cover letter by 1wb4rf04


									John Curley
7564 Alex Ct
Freeland, MI 48623
August 5, 2009

To whom it may concern;

I am writing in response to your advertisement for a lab technician. It would be a pleasure
to meet with you so that I might demonstrate how my abilities fit your needs precisely.

As you’ll see from the enclosed resume, I am proficient in a variety of areas of chemistry
and mathematics as well as computer software programs including Microsoft Word and
Excel. I am familiar with chemical lab analysis and safety procedures and the use of
personal protective equipment.

What my resume does not reveal is my professional demeanor and determination. In a
business environment, these qualities are of the utmost importance in ensuring the
success of any project. In me, you’ll discover a reliable, detail-oriented, and extremely
hard-working individualone who will serve as a model to encourage other staff
members to demonstrate the same high standard of professionalism.

If you will contact me at either (989) 573-8059 or (517) 605-1654, we can schedule an
appointment. I am open for any travel or relocation that a job may require.


John Curley

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