free dj beat making software by prempeh92


									           Sick of listening to other people's music?
Feeling the urge to make your own, yet maybe you are not sure how to
begin? Well, ladies and gentleman, the Doctor has entered the stratosphere.

Dr Drum beat making software is so huge, so phenomenally epic, that
nothing less that a cosmic landscape could contain the awesomeness that is
Dr Drum.

Other beat making programs have few problems in common. They all
feature built in sound samples that sound like they belong in a bad retro
video game. Nobody wants to play their beats to someone, only to hear them
say, that sounds like it should be in a video game.

They are always referencing games from the 80s, with a few beeps here and
there followed by a pause or two. Other beat making software leaves you
alone to figure out the mess of controls and options, with cryptic ways of
getting even the simplest of things done.

They also tend to focus too strongly on creating an MP3, which compresses
the sound quality so much that any other work done to it simply destroys the
tracks entire essence. This is not saying that MP3s are bad. They are
wonderful, as a final solution.

Dr Drum exports to .wav files, keeping the original quality without reducing
the sound through layers and layers of unnecessary compression. Save the
MP3 for the final, finished version, and save on the stress by using the Dr
Drum.Dr Drum is a one of a kind beat making tool.

The built in sound samples are true, professional quality sounds. The user
interface is meticulously designed to be easy, intuitive, and friendly. There
are no cryptic settings or 10 step processes to get a simple beat laid down.

In fact, Dr Drum makes it so easy to make beats, that you will have your
first hip hop, techno, dubstep or dance beat made within minutes of using the
software! Seriously! Even if you have never used any professional music
making software before, you will be able to jump right in, and make some
tight beats.

Listen to the music YOU made, driving in your car. When people ask you,
"Hey, who are you listening to?", just reply.... Myself. Make it happen for
yourself, you know you deserve it. The doctor knows you do, too. Dr Drum
is waiting...



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