund raiser. The
comment made was that we would need to go to the businesses again looking for prizes.


The next meeting was set for July 24 at the rink. Time to be confirmed (either 7 or 7:30

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