Ernest Bevin College by 2K152b


									                                        Ernest Bevin College
                                      Main Scale Teaching Post
                            Personal Specification – Teacher of Chemistry

Reporting To      :         Head of Department

     CRITERIA                         ESSENTIAL                                   DESIRABLE
QUALIFICATIONS           QTS                                         Further accredited study

EXPERIENCE               Varied and successful teaching              Experience in more than one school
                          experience of teaching Science across
                          11-16 range
KNOWLEDGE AND            An excellent classroom practitioner         Ability to monitor, review and evaluate
SKILLS                   A thorough understanding of current          the work of the College against
                          developments and initiatives in 11-19        OFSTED criteria
PERSONAL                 Energy, enthusiasm and stamina              Flexibility and determination
QUALITIES AND            Loyalty to the College
CHARACTERISTICS        Ability to work under pressure, meet
                        deadlines, and establish positive
                        relationships with students, parents,
                        staff and outside agencies
                       Excellent health, punctuality and
                        attendance record
                       Commitment to the promotion of equal
                       Ability to make positive contributions
                        towards College improvement
SPECIFIC TO THE        Contribute to the development of
POST                     Science courses and schemes of work
                       To use student data to plan lessons to
                         meet the needs of the students
                       To mark and assess pupils’ work and to
                        record their development, progress and
                       To develop effective teaching and
                        learning strategies to raise attainment
                       To monitor the progress of students
                       To maintain an attractive and
                        stimulating classroom environment,
                        and to contribute to displays in the
                        college as a whole.
                       To use ICT and in particularly Fronter
                        in raising the quality of teaching and
                        learning in Science
                       To take part in whole-college reviews of
                        policy and aims, and in the revision of
                        formulation of guidelines.
                       To contribute to extra – curricular
                        activities beyond the school day

May 2012

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