An Army Like No Other:The Roman Army by CrIBc0s


									An Army Like No Other:The
Roman Army: The Roman

The Roman Legion
Military Training:The Art Of War
The Roman Navy
The Roman Legion
 Army was comprised of
 professional soldiers who
 were Roman citizens
 Pay and retirement
 prospects entice
 Non-citizens were
 promised citizenship after
 20 years of loyal service
 Also received choice of
 land or money when
 soldiers retired
The Roman Legion
  Roman soldiers swore
  loyalty to Rome and
  Loyalty to emperor was
  reinforced through
  holidays recognizing
  Men who served were
  in fact loyal to Rome
  and its ideals
The Roman Legion
 A legion was made up of
 5,400-6,000 men
 Centurion commanded 80
 men (century)
 A cohort was made up of 6
 centuries (480 men)
 10 cohorts made a legion
 that was supported with a
 cavalry unit and engineers
 Majority of legions protected
 Roman frontier (borders)
The Roman Legion
 Emperors had to work at
 maintaining loyalty of army
 Officers received
 appointments through the
 emperor (received
 prestige, status,
 connections and wealth)
 Generals were moved like
 chess pieces within empire
 to avoid loyalty from men
 Men more loyal to
 leadership than emperor
Military Training:The Art Of
  Military training was rigorous
  and involved marching and
  military training
  Extensive training in various
  weapons and formations
  Responsible for constructing
  forts, bridges, roads and
  protective walls
  Maintain constant presence
  in conquered territories
Military Training:The Art Of
   The army was
   oppressive in territories
   and carried out
   numerous massacres
   populations of civilians
   Enslaved enemies who
   were sent back to Rome
   Generals benefited from
   slave auctions through
Military Training:The Art Of
  Auxiliaries were men from
  conquered territories who
  received similar training
  like Romans
  Majority served as archers
  or as horse archers
  Granted citizenship after
  25 years and were paid
  lower wages than Roman
  Stationed in along
  frontiers away from home
Military Training:The Art Of
   Roman ballista were
   heavy weapons that
   launched stone balls,
   large arrows and
   multiple arrows
   Used for sieges and
   protection of fixed
   positions also found on
   naval warships
   Julius Caesar introduced
   them during invasion of
   Britian 55 B.C.
The Roman Navy
 Main responsibility was to
 combat piracy and
 support army operations
 Protected seas travel by
 Roman vessels
 Comprised of warships,
 transports and smaller
 Triremes was main
 warship based on a Greek
The Roman Navy
  Navy did not have
  slaves rowing oars
  All were soldiers and
  were recruited roman
  citizens and/or freemen
  Had marines who
  boarded enemy ships
  The total strength of
  40,000 men
The Roman Legion
 Cavalry units were
 called milliaries that
 consisted of 800 men
 Auxiliaries were not
 equipped like regular
 Cavalry had variety of
Roman Defeats and Victories
 Battle of Lake Trasimene
 217 B.C. Hannibal lure’s a
 Roman army into ambush
 trapping them between
 Hannibal’s army and a lake
 30,000 killed
 Battle of Cannae 216 B.C.
 Rome loses 50,000 men to
 Hannibal’s feint which led
 to them being surrounded
 and crushed
Roman Defeats and Victories
 Battle Of Zama 202
 B.C. Scipio Africanus
 takes out Hannibal’s
 elephants by funneling
 them through his
 formation and killing
 20,000 men

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