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                   KP Chessie                                 News January 26, 2008
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We appeal to the entire Chesapeake Maritime Community, to ALL those who have an interest in
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Chapter 2008 Event Schedule                             Download Your Copy!
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NOTE: Events schedule subject to change. Please refer to the web site often for event confirmation and details.
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Join our fine list of loyal member sponsors – carry the bag!

Our KP Chesapeake Chapter can take great pride in the “mission related” support that we provide
throughout the year including: KP Mariner Sports Teams- Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball,
Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Pistol
Team, USMMA Athletic Program, Kings Point Blue & Gray Golf. We also have the great fortune to
host our flagship T/V Kings Pointer for 2 Annual Port of Baltimore Visits, USMMA-Alumni &
Midshipmen Annual 5K Run, Baltimore Maritime Industries Academy (NJROTC), and numerous
USMMA-AF Tell America Programs – Tell America About the U.S. Merchant Marine!
We support the USMMA Admissions Recruiting Program, American Merchant Marine Veterans
Association sponsorship, Project Liberty Ship, USMMA Regimental Color Guard, Academy Women
Annual Symposium Sponsorships, Wreaths Across America, Annual Veterans Day Luncheon
Midshipmen Sponsorship, Annual Joint Service Academy Ball Midshipmen Support, USMMA-Alumni
Foundation Support, and donations to the USMMA Memorial Arbors for deceased alumni.

 Your financial contribution enables us to continue our alumni mission support!
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                        USMMA-AF Chesapeake Chapter - presents…
                                     Champagne Jazz Brunch
                               Featuring Maritime Art Show and Raffle
                       Sunday February 24, 2008 - 12:00PM to 3:00PM
                              The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute
         692 Maritime Boulevard, Linthicum Heights, MD. Tel: (866)-629-3196 Web site:

Relax & Enjoy…                                                                      the Smooth Jazz of Larry Scott!

Champagne Jazz Brunch Menu: Three Entrée Lunch- Carved Beef Station, Baked Chicken & Baked Atlantic Salmon
including Seasonal Vegetables & Starches and Salad Bar. Omelet Chef- Omelets made to order! Breakfast Buffet- Scrambled Eggs,
Assorted Rolls, Bacon & Sausage, French Toast. Pastry & Dessert Bar and Champagne Fountain Including Bottomless Mimosas.
Beverage service- including assorted juices and soft drinks, Coffee & Tea.

Maritime Art Show & Raffle: Meet our talented and acclaimed KP Chesapeake artist member
Captain Brian H. Hope (KP ’65). Captain Hope will display his original works of “Chesapeake Scenes.”

Captain Hope has generously donated a work specially commissioned for this event and Raffle Drawing.
Prize: A beautiful original acrylic signed by the artist, of our USMMA Flagship – “The T/V Kings Pointer At Sea!”

                ** All are welcome- extend the invitation! ** KP Chessie                                        **
Ticket purchase: Gary G. Hicks ’76- President, 42 Idlewild Street, Bel Air, MD 21014,
Tel: 410-420-0080 E-mail: Web Site:
Cost: $ 30.00 /person Raffle tickets $ 5.00 each. No limit! Check payable to: KPChesapeake.
                   RSVP & PAYMENT DEADLINE: Friday February 22, 2008.
Please support this Raffle with the purchase of Maritime Art Raffle Tickets, available as a MSWord download:

This poster is available as a MSWord download by clicking link: KP Chesapeake Jazz Brunch & Art Show 022408

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Please support this Raffle with the purchase of Maritime Art Raffle Tickets, available as a MSWord download:

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Don’t Miss these March 2008 MUST ATTEND Programs!

                    Dinner Reception aboard T/V Kings Pointer
                Port of Baltimore March 6, 2008 (Thursday) 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Mar 6, 2008 Thu (Port of Baltimore) “Pasta Night Dinner” Reception aboard T/V Kings Pointer 6PM to 8PM
Evening Dinner Presentation: U.S. Maritime Education & Training Opportunities
A USMMA-AF “TELL AMERICA” Program Event. “Tell America About the U.S. Merchant Marine!”
Our special guests will include Baltimore Maritime Industries Academy (NJROTC) students & faculty, as well as
students seeking appointment as USMMA Midshipmen, and their parents.
The Marine Institute Of Technology & Graduate Studies will provide industry training overview with guest speaker
remarks by Captain Robert Becker (KP ’78)- Business Development Manager.
* All Alumni, family and interested guests are welcome and encouraged to attend. *
Meet our Midshipmen, tour the ship and enjoy a great dinner! Support Kings Point!
Click link for details: KP Chesapeake TVKPtr DinRecepBalto 030608

Mar 19, 2008 Wed (MITAGS-Baltimore) KP Chesapeake Maritime Dinner Program 5:45PM
* Special * Event!…. A Joint Program presented by
The USMMA-AF Chesapeake Chapter & The Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers- Chesapeake Section
4:30PM Tour- MITAGS Simulator Technology Center – Featuring *NEW* LNG Cargo Simulator (by reservation only)
5:45PM to 6:30PM – “Business Development - Card Exchange- Networking Opportunity!” Table-top Exhibits
Guest speaker presentation: Bill Cooper, Executive Director, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas
Topic: “LNG - Safe & Reliable Energy, Transport, Transfer & Storage”
Click link for details: KP Chesapeake Maritime Din Prog 031908
LNG: The Safe, Clean Energy Choice (video 8:25 min)

KP Chesapeake 2008 Maritime Dinner Programs - Business Development Table Top Exhibitors
The KP Chesapeake Chapter is pleased to provide business opportunities for Exhibitors at our
                              2008 Maritime Dinner Programs Hosted at
   The Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS), Linthicum Heights, MD.
Exhibitors will be furnished one of 22 exhibit tables for the purpose of bringing Maritime Industry
products and services to the attention of our program attendees. Exhibitors will be advertised in our
program brochure as our sponsors for the evening event.
Cost to each exhibitor is $ 30.00 for Dinner & $ 50.00 for the Table Top Exhibit – Total $ 80.00,
checks payable to KP Chesapeake
Please forward checks, exhibitor(s) name(s) and ad copy for the program to:
KP Chesapeake, 42 Idlewild St., Bel Air, MD 21014 Tel: 410-420-0080
E-mail: Web site:
Additional info, Contact: John M. Hotaling (KP ’68) - Director, Industry Outreach, KP Chesapeake
Cell: 703 867 4900 Tel: 703 525 4092 E-mail:
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Prayer List
Please keep our members in your thoughts as they face their challenges and recoveries…

Captain Wallin Dodd Holtgren ’51 – as he recovers from a successful triple by-pass surgery on
012308. His son, Walt Holtgren ’76 reports that Dad is doing well.

Captain Ronald R. Osborne ’63 – Ron is undergoing some repeat corrective surgery and dealing with
complications. Ron is in the capable hands of his wife Barbara.

Marshall Hill - (son of Melinda Hill, girlfriend of Scott Winfield ’91) is in need of our special prayers as
he undergoes treatments.

Wounded Warriors to Serve at Merchant Marine Academy
Contact: Susan Clark, Tel.: (202) 366-5807 Thursday, January 24, 2008
Secretary Peters Announces Plan to Benefit Veterans, Midshipmen

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters announced today that U.S.
Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point (USMMA) will be opened to U.S. Navy and Marine Corps
veterans recovering from combat injuries for assignment. The Academy, located on Long Island, New
York, will provide an opportunity for wounded sailors and Marines to continue active duty as they
recuperate from their injuries in a setting that is relatively close to their homes and families. Students
at the Academy will benefit through interaction with veterans with recent combat experience, she

Maritime Administrator Sean T. Connaughton, along with Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter and
Representative Gene Taylor (4th-MS), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Seapower and
Expeditionary Forces, joined together to develop the new program. The participating veterans will be
eligible for light duty assignments at Kings Point, such as classroom instruction and student
mentoring, under the Navy s Safe Harbor Program and the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior

Our wounded sailors and Marines can bring home the ideals of courage, service, and personal
sacrifice and their experience will provide inspiration to the Academy s cadets, Secretary Peters said.

Administrator Connaughton agreed, adding, We will be honored to welcome these heroes to Kings
Point. It will provide them a safe haven for recovery, and provides the benefit of their knowledge and
experience for the faculty and staff, as well as the midshipmen.

Chairman Taylor, who made the formal request to the Navy, said, Our wounded veterans want very
much to continue to contribute in a meaningful way. This gives them the opportunity to do so. Being
surrounded by enthusiastic young people can only speed their recovery. I commend Secretary Winter
for his continued dedication to ensure our wounded sailors and Marines are given the best chance at
a full recovery.

The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York, is operated by the Department of
Transportation s Maritime Administration. It trains men and women for service in the merchant
marine, and all graduates are required to serve either in the U.S. maritime industry or in the U.S.
Armed Forces.

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Patriot Contract Services Job Announcement
Patriot Contract Services, LLC is currently accepting resumes for Second Mate and Third Mate
positions on the “USNS HAYES” and the “USNS WATERS.”

The “USNS HAYES” is tentatively scheduled to turn over to Patriot operation on February 28, 2008.
The vessel operates in and out of Port Canaveral, Florida. The “USNS WATERS” is tentatively
scheduled to turn over to Patriot on April 30, 2008. The vessel splits its time between the Pacific and
Atlantic, operating from Hawaii and Southern California when in the Pacific, and from Port Canaveral,
Florida when in the Atlantic.

The following courses are required pre-requisites for both positions:

       Small Arms (MSC-SMA).
       Hazardous Materials Seminar (HAZMAT).
       Damage Control (MSC-DC).
       Environmental Protection (MSC-ENV-PRO)
       Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Defense Training Orientation (MSC-CBRD-1).
       Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator (MED-CPR).

Individuals applying for these positions must be eligible for a SECRET security clearance. For
additional information, please contact John Howe, Senior Project Manager for the Patriot Group, via
e-mail at

For further training information, please contact Diane Ford, Academic Coordinator for the Maritime
Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies (MITAGS), via e-mail at

To apply for one of the positions, kindly submit your resume via e-mail to
Interested individuals may also fax their resume to (877) 573-1094.

Deputy Director Position Open at the NMC
The NMC is seeking applicants to fill its Deputy Director position. If you know anyone interested in
applying, please forward this to them. A link to the USA Jobs web site is found below.

The incumbent of this position serves as the Deputy to the Commanding Officer, has responsibility
and authority to perform all of the functions of the Commanding Officer, and acts as the Chief
Operating Officer of the NMC. The Deputy directs daily operations and ensures compliance with
established processes, the implementation of statutes, regulations, and policies relating to merchant
mariner licensing and documentation. In addition this position also develops and issues policies,
directives and procedures; directs the review of the National Maritime Center (NMC) and all Regional
Examination Centers (REC); assures efficiency and compliance with regulations, laws and treaties;

Ref: KP Chessie News 012608   page 7 of 12
assures compliance with program goals, and the effectiveness of all MLD programs; and performs a
full range of managerial and supervisory duties and responsibilities. This position is open to members
of the general public (D vacancy) and to current and former federal employees with competitive status
(M vacancy). The websites for this vacancy under both categories are provided below.

D                                                                                            vacancy

M                                                                                            vacancy

Click here to see official NMC job listing.
David C. Stalfort
Captain, U. S. Coast Guard

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note new contact information below.

Commanding Officer
U. S. Coast Guard
National Maritime Center
100 Forbes Blvd.
Martinsburg, WV 25404
Main Voice: 304-433-3400
Direct Voice: 304-433-3401
Fax: 304-433-3407
Cell: 304-261-7896
Help Desk 1-888-427-5662

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For more information on improvements we're making to Mariner Licensing and Documentation go to
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Merchant Mariners under the list of Missions

Maryland County Names Glen M. Paine '78 to Maritime Industry Advisory Board
The Anne Arundel County Executive, John R. Leopold, named Glen M . Paine '78 to the county
Maritime Advisory Board.

Anne Arundel County is south of Baltimore and borders the Chesapeake Bay. It is home to the U.S.
Naval Academy in Annapolis. The purpose of the board is to give the maritime industry a voice in
county activities and to assist the county government.

Glen Paine is the Executive Director of the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies
based in Linthicum, Maryland. It is associated with the Masters, Mates and Pilots.

Glen serves as a valued member of the Board of Directors of the USMMA-AF KP Chesapeake
Chapter and Chairman of Publicity & Promotion as well as Nominating Committees.

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Veterans Affairs Committee
The KP Chesapeake Chapter is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael J. Schneider ’61 as
our Director of Veterans Affairs. The newly formed Veterans Affairs Committee shall be responsible
for promoting the involvement of the KP Chesapeake Chapter in activities and communications to the
benefit of United States Armed Forces and Merchant Marine Veterans.

Mike also serves our chapter as Vice President & Program Director, as well as a Director on our
Mike has been very active in the affairs of Merchant Marine Veterans and serves as Chairman of
Project Liberty Ship. He is also an active crew member of the Liberty Ship SS John W. Brown in
Baltimore, Maryland.
Mike was commissioned in the U.S. Navy upon graduation from Kings Point in 1961. He served
afloat as a submariner and in the surface fleet. He retired with the rank of Captain.
Mike will direct our chapter efforts in Veterans Affairs, and those in particular of Merchant Marine
Veterans. He is active in our chapter Veteran recognitions including Maritime Day, Veterans Day and
the Wreaths Across America Program
We appreciate Mike’s service in this most important Alumni Foundation mission.

USMMA Alumni Foundation News
SPRING MEETING will be held at the Academy April 10-12, 2008. The Chapter Presidents’ meeting
will be conducted all day Thursday (April 10th) in the Crabtree Conference Room in the Academy
Library. The Foundation Board of Directors will meet all day Friday and Saturday morning.

NEW CONTROLLER The Board of Directors has approved the hiring of a new Controller to fill the
vacancy open since November. Jim Saunders from Garden City, Long Island brings a wealth of
financial and accounting experience from previous Wall Street positions and should provide a great
deal of confidence and stability to the Foundation’s financial operations.

FOUNDATION MANAGEMENT Pete Rackett ’61 continues as Acting President and Nick Vendikos
as Vice President of Development.

HALL OF DISTINGUISHED GRADUATES The Academy will induct two new members into their Hall
of Distinguished Graduates. Two renowned Naval Architects, Dr. Charles Cushing ’56 and Dr. William
Morgan ’50, will be inducted into the Hall February 14th with a reception at the Hall in the Admissions
Center to unveil their plaques at 1600 and induction at a formal dinner in Delano at 1800. Cushing
has established one of the premier Naval Architects firms in the world and Morgan is one of the
world’s greatest experts on propeller designs. Anyone wanting to attend these ceremonies should
contact Lisa Donitz (

OTHER ACTIVITIES The Academy will kick off 2008 with another Smith Lanier ’50 Distinguished
Speaker on January 28th (Monday) at a formal dinner in Delano Hall with the return of former
Commandant, Colonel Art Athens, USMCR, currently the Head, Department for Leadership, Ethics
and Law at the US Naval Academy …… The American Merchant Marine Museum will host its Hall of
Fame luncheon at Melville Hall on January 26th to induct Captain Leonard P. LaRue and SS Ohio
into its individual and ship Halls of Fame. Anyone interested in attending either of these events should
contact Lisa Donitz at Babson Center.
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Funeral arrangements for Rear Admiral Albright '46
All alumni are encouraged to attend and represent the Alumni Foundation. Anyone planning to attend
please contact Rob Smith '92, President- Kings Point Club of Washington, D.C. at
Arlington National Cemetery,
Wednesday 30 January 2008,
Ft. Meyers Chapel, start at 1245 hours.

Following the services the participants will move into the Cemetery area and form behind the caisson
and follow to the grave site.

Rear Admiral Albright's biography
Mr. Albright is a native of Kansas. His father, Dr. Penrose Strong Albright, was a graduate of
Rensselaer and a PhD, Physical Chemistry, from the University of Wisconsin. He was a professor at
Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas where, as head of the Science Department, he established a
four and one-half year program for students who majored in chemistry, mathematics and physics,
participated in a science project and presented a thesis thereon. Most students of the program later
went on to graduate work and earned PhDs in various universities throughout the United States.

Penrose Lucas Albright was embarked on such a program but, after two years of college credit, in
1943 enrolled as a Midshipman in the engineering program of the United States Merchant Marine
Academy. As a Midshipman, he served aboard a tanker in Pacific and Atlantic war zones for about
nine months and graduated from the Academy with honors in 1946, earning a BS degree in Marine
Engineering. He thereafter served on U.S. tankers as an engineering officer, attended and graduated
from George Washington University Law School with a JD degree, returned to Southwestern College
to complete courses for a BA degree, worked as a Legislative Assistant in the Office of U.S. Senator
Schoeppel from Kansas, and finally in December of 1949 entered onto Active Duty on the aircraft
carrier, USS CORAL SEA, serving as an Engineering/Legal Officer for over two years. While on the
USS CORAL SEA, he was ordered TAD to the Naval Justice School at Newport, Rhode Island where
he graduated first in the class.

Following his tour on the USS CORAL SEA, he served for five years in the Office of the Navy Judge
Advocate General. He was released from Active Duty on his request at the end of 1956 wherein he
entered private practice in Washington, D.C. initially with a firm specializing in military matters, Ausell
and Ansell, and subsequently joining the intellectual law firm of Mason & Mason, which then became
Mason, Mason & Albright in 1958 as indicated above.

Mr. Albright was, aside from his practice in Intellectual Property Law, a leading practitioner in the
military law field for a number of years, and keeps generally up to date in this area of the law although
no longer accepts military law cases. He was President of the Judge Advocates Association and for
many years a member of its Board of Directors. He also was the Chairman of the Standing
Committee on Lawyers in Armed Forces of the American Bar Association for three years, serving on
the committee for a total of six years.

Following his release from Active Duty, he remained active in the U.S. Naval Reserve, and in 1976
was selected to the grade of Rear Admiral, Judge Advocate Generals Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve,
serving for four years thereafter as the Director, Naval Reserve Law Programs.

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Final Voyage                  Dr. William Alvin Thayer
William Alvin Thayer, 70, a resident of Laurel since 1975, and of the Washington, D.C., area since
1960, died Jan. 10, 2008, at his home.
Bill was a loyal and supportive associate member of the KP Chesapeake Chapter, and father to our
esteemed member and Board Director Chris Thayer ‘83.
He was born May 19, 1937, in Syracuse, N.Y., son of the late Orrin Thayer and Mary (Zohe) Cornue.
He received his bachelor of science and physics from Syracuse University, a master's in engineering
administration from George Washington University, and a master's and a doctorate in public
administration from the University of Southern California. He was also a graduate of the Army
Command and General Staff College.
After college, he spent five years in the Army from 1959 to 1964, and remained in the Army Reserves
until retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1997. He worked as a civilian at Army Security in Arlington, Va.,
and at Ryan Aeronautics in San Diego, Calif., for three years. In 1969, he stated his career at the
National Security Agency and served tours in Frankfort and Munich, Germany, and Bangkok,
Thailand. In 1982 he became a charter member of the Senior Cryptologic Executive Service at NSA.
His management positions included vice director, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff special studies group from
1990 to 1992; NSA director of plans from 1986 to 1990; assistant director of technology, Office of
Naval Intelligence from 1985 to 1986; and chief, NSA Office of Search from 1980 to 1985. After
retirement from NSA in 1995, he worked supporting defense programs for the next 12 years for
various defense contractors, including GTE, Boeing and EDO Corp., retiring from EDO Corp. Nov. 24,
He was awarded a CIA Certificate of Merit, the NSA Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the NSA
Exceptional Civilian Service Award and the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award. He was affiliated
with the Association of Old Crows, the Security Affairs Support Association and the Armed Forces
Communications-Electronic Association.
Dr. Thayer is survived by his wife of 48 years, Nancy Thayer; daughter and son-in-law Suzanne and
Steven Haversack, of Laurel; son and daughter-in-law Scott and Tara Thayer, of Gambrills; son Chris
Thayer, of Arnold; eight grandchildren; a sister, of Florida; four brothers, all of Syracuse; and mother-
in-law Ellen Cole, of Florida.
Funeral services will be held May 23, 2008 at 11 a.m. at the Chapel at Fort Myer, Va., followed by
burial with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Anyone wishing to attend the services
needs to meet at the Arlington National Cemetery administration building no later than 10:30 a.m.
Memorial donations may be made to Fisher House, 1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600, Rockville, MD
20852. Arrangements were made by Donaldson Funeral Home, 313 Talbott Ave.
We are saddened at the loss of Bill. We extend our condolences to the Thayer family, and in
particular to Chris. We are all encouraged to support the Thayer family, and honoring Bill, by
attending his funeral services on May 23, 2008.
(Photos) Remembering Bill- Veterans Day Cruise aboard Liberty Ship SS John W. Brown and
Veterans Day Commemoration Luncheon at Vane Brothers Company 110406.
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Ref: KP Chessie News 012608   page 12 of 12

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