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									        Texas Medical Rangers

   “During Emergencies, We’re

Contributing to the Volunteer Solution for Preparedness
   A few critically important questions:

If a terrorist attack, disaster or other large scale
public health emergency happens in Texas…

          Who will be there to help?
          Who will treat those affected?
          Will there be enough people to respond
              Preparing for Disasters

•   Plans – planning for disaster response
•   People – detecting personnel gaps & filling them
•   Products – obtaining equipment, supplies, facilities
•   Practice – for individuals and teams
     Types of Agents/Casualties
    Weapon             Potential            Duration
Chemical (Nerve)         100’s             hours/days

   Biological       100’s to 10,000’s    weeks/months

Radiation – Dirty        100’s           Hours/delayed
    Nuclear            100,000’s        Immediate/months

   Explosive          10’s to 100’s      Immediate/days
             WHO Model
   Biologic Attack: City of 1,000,000

 Agent      Number of   Deaths   Incapacitated
            People at
Anthrax      180,000    95,000      30,000

 Plague      100,000    44,000      36,000

Tularemia    180,000    30,000      95,000
    15 Kiloton “Hiroshima”
   Homemade Terrorist Bomb
New York City

Population: 8 million (1.5 million Manhattan)
Dead: 1,000,000
Injured: 1,000,000
   Pandemic Flu Outbreak

• If H5N1 Virus mutates and human to
  human contagion results, the health
  care system may be overwhelmed
• Alternate treatment sites and
  quarantine centers may be needed
• Texas Medical Rangers will likely help
  staff them
  The Texas Medical Rangers

• Responded to
  Hurricanes Katrina
  and Rita
• The Houston Medical
  Response Group was
  active at the
  Astrodome and at
  George R. Brown
  Convention Center
The Houston Medical Response
 Group Responded through the
  UT School of Public Health
Along with other volunteers, we did
     cot to cot health surveys
Helping Avoid a Diarrhea Epidemic
We made new friends
while helping others…
 And worked beside noted
scientists at the same time.
     Texas Medical Rangers

          Our Mission Is
To Serve the people of Texas by
•providing volunteer medical expertise,
•health service support during public
health emergencies or disasters
•Inside Texas
•at the call of the Governor.
  Texas Medical Rangers

 The Medical Reserve Corps
  of the Texas State Guard

Teams of organized, specially-trained
volunteers from all health-related fields,
including support skills, with verified
• Physicians
• Nurses
• EMT’s
• Mental Health Professionals
• Dentists
• Pharmacists
• Medical, Public Health, and Nursing
• Non-medical support personnel
  One Training Project
Was Operation Lone Star
in the Rio Grande Valley
 Providing Care to the Uninsured
While Building Skills and Teamwork
 Three or more days of optional,
volunteer duty in the summer as a
      Texas Medical Ranger
   Health Professionals and
Health Careers Students Helping
         Texas Medical Rangers
Part of U.S. Surgeon General’s network of Medical
Reserve Corps volunteer organizations.

 •   We work only for the Governor of Texas
 •   N0T subject to authority of U.S. President.
 •   Available for missions only within Texas.
 •   Available for missions expected to last a few
     days to a few weeks.
         Texas Medical Rangers
(Characteristics Cont’d)

  • No weapons or equipment.
  • Just good people willing to be ready to give a
    little of their time.
  • We provide ‘Surge Responders’ in emergencies
  • If a Texas Medical Ranger is called to duty, the
    Ranger can decline the mission.
  • We drill one Saturday morning per month
          Texas Medical Rangers
(Characteristics Cont’d)
  • We wear the State Guard uniform.
  • When on a state active duty official mission.
    – Texas HB 9 signed into law, effective 22 June
      2003, provides immunity from civil liability.
    – State Guard worker’s compensation.
    – Your ‘day job’ is protected (with or without pay).
    – At Health Science Centers (state employees on
      duty keep benefits and coverage).
                  Texas Medical Rangers
------------------------------------------Texas Military Forces-----------------------------------

          TEXAS ARMY                                                TEXAS AIR
        NATIONAL GUARD                                           NATIONAL GUARD

                                     TEXAS STATE GUARD

A Recent Mission
  January 2006
Rabies Suppression in the Rio
       Grande Valley
 Veterinarians and Support
Personnel Dropped Bait with
And made good memories
  while helping Texans
     Texas Medical Rangers
                 Our Goals
• To grow to about 2,000 members [now 350]
• To be written into response plans by state
  and local authorities
• To participate in local training
• To provide active programs to train others
• To provide care at community events
     Texas Medical Rangers
      We provide SURGE Responders
•   Help Staff or Manage Acute Care Centers
•   Augment TSDHS and Local Clinics
•   Help Staff Emergency Operation Centers
•   Help Staff Medical Question Call Centers
•   Help Staff Mass Vaccination / Antibiotic Sites
•   Assist with Strategic National Stockpile
•   Assist with Mass Triage
•   Provide Emergency Veterinary Response
•   Provide Mental Health Counseling
               Key Points

• We are ‘second’ or ‘third’ responders ----
  not first responders.
• We serve only INSIDE the State of Texas
• Individual Rangers decide which missions
  each will respond to.
• We drill one Saturday morning per month
           Typical Missions

• Operation Lone Star in the Rio Grande
  Valley each year
• Medical support to the Multiple Sclerosis
  Society 150 Mile Bike Ride - Houston to
• Rabies Suppression
• Preparing to assist Texans in case of
  disaster or weapons of mass destruction
Helping fight Multiple Schlerosis
 Medical Support to the MS
Houston to Austin Bicycle Ride
13,000 Riders Travel 150 Miles
       over Two Days
    Some Riders are Injured –
and Texas Medical Rangers Assist
     Texas Medical Rangers
Help Riders Finish the Charity Ride
•Volunteer Locally – via the Harris
County Medical Reserve Corps

•Volunteer Statewide – via the Texas
Medical Rangers

•Or even Volunteer Nationwide or
Internationally – via the Texas National
Guard – [Our sister service]
Texas Medical Rangers

 Presentation of Texas Medical Rangers Colors
                March 20, 2004
          Texas Medical Rangers
               “During Emergencies,
                    We’re There”

Phone    713-857-3823 – Lt. Col. Robert Morecook

       Or come to any meeting as a Visitor

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