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Julius Caesar- Quest Review


									Julius Caesar- Quest
 Multiple Choice and Matching
              Act I- Questions
1.   Why do Marullus and Flavius want to drive the
     commoners from the street?
2.   What else do Marullus and Flavius do to further
     hinder the celebration of Caesar’s victory?
3.   How does Marcus Brutus feel about Caesar? What
     does Brutus think of Caesar’s rise to power? Use
     specific lines from the play to support your
4.   Brutus says. “For let the gods so speed me as I
     love/ The name of honor more than I fear death.”
     What do these lines imply about Brutus’s most
     important value in life?
     Act I- Questions continued
1.   What stories does Cassius tell Brutus of
2.   What is Caesar’s opinion of Cassius? Why does
     he feel this way?
3.   How many times was Caesar offered a
     coronet, or small crown?
4.   What was Caesar’s reaction, according to
5.   What does Cassius plan to do to convince
     Brutus to conspire against Caesar?
6.   What unusual events occur during the storm?
             Act II- Questions
1.   Why doesn’t Brutus want to murder Mark
2.   Why does Brutus finally decide to go against
     Caesar with Cassius? What draws him to do
3.   Why does Brutus say it isn’t a good idea to
     involve Cicero?
4.   What are the conspirators getting ready to do
     at the end of scene 1?
5.   What is Brutus’s opinion of the conspirators
     hiding their faces?
     Act II Questions continued
1.   Why was Portia wondering if Caesar had
     made it to the Capitol?
2.   Why does Portia think Brutus is sick?
3.   How does Portia convince Brutus to
     confess his secret to her? What are the
     steps she goes through?
4.   What did Calpurnia see in her dream?
5.   How did Decius persuade Caesar to go to
     the Capitol?
     Act II- Questions continued
6. What does Decius claim will be the response at
   the Capitol if Caesar does not come?
7. Who else besides Calpurnia advises Caesar to
   not go to the Capitol on the Ides of March?
8. Why does the soothsayer want to speak to
   Caesar alone?
9. Why does Caesar not fear the omens?

10. Who does Artemidorus think is conspiring
   against Caesar?
             Act III- Questions
   What roles do the following characters play in
    the conspiracy?- Trebonius, Metellus Cimber,
   Where does Caesar’s dead body lie?
   What does Brutus tell the conspirators to do
    after killing Caesar?
   What are the main points of Antony’s speech to
    Caesar’s body?
   According to Brutus’s speech to the commoners,
    what reasons does he give for Caesar’s death?
     Act III- Questions continued
   What has Caesar bequeathed in his will?
   What restrictions does Brutus set for
    Antony’s speech?
   How does the crowd react to Antony’s
           Act IV- Questions
1.   What is Antony’s opinion of Lepidus?
2.   Why does Brutus suggest that he and
     Cassius talk inside the tent?
3.   Why is Cassius mad at Brutus?
4.   What does Brutus accuse Cassius of?
5.   How does Portia die?
6.   What unexpected visitor does Brutus see
     when everyone else is asleep? What
     message does this visitor give Brutus?
             Act V- Questions
   About what do Antony and Octavius
   What is significant about this day for
    Cassius- other than it being his birthday?
   What two things does Brutus say he will
    never do, even if he loses the war?
   How does Cassius die?
       Character Information
 Know the main action of each character
  from your “Character Tracking Sheet”
 If there is a famous quote, be able to
  identify who said that line
 Example: “Et tu Brute?”- Julius Caesar
 Know the relationships between the
  various characters (Who is married; who
  are the conspirators, etc.)

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