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									                                    Ancestors of Sallie Barron Whitten

(excerpted from THE BARRON FAMILY in The American South
[Genealogical history provided by contributors to THE BARRON FAMILY INFORMATION EXCHANGE FILE]

Information Contact:        Patrick Morgan Harrison
                            300 Powers Street
                            Nacogdoches, Texas 75961

Information provided by Patrick Harrison to Mary K. Johnson circa 1999:

1. Robert[1] Barron. Born, circa 1617, in the British Isles. He married wife Unknown. The speculation is that he
had the following Children:

       i. Joseph (Barrand)Sr.[2].
      ii. Andrew.
     iii. Susannah.
      iv. James.
       v. Richard.

2. Joseph[2] Barron (Barrand)Sr. Died, 13 May 1725, in Talbot County, Maryland (St. Peter's, Parish Register,
Easton, Maryland). Prob of Est: 2 Jun 1725, in Talbot County, Maryland. Occupation: Farmer.
He married, first, Elizabeth Unknown, 8 Apr 1692, in Talbot Co., Maryland, (St. Peter's, Register). Children:
       i. Sarah. Born, 7 Sep 1695, in Talbot Co., Md. (St Peter's Parish Records, Talbot Co., Maryland.).
      ii. Barbary. Born, 3 Oct 1698, in Talbot Co., Maryland (St. Peter's Parish Records, Talbot Co.,
          Maryland, 1681-1744.).
     iii. John [3].
      iv. Elizabeth. She married James Merrick, 10 Dec 1725, in Talbot Co., Marriages, list date 1713,

3. John[3] Barron. Born, 1 Apr 1701, in Talbot County, Maryland , died, circa 1724, in Maryland, baptism 3
Aug 1701, in Talbot County, Maryland. He married Sarah Stacy, 9 Jan 1720/1, in Talbot Co., Maryland. We know
that they had at least one child:

      i. Joseph Elias[4].

4. Joseph Elias[4] Barron. Born, Mar 1723, in Talbot County, Maryland, died, 2 Aug 1793, in Washington,
County, Tennessee. He married, first, Hannah Willin, circa 1746, in Talbot County, Maryland. Hanna was born in
Maryland. There is one known child:

      i. Hannah. Born, 6 Mar 1746/7, in Talbot Co., Maryland.

        He married second Ann Walker, circa 1748. These are the children of record:

      ii. John.
     iii. Joseph Jr.
      iv. William. Born, 15 Feb 1755, in Talbot Co., Maryland. He married
          Mary Murray, before 1793 (?).
      v. Henry. Born, 17 Jun 1757, in Dorchester, Maryland.
     vi. James. [5]
     vii. Sarah. Born, 6 Jul 1761, in Rowan Co., North Carolina. She married Unknown Dotson.
    viii. Walker.
      ix. Mary. Born, 19 Mar 1767, in Rowan Co., North Carolina. She married Unknown Ford.
5. James[5] Barron. Born, circa 1752 [Supposedly, there is a notation in a Barron bible that James was born in
1759. His monument says 1752, and Jemima was born ca. 1755], in Talbot Co., Maryland, and died, circa 1848, in
Cherokee Co, Georgia [now Pickens Co.], burial in Jasper, Ga, 13th district, 2nd sect, no.35. Occupation:
farmer/Patriot. He married Jemima(Gemima) Unknown, before 1791, in South Carolina. Jemima was born circa
1755 and died, circa 1855, in Cherokee Co, Georgia (now, Pickens Co), burial in Jasper, Ga, 13th Dist, 2nd Section,
#35. Occupation: Housewife. From a number of records, we have determined that this couple had the following

       i. Joseph.
      ii. Samuel.
     iii. Ezekiel [6].
      iv. Caleb.
       v. Elijah James.
      vi. Gabriel.
     vii. Dicey.
     viii. Nancy. Died in Georgia. She married Unknown Hays.
      ix. Daughter.
       x. Isaac.
      xi. Daughter.

6. Ezekiel[6] Barron, born, circa 1795, in South Carolina, died, before 1860, in Winston Co., Mississippi. He
married Sarah Unknown in South Carolina. Sarah was born, circa 1793, in South Carolina, died, after 1860, in
Winston Co., Mississippi. There are two known children:

        i. Almond[7].
       ii. Narcisly.

7. Almond[7] Barron. Born, circa 1824, in Alabama. Died, 20 Jul 1863, in Vicksburg (Almond enlisted CSA,
August 1861, co. F, 5th Miss Regt. Capt. A. Porter). Occupation: Farmer/soldier. Individual number 1445. He
married Frances M. Unknown (785), before 1847, in Mississippi.
Marriage number 469. Children:

       i. Ezekiel[17].
      ii. Samuel. Born, 15 Oct 1847, in Mississippi, [Clarksville?]. Died, 22 Apr 1931, in Fisher Co.,
          Roby, Tx. He married Etta Coker, 12 Jun 1895, in Fisher Co., Tx.
     iii. Joseph. Born, circa 1848, in Mississippi. Immigration in to Texas.
      iv. Sallie E. Born, circa 1851, in Mississippi. She married J.S. Whitten, 30 Jan 1867, in
           Winston Co., Miss.
      v. John. Born, circa 1852, in Mississippi.
      vi. George. Born, circa 1854, in Mississippi.
     vii. Mary E. Born, circa 1856, in Mississippi. She married Junious Cunningham, 2 Jan 1877, in
          Oktibbeha Co., Mississippi.
    viii. Thomas. Born in Mississippi.
      ix. David. Born, circa 1859, in Mississippi.
       x. William H. Born in Mississippi.
      xi. Almond F. Born in Mississippi.

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