Eighth Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

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                      SUNY Oneonta’s Twelfth Annual
                                 On Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28, students and faculty
                                 from the Philosophy Department will host SUNY Oneonta’s
                                 Twelfth Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference in the
                                 Morris Conference Center.

                                 Thirty-six papers, selected on the basis of blind review, will be
                                 presented by students from institutions throughout North America,
                                 including Belmont, Brigham Young, Brock, Columbia, Fordham,
                                 Hartwick, Ohio State, SUNY Oneonta, Transylvania, Trinity,
                                 University of Hawaii, and Yale.

                                  Activities begin in the Craven Lounge at 9:30 Friday morning with
                                  sessions titled “Moral Foundations,” “Of God and Land,” and
                                  “Language, Belief, and Cultural Identity.” Each session will
feature papers by two to three students as well as extensive discussion with others.

At 11:15 a.m. Professor Ashok Malhotra will conduct a Yoga session to introduce students to the
discipline and help create a relaxed atmosphere for the supercharged sessions to come.

Each student will have twenty minutes to present key concepts and ideas. This will be followed by a
three minute response by a pre-assigned discussant and fifteen minutes of general discussion with
the audience. Some presentations explore traditional areas of philosophy: Ethics, Metaphysics,
Theories of Knowledge, Philosophy of Science, etc. Others tackle contemporary issues such as
Abortion, Affirmative Action, the Morality of War, and the Death Penalty. In what is sure to be a
controversial session talked about for years to come, Tejaswinhi Srinivas (Yale) will explore “The
Aesthetic Representation of Hitler’s Vision,” Andreas Brooks (Virginia Tech) will follow with “The
Unabomber as a Metaphysical Warrior,” and Rocco Carbone (Elmira College) will conclude with a
philosophical analysis of the treatment of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

The keynote speaker, John Hartmann, is a doctoral candidate at Southern Illinois University who
participated in Oneonta’s 2nd and 3rd conferences. As an undergraduate from Alfred University in
1997, he won a Ninash Foundation Award for a presentation based on C.B. Jung’s analysis of self:
“Between Eastern and Western Thought: Individuation in a Western Setting.” In 1998, he earned a
coveted President’s Award for his penetrating study of “Nietzsche’s Use of Metaphor.” For the
2007 keynote address, Mr. Hartmann will examine human creativity and our complex relationship
with technology in a presentation titled “Chess and Technology” (4/27: 7:30 p.m. Craven Lounge).

The conference is free and open to the public. All members of the college community are cordially
invited. For additional information including a schedule and abstracts of the various presentations,
stop by the Philosophy Department (325 Fitzelle Hall), contact Douglas Shrader (x2456
shradedw@oneonta.edu), or visit the conference website: www.oneonta.edu/pc.

           Sponsored by the Ninash Foundation, the Philosophy Club, the Student Association,
             Oneonta Philosophy Studies, and the Provost and President of SUNY Oneonta.

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