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									                                                                                                           AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd
                                                                                                                   PO Box 4, Thornton
                                                                                                                 Lancashire, FY5 4QD
                                                                                                            Telephone: (01253) 861800
                                                                                                                  Fax: (01253) 861950

                                                                   AGC CHEMICALS EUROPE, LTD
                                                                   SHE POLICY STATEMENT
“AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd will ensure that all its activities are conducted safely; the health of its
employees, its customers and the public will be protected; environmental performance will meet
contemporary requirements, ensuring whenever possible Best Available Techniques (BAT) are applied to
minimise environmental impact of its activities, whilst ensuring operations will be run in a manner
acceptable to the local community".

The application of this policy will be a prime consideration in the management of all AGC Chemicals
Europe, Ltd. Safety, Health and the Environment will have the highest priority throughout our activities, and
the efforts of all employees, individually and in teams, will be valued as essential to the success of our
business. In particular, AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd will:

                   Comply with relevant laws and regulations and voluntary agreements, and take any additional
                    measures considered necessary, where products are manufactured, distributed, sold or disposed.

                   Set demanding targets and measure progress to ensure continuous improvement in safety, health
                    and environmental protection.

                   Require every member of staff to exercise responsibility in preventing harm to themselves, others
                    and the environment, and enable them to contribute to every aspect of safety, health and
                    environmental protection.

                   Manufacture only those products which assist in conserving the environment and lead to
                    sustainable development and seek to develop new or modified products, which assist in
                    conserving the environment and lead to sustainable development.

                   Provide appropriate safety, health and environmental training and information for all our staff,
                    contractors and others who work with us, handle our products, or operate our technologies.

                   Communicate openly on the nature of our activities and report progress on our safety, health and
                    environmental performance.

                   The Environmental Management System (EMS) will comply with the requirements of the ISO14001:
                    2004 standard.

                   Promote the interchange of safety, health and environmental information and technology
                    throughout the Asahi Glass Group and appropriate Trade Associations, and make our expertise and
                    knowledge available to relevant statutory authorities.

                   This policy is displayed at locations within the AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd business and will be
                    made publicly available via the AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd website.

                   This policy and related objectives and targets will be reviewed by senior management to ensure
                    the operation of AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd compliance with this policy is maintained as
                    determined by the Environmental Management System Procedures.

                                                                             Hiroyuki OKUNO
                                                                            Chairman & C.E.O.
                                                                         AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd
                                                                              October 2007

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