August-November 2007 Newsletter by 3HF743


									Mission Printing, Inc.                             I’LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!
   2707 Medline Dr.             In 1989, an earthquake hit Armenia. Over             happening all around them. But the loving, caring
                                30,000 people were killed in a matter of             Armenian father responded, “Won’t you help
  Arlington, TX 76015           minutes. After the quake, a father left the safety   me?”
                                of his house and rushed to the school where he
                                knew his son was at the time of the earthquake.      The police told him he was endangering others      When he arrived, he found that the building had      and should go home, but again he replied, “Won’t
                                been leveled.                                        you help me?” No one helped.
                                He had once made a promise to his son. “No           Courageously, he proceeded alone. He dug for
                                matter what, I’ll always be there for you!” As he    eight hours ... 12 hours ... 24 hours ... 36 hours
   Board of Trustees            looked at the pile of debris, he felt hopeless and   ... then, in the 40th hour, he pulled back a boulder
                                tears filled his eyes. What could he possibly do?    and heard his son’s voice. He screamed his son’s
  Tom Garner, President         But he kept remembering the commitment he            name, “ARMAND!”
Jack Brady, Vice-President      had made to his son.
                                                                                     He heard back, “Dad! It’s me Dad! I told the
  Doug Jarvis, Secretary        He remembered where his son’s classroom was,
                                in the back right corner of the building, and he
                                                                                     other kids not to worry. I told them that if you
                                                                                     were alive, you’d save me and when you saved
  Roy Thomas, Treasurer         rushed to the spot and started digging through       me, they’d be saved. You promised, ‘No matter
                                the rubble. As he was digging, other                 what , I’ll always be there for you!’ You did it,
     Tom Sarratt, Jr.           heartbroken parents arrived. They were crying        Dad!”
                                and saying “My son!” “My daughter!” Others
      Richard Refro             tried to pull him away from the debris saying,       There were 13 other children still alive with
                                “It’s too late! They’re dead! You can’t help. Go     Armand. When the building collapsed, it had
                                home! Face reality, there’s nothing you can do!      made a wedge like a triangle, and saved their
         Director               You’re just going to make things worse?”             lives.

  Vendall W. Dollarhide         But to each person he responded, “Won’t you          Armand’s father said to his son, “Come on out,
                                help me?” and continued to dig for his son,          boy!”
  home 817-656-0830             stone by stone.
   cell 817-504-1834            The fire chief tried to pull him away, telling him
                                                                                     “No, Dad! Let the other kids out first, ‘cause I
                                                                                     know you’ll get me! No matter what, I know you’ll      fires were breaking our and explosions were          be there for me!”

 Office Administrators
      Mary Carroll              Satan would like for Christians to believe that      What the Son of God has promised, He will Keep!
    mail, newsletter, email,    Christ isn’t going to keep the promises He           It doesn’t matter if He made the promise today or
                                made:                                                over 2,000 years ago, the word of our Savior
 department communications,                                                          makes it so.
                                    John 5:24
   volunteer supervisor, etc.       “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears
                                    my word and believes in Him who sent Me
                                                                                     Christians have a responsibility similar to the little
    Jessie Lee Caskey               has everlasting life, ...”
                                                                                     boy in the above story. We have to assure
  supporter communication,                                                           everyone around us who is trapped by the world,
                                                                                     that they have to place their unwavering trust in
   supplies, promotion, etc.        John 11:25-26                                    Jesus. We must share His promise that He will be
                                    “Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection       back to save His children. We must tell them to
                                    and the life. He who believes in Me, though      trust and obey His word and only then are we
        Alice Walker                he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives     guaranteed eternal safety. Our temporary comfort
                                    and believes in Me shall never die. Do you       and safety may be put on the line while trying to
   bookkeeping, call center,        believe this?’ “                                 ward those around us, but remember; Jesus
        proofing, etc.                                                               sacrificed the temporary life for our eternal
                                                                                     reward. It will not be easy, but with Jesus, it is
                                    John 14:2-3                                      amazing that what we can do and who we can
                                    “In My Father’s house are many mansions;         reach! As you look around you, you need to ask
   VOLUNTEERS ARE                   if it were not so, I would have told you. I go
                                    to prepare a place for you. And if I go and
                                                                                     yourself, “Is there anyone suffocating nearby that
                                                                                     needs the breath of life from our Savior, Jesus
      WELCOMED!                     prepare a place for you, I will come again       Christ?”
                                    and receive you to Myself; that where I am,
    Monday-Thursday                 there you may be also.”                                                       Vendall W. Dollarhide
    7:00 AM-2:00 PM

        Pangasinan, Philippines                          Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
                                                                                                          Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
        Calsiao Church of Christ                             Madu I. Mbakwe
                                                                                                                M.E. Ogiemudia
          Roberto Q. Indong
                                                  I am the preacher for the church of Christ that
                                                                                                     We are overwhelmed by the wonders that
We continue the assembling of ourselves           meets in Owerri. I have received a good
                                                                                                     Mission Printing is accomplishing through the
together on Sundays in the study of the           measure of preaching materials from your for
                                                                                                     printed page!
powerful Word of God and in hearing the life      the past seven years.
changing messages of God. The church now
has more appreciation for what the Lord has                                                          The work that Mission Printing does is
                                                  Thank you for your endeavor. I have
done for us. There is great excitement in                                                            tremendous and we cannot easily express the
                                                  exhausted the last supply of Mission Printing
seeing souls restored and strengthened. There                                                        impact that it has had on our congregation!
                                                  material. Therefore, I would like to request
is overwhelming satisfaction in knowing we are                                                       Mission Printing helps us to preach the living
                                                  more of your excellent study aids. Many have
doing what the Lord has asked us to do.                                                              gospel of Christ to those who are void of the
                                                  obeyed the gospel of Christ after reading these
                                                                                                     knowledge of Christ and His church. The
                                                                                                     scriptural books are immeasurable sources of
Members are bringing their loved ones and                                                            help in Bible classes and in evangelistic efforts.
friends to worship and Bible studies on                                                              The demands are great for Mission Printing
Sundays. Our Wednesday devotional service at      “The work that Mission Printing
the homes of members also fortifies the           does is tremendous and we
members of our spiritual family and summons       cannot easily express the impact
truth seekers who hunger and thirst for the
saving power of the Lord. Public high school      that it has had on our
students are enrolling in Bible correspondence
courses and being taught weekly in the ways of    congregation!”
                                                                                                              Baguio City, Philippines
                                                                                                             Midtown Church of Christ
                                                                                                             Jonathan “JoJo” Ramos
These soul saving lessons from the word of
God have resulted in some of the conscientious           Kano, Kano State, Nigeria
truth seekers being humbled and committing                   Jingfa Nancwat                          I am greatly encouraged by Mission Printing
themselves to be baptized for the forgiveness                                                        and its concern for the lost souls in the
of their sins and being added by the Lord into                                                       Philippines. I am happy to report that I have
                                                  I write to acknowledge and to show our             been distributing your booklets to young
His family.
                                                  appreciation for the teaching material which       congregations where I am invited to speak and
                                                  Mission Printing set to our congregation. I am     also to preachers and teachers in the area.
let us continue to remember one another in our    indeed happy to have them. I want to tell you
earnest prayers to God for the furtherance of     taht they are very useful in my effort to preach
His Kingdom.                                      Christ.                                            Your material is truly a blessing to us because
                                                                                                     our are is being flooded by denominational
                                                                                                     material that distorts and causes confusion
Thank you so much for your love, concern,         Mission Printing's material has really helped      within our area. I praise our Father for
prayers, and thoughtfulness for the work of the   people in Nigeria. I am writing to my              brethren like you, who sacrifice so much for His
Lord in the Philippines.                          sponsoring congregation today about the            ministry.
                                                  assistance you are offering me!

May the Lord grant you His divine grace and
mercy as you continue to expand the word of
God to the lost around the world.

                                                                                                             Marondera, Zimbabwe
                                                             Dehiwala, Sri Lanka
        Aba. Abia State, Nigeria                                                                           Marondera Church of Christ
                                                           Sinnaiya Subramaniam
         Mrs. Uzochi Ogbonna                                                                                    Clyde T. Tsiga

                                                  Thank you very much for sending all the
On behalf of our congregation, I would like to                                                       I would really like to thank you for the material
                                                  books. I am excited about using the material.
offer our sincere gratitude for the material                                                         and the great work you are doing! The material
                                                  The Mission Printing material is very useful to
which you sent to air in our work. We are                                                            is excellent and very easy to read and use in
                                                  teaching the lost
praying that God would continue to strengthen                                                        Bible Classes or personal evangelism. I
Mission Printing as you strive to spread the                                                         received some of your material from another
gospel through the printed page.                  Please tell Brother Perry Cotham hello for me.     preacher, Conrad Tsiga, who also happens to
                                                  Brother Cotham is one of my dear Christian         be my dad.
                                                  friends. He has been to Sri Lanka two or three
                                                  times to conduct gospel meetings. He is a
                                                                                                     Your material will be put to use wisely.
                                                  great brother in Christ.

                                                          FROM THE HEART OF A CHILD ...
Counting Your Blessings
If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your
                                                                    What I'm Thankful For
back , a roof overhead, and a place to sleep ...                         By Caleb Dollarhide (8 years old)
    you are richer than seventy–five percent of this               College Hills Church of Christ (N.R.H., TX)
If you have money in the bank or in your wallet and       I'm grateful for Mission Printing because of all the books they
spare change in a dish someplace ...                      make to help people find God and be stronger.
    you are among the top eight percent of the world's    I'm also thankful for GOD, because He created me and you! I'm
    wealthy.                                              thankful for everything that He gives us: clothes, food, shelter,
If you woke up this morning with more health than         family, animals, and everything else He made. I'm thankful for any
illness ...                                               chance I have to do things for God.
    you are more blessed than the million that will not   I'm thankful for Memomma and everything that she taught me
    survive this week.                                    before going to meet Jesus. I'm also thankful for Memomma
If you have never experienced the danger of battle,       because she taught me about the United States of America and
the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture or   how to play dominoes.
the pains of starvation ...                               I'm thankful for Dad for protecting me and giving me all the things
    you are ahead of 500 million people in the world.     that I need to live.
If you can attend a church meeting or spiritual           I'm thankful for Mom. She loves me and she's my special friend. I
gathering without fear of harassment, arrest, torture,    know I make her upset sometimes, but no matter what, she never
or death ...                                              stops loving me. I'm thankful that Mom likes helping my school get
   you are more blessed than three billion people in
   the world.
                                                          I'm thankful for my brother Tyler for being so nice and
If your parents are still alive and still married ...
                                                          complimenting me all the time. Well, a lot of the time. I love to play
    you are very rare, even in the United States.
                                                          legos with him, too.
If you can read this message ...
                                                          I'm thankful for my little sister Courtney. She is so cute, when
    you are more blessed than over two billion people
                                                          she's not being a pain, such as when I was trying to write how I was
    in the world who cannot read at all.
                                                          thankful for her.
If you can hold someone's hand, hug them, or even
                                                          I'm thankful for Memother and Papa. Memother is an artist and she
touch them on the shoulder ...
                                                          helps me to draw better. Papa is my buddy and I love spending time
    you are blessed because you can offer a healing
                                                          with him. They are awesome!
                                                          I'm thankful for Grandma. I don't know a lot about her life, but I
If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and
                                                          do know she loves me. I'm thankful that she comes to stay with us
are truly thankful ...
    you are blessed because the majority can, but         so she can hear about Jesus. I'm thankful for the military because
    most do not.                                          they fight to protect our freedom. They serve for justice and their
                                                          love for our country. I'm also thankful for the army fighting in Iraq
Now go forth and share your blessings with the rest of    because they are trying to being freedom to people that are
the world!                                                hurting and scared.

                                                          I'm thankful for my friends because of the kindness, friendship,
                                                          and love they give.
                                                          I'm especially thankful for the church. The family that is made to
                                                          praise God. I'm thankful I can pray when I want to. That's one
                                                          freedom no one can steal from me.
                                                              “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them;
                                                              for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you,
                                                              whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little
                                                              child will by no means enter it.”
                                                                                                          (Mark 10:14-15)

                              Igarra, Edo State, Nigeria
                              Ugbogbo Church of Christ
                                Sylvester A. Imogoh

For many years, our focus has been on how        We gave out tracts, enrolled those who
to evangelize the Etsako area. Besides the       were literate and want to study by mail,
usual challenge of lack of funds and other       and answered many questions from others.
resources, the impact of Islam in this
environment has been another reason the
                                                 Two people obeyed the gospel by the end
work has been slow. But we are determined
                                                 of the day. We had already made
to continue to push. God has continued to
                                                 arrangements to rent a little room for
show us open doors for evangelism and
                                                 worship. On Sunday, we started the first
church planting.
                                                 worship of the Iraokhor church of Christ.

One such door opened when a Christian
                                              We were fortunate to have received some
woman who is married to a non-Christian
                                              boxes of materials from Mission Printing                Kingston, Jamaica
man from Iraokhor village came home with
                                              just the week before, so now we had tracts        Jamaica School of Preaching and
her husband after retiring from military
                                              and Bibles to use. We started the worship                 Biblical Studies
service. For awhile this sister was going to
                                              with the songbooks I received from Mission               Gladwyn Kiddoe
worship services at Ogbona village, which is
                                              Printing    as   well.  We    have     made
the nearest congregation to her. But
                                              arrangements with the Ogbona brethren to
because of the difficulties of transportation,                                               Thank you for your recent gift of material
                                              continue to send members to help the new
this was not easy at all. She wanted to                                                      for our work.
                                              congregation. I am also talking with others
participate in all the church activities, but
                                              who could help them. The plan is that every
there was no way she could make the trip
                                              other week two brothers will go worship        After receiving the material, our students
several times in one week.
                                              with them and help them to grow. Village       were involved in a major campaign with
                                              congregations always pose more challenges      Negril Church of Christ. It was a medical
So, against the odds (she is not a native of to grow because of high rates of illiteracy.    mission. A team of 15 Christians from the
that village, her husband is not a Christian,                                                Florida based Mandarin Church of Christ
and she is a woman) she determined to                                                        taught the gospel while also administering
                                              Because of the nature of the environment,
start a congregation. She asked Brother                                                      medical care to the people of Negril,
                                              it was agreed that we needed to come back
Steven Afosoh for advice on what to do,                                                      Jamaica.     Members      of     the   Negril
                                              to that village to preach some more. Our
and Steven then contacted me. We planned                                                     congregation also worked alongside of the
                                              campaigns are more easily organized in the
a campaign for that village for that                                                         team. As a result of this effort and the aide
                                              dry seasons, when the roads are a little
Saturday. Brethren came with me from                                                         of Mission Printing material, 6 souls were
                                              more passable.
many parts of Akoko–Edo and others joined                                                    baptized and 400 were provided with
us from the other counties of Etsako. We                                                     medical care.
went from house to house preaching and We see great prospects for the growth of
teaching the gospel of Christ to the Christianity in that village. Two days after
                                                                                             Again, thank you for the shipment. It
villagers. We did not experience any the congregation began, another person
                                                                                             helped us to spread the gospel in Jamaica!
rudeness that sometimes happens when we was baptized and added by the Lord to
preach in Muslim communities.                 their family.
                                                                                                           Chennai, India
                   “I am writing to my sponsoring congregation today                                       Joseph Thang
                       about the assistance you are offering me!”
                                                                                             I am very happy to say thank you for the
      Johannesburg, South Africa                         Aba, Abia State, Nigeria            material that I received. Please remember
      Ennerdale Church of Christ                             Lawrence Ubuo                   our congregation in your prayers as Mission
             Phillip King                                                                    Printing continues to be on our hearts.

                                                 We wanted to express our appreciation and
Thank you very much for the material! We         acknowledge Mission Printing's immense                  Chitipa, Malawi
sure do appreciate it brethren. I will           contributions to our evangelistic efforts.         Nthalire Church of Christ
distribute the books among the saints and        Many souls have been converted for Christ               Bashan M. Kaira
with our sister congregations nearby. We         because of the doors that were opened by
sincerely would like to ask if Mission           the Mission Printing material.             The Bible material that we received from
Printing would send us Bibles and                                                           you has been distributed freely to
hymnbooks. We have a great need for
                                                 Kindly extend our special greetings to Christians, as well as non-Christians in our
these throughout our area. Once again:
                                                 Brother Sandy Haney (Lewisville C of C— area. The books are a great aid in teaching
                                                 Lewisville, TX) who directed us to Mission the lost that are willing to study God's
UPLIFTING MATERIAL!                                                                         word. They are also valuable in maturing
                                                                                            the saved. I vow to continue distributing
                                                                                            the material and reaching out to the lost in

              Morrison, TN                             Asankraugwa, Ghana                            Prakasam District,
              WBS Teacher                            Kwabeng Church of Christ                      Andhra Pradesh, India,
              Dorothy Good                                Abraham Arbin                           Kanigiri Church of Christ,
                                                                                                         David Raju
Thank you very much for the two boxes of I am happy to inform you that the material
Bible books that I received from you. I send that I requested for my area is working to    We are very happy for Mission Printing! My
the books with my WBS lessons.                perfection. I distributed the books to the   sponsor (Brother Emery Cathey of Emory,
                                              leaders of the denominational churches in    TX) referred me to you. Your material has
                                              my village and they are really studying      become very important to our Bible
I started this work 20 years ago. I sent 20
                                              them! We pray that in the future they will   training school. Your material is also being
introductory lessons to Nigeria on October
                                              believe and turn to the one true church.     used by preachers to grow in knowledge
27, 1987. I do not know the number of my
                                              Some of them have started visiting us        and to aid them in spreading the word of
students, but I do keep up with the lessons I
                                              during our worship time. Others have         God.
sent. I have sent 35,000 lessons with many
                                              requested Bibles and Mission Printing
Bible booklets and tracts over the years.
                                                                           Kraaifontein, South Africa
You are doing a great mission work.
                                                                                 Malan Gerber

Kislie, Kenya
                                             Mission Printing is geared only to send out reading material. They will send such
Mercy Gate Champion
                                             material free of charge. The material they send is not for sale. It is for the use of
Children's Home
                                             churches of Christ to spread the word.

It is with sincere appreciation that I write to
                                                They cannot collect money, food, or such things for you. The can send reading
say thank you for the books that were
                                                material. They might also be able to answer some of your biblical questions. They can
donated to us from Mission Printing this
                                                also send you specific material to help you prepare Bible studies and sermons.

                                           Would you please contact them with your need for biblical material.
The students and orphans received them
with much excitement. They had never seen
                                           This was the letter that Brother Gerber of South Africa sent to churches in Zimbabwe.
so many books! I want to assure you that
                                           Even preachers in foreign lands are trying to get the word out regarding Mission Printing
the kids in the orphanage are enjoying the and its mission of “world evangelism by the printed page.”
material. God bless Mission Printing!

                MISSION PRINTING
                NEEDS YOUR HELP
Mission Printing has plans to spread the word of God to even more areas of the world in the coming years
and we need your help!

Financial aide is the part of our planning with which Mission Printing needs your immediate and on going help. The
economic times have impacted us in a drastic manner. Our donations have greatly decreased due to the economic
times and the deaths of several donors. While our donations have dropped, expenses have not. In fact our postage
expense for the last four shipments (since July) was $68,837.49! Our postage expense for all of 2006 was
$67,972.43! We are in need of your help!

We realize Mission Printing is not unique in this position and that you might be aiding other worthwhile and Christ–
centered organizations. We are not asking you to cut back on any of your other commitments. We are simply asking
you to increase your financial aide to Mission Printing, if only by a few dollars. With 2007 quickly coming to a close,
this would be an ideal time to make a special donation. Perhaps you or your congregation had an exceptionally good
year and you are able to send an EXTRA year end gift. This is also a good time of year to honor the loved ones in your
life or someone who has touched you in a special way. People often feel they can't give much and that it really
wouldn't help to give so little. I am here to let you know that your "two minas" go further than what Satan would like
you to think. If we had 500 people that would give $10 a month, it would increase our yearly donation by $ 60,000!
Don't let Satan convince you that your gift can't go far. Your “small” gift will be felt around the world! God bless
you all and may you continue to experience the glory of God.

                                      Easom, Vivian                         Mathis, Quay & Jewel
                                       Ray, Gary & Lucreta                   Mathis, Guy
                                      Emerson, David                        Mathis, Roy L.
                                       Thompson, Doris                       Mathis, Gay
                                      Ferguson, Molly                       McCleary, Willis
                                       Bradshaw, Curtis & Wilma              Cathey, Emery & Ann Zene
                                       Brown, Angie                          Pressley, Loy & Kaye
                                       Miller, David & Bonnie               Medford, James
                                      Ford, Alice                            Cruse, Robert & Shirlee
               Memorials               Beavers, Gene & Joyce                 Harris, Joyce
Adams, George                         Franklin, Ben                          Houston, Travis & Alfreda
 Chanslor, Marguerite                  Walker, Doris & Janie                 Nelson, Vinus & Jean
Alarid, Keith                         Fry, Robert                            Vincent, Roy & Jettie
 Tarver, Cleo & Judy                   Fry, Dorothy & Family                Metts, Vivian
Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Edward            Jones, Katherine                      Anderson, Russell & Dennis
 Anderson, Russell & Denise            Richardson, Cutah                    Moore, Doug
Asher, Joyce                          Garner, Mattie                         Paul, Grady & Ruth
 Chandler, Charles & Sue               Cook, Nell                           Needham, Levi & Thelma
Biggers, Venie                        George, Tim                            Mathis, Gay
 Massey, A.C. & Janet                  Lewellyn, Jess & Ann                 Parker, Pat Stinson
 Robinson, Guy & Wyvonne              Gibson, Sharon                         Anonymous
 Russwurm, Rusty & Sue                 Wade, Rozalea                        Perkins, Bill
 Wasner, Hans & Mary                  Hall, Paula Scott                      Chandler, Charles & Sue
Blades, Helen                          Guthrie, Morris & Melba               Cotham, Perry
 Austin, Janet                        Hammons, Jim                          Phillips, Desiree'
 Harvill, Joseph & Charlotte           McLeroy, Lorene                       Garner, Frances
Boren, James E.                        Russwurm, Rusty & Sue                Plowman, J.V.
 Boren, Mr. &. Mrs. Maxie             Harding, B.B.                          Wade, Rozalea
Bradshaw, Robert                       Dabney, Mattie                       Posey, Willmeth
 Chandler, Charles & Sue              Harper, Bobby                          Tarver, Cleo & Judy
Browning, Phyllis                      Cotham, Perry                        Pressley, Ron
 Dawdy, Dot                           Holland, Roy                           Arterburn, Alma
Carter, Alverana                       Cotham, Perry                         Braziel, Scherry
 Cruse, Robert & Shirlee              Holley, Paul                           Carroll, Mary & Bruce
Carter, Guy                            Wade, Rozalea                         Cathey, Emery & Ann Zene
 Fry, Dorothy & Family                Hyden, D.T.                            Cook, Nell
Cawyer, J.R.                           Henson, Harold & Sybil                Dry, Johnnie
 Beavers, Gene & Joyce                Jackson Sr., Clyde (Buck)              McLeroy, Lorene
 Hartin, Hubert & Walterrene           Brown, Melvin & Pearl                 Middleton, Bob & Lavelle
 Thornton, Charles & Norma            Jennings, Helen                        Savage, Jerome & Leah
 Vincent, Roy & Jettie                 Herriage, Bob & Sue                   Snyder, John & Frances
Cooley, Mike                           Vincent, Roy & Jettie                 Williams, Landon & Kristi
 Cotham, Perry                        Jones, Jimmy                          Purdy, Homer
 Guthrie, Morris & Melba               Friends @ Handley Church of Christ    Paul, Grady & Ruth
Corbell, Becky Lee                    Jones, O.J.                           Rambo, Rex
 Shumate, Dean & Margaret              Paul, Grady & Ruth                    Paul, Grady & Ruth
Dawdy, Bink                           Elvis, Liles                          Rees, Ben P.
 Dawdy, Dot                            Braziel, Scherry                      Wasner, Hans & Mary
Dears, Daniel M.                       Cathey, Emery & Ann Zene              Finley, Robert & Quida
 Garner, Frances                       Cook, Nell                           Rose, Ann
Dears, Dr. Daniel R.                   Dry, Johnnie                          Braziel, Scherry
 Garner, Frances                       Pressley, Loy & Kaye                  Cathey, Emery & Ann Zene
Degge, Owen                            Snyder, John & Frances                Cook, Nell
 Caskey, Louise                        Williams, Landon & Kristi             Dry, Johnnie
Divine, Callie                        Lummas, Ike                            Pressley, Loy & Kaye
 Cathey, Emery & Ann Zene              Vincent, Roy & Jettie                 Snyder, John & Frances
 Pressley, Loy & Kaye                 Luster, Hilde                         Ross, Charlie Jr.
Dugan, Paul                            Friends @ Handley Church of Christ    Friends @ Handley Church of Christ
 Hartin, Hubert & Walterrene          Malone, Foster S.                     Royal, Annabel
 Vincent, Roy & Jettie                 Friends @ Handley Church of Christ    Vincent, Roy & Jettie
Dulaney, Ned
 Friends @ Handley Church of Christ

  Wilkin, Deborah                                        Honors                               Birthday Honors
Samsill, Tirey                         Jessie Lee Caskey                         Sherry Brown
  Samsill, Loretta                       Fry, Dorothy & Family                     Dollarhide Family
Sargent, James                           Philley, George & Edith                 Courtney Dollarhide (3rd)
  Harris, Joyce                        Jack Weldon                                 Dollarhide Family
Sawyer, Elizabeth                        Dollarhide Family                       Tarina Mason
  Lewis, Ray & Barbara                 Beverly Spencer                             Brinkly, Donna
Sewell, Kadena                           Dollarhide Family                       A.C. Massey
  Lewellyn, Jess & Ann                                                             Dollarhide Family
Simmons, Wilma                                    Anniversary Honors             Janet Massey
  Beavers, Gene & Joyce                A.C. & Janet Massey (37th)                  Dollarhide Family
  Hartin, Hubert & Walterrene           Dollarhide Family                        Chloe Smith (Born 9–19–07)
Smith, Nancy                           Roy & Jettie Vincent (50th)                 Dollarhide Family
  Cruse, Robert & Shirlee               Arterburn, alma                          Wayne Truitt
Smith, Paul                             Carroll, Mary                              Lewellyn, Jess & Ann
  Robinson, Guy & Yvonne
Stout, V.L.                                                             Memorials & Honors
  Bishop, Faye                                                     August 1 to November 27, 2007
Stringer, Jeff
  Wasner, Hans & Mary
Taylor, Vicki
  Middleton, Bob & Lavelle
                                             WHY I GO TO MISSION PRINTING
  Savage, Jerome & Leah                                     By Ryan Honeycutt (16 years old)
Vincent, Roy Jr.                                          University Church of Christ (Tyler, TX)
  Wilkin, Deborah
Warner, Glen
  Caskey, Louise                        James 2:18 – “But someone will           I have also gotten closer to the
Wheeler, Calel                          say, ‘You have faith, and I have         others   from    the    University
  Tarver, Cleo & Judy                   works.’ Show me your faith               congregation who help in this
White, Charles
  Thornton, Charles & Norma
                                        without your works and I will            work, as well as the people who
Wiggins, Jay                            show you my faith by my works.”          work there on a daily basis.
  Cotham, Perry
Womack, Winnie
                                        As Christians we are commanded           I have found that our work is
  Vincent, Roy & Jettie
Worley, Bob                             to spread the gospel to everyone         balanced with conversations and
  Hinson, John & Pat                    who will hear. Mission Printing          jokes. Out of the 9 hours I spend
  Tarver, Cleo & Judy                   helps us do just that. I can do my       on the third Tuesdays at Mission
                                        job, or at least part of it, with the    Printing, I wouldn't take a second
                                        company of my friends and family         of it back.
                                        in Christ.

                                      Notice for Anyone with
                                American Airlines Frequent Flier Miles
 On December 15, American Airlines, among others, voided any frequent flier miles that had not been active in the
 past 18 months (June 16, 2006). If you have frequent flier miles and they are about to expire or you aren't going
 to use them, we would like you to consider transferring them to Mission Printing. They will be listed as active upon
 the transfer. Mission Printing can use these miles to visit many of the mission points throughout the world in which
 our material is distributed. We would be more than happy to accept your unwanted frequent flier miles anytime
 they come available. Don't let this valuable resource go to waste.

 If you have any questions or you want to transfer frequent flier miles, please contact:
        Richard Renfro
        Mission Printing, Board of Trustees member
        Belt Line Church of Christ, elder
        (972) 790-8606 (church office)

                                               PLEASE NOTE
  If you are not on our regular mailing list and you make a memorial donation, you will receive the issue
  of the newsletter in which your memorial appears. If you wish to continue receiving the newsletter, please let
  Mission Printing know by contacting Mary Carroll. If we do not hear from you, your name will be removed from
  the mailing list. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. We are attempting to reduce any
  expense that is not needed. Thank you for your support and prayers.

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