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									                                                  Athletic Training, Fitness Specialist, or
                Major at Dean:
                                                            Physical Education
        Possible Transfer Majors                               What will I study?
Major at Dean: Athletic Training
                                                      Athletic Training majors will learn about common
                                                       sports injuries, treatment, rehabilitation, and
                                                       prevention techniques while increasing their
      Athletic Training
                                                       understanding of human anatomy and
                                                       physiology, nutrition, and equipment

                                                      Exercise Science majors will study the anatomy,
                                                       physiology, and biochemistry of human
      Exercise Science
                                                       movement. Students will learn how to apply this
                                                       knowledge toward rehabilitation services.

                                                      Kinesiology is the study of human anatomy,
      Kinesiology
                                                       physiology and movement.

                                                      Sports medicine majors will study human
      Sports Medicine                                 anatomy and physiology, nutrition, counseling
                                                       methods, and clinical management.

Major at Dean: Fitness Specialist

                                                      Health majors study health and illness from a
      Health Education
                                                       chemical, psychological, sociological, and
       - Healthcare, community/public agencies,
                                                       anthropological perspective. Health majors study
       businesses, schools (Pre-K-12) and
                                                       ideas of illness, health, cultural practices, public
       institutions of
                                                       concerns, and laws that surround health and
       higher education

                                                      Recreation and Leisure Studies focus on
                                                       learning about sports, how sports organizations
      Recreation and Leisure Studies
                                                       function and important physiological affects of
                                                       sport/exercise in the body.

                                                      Recreational Therapists use recreational and
                                                       other activities as treatment interventions to
      Recreational Therapy
                                                       improve the lives of persons with physical,
                                                       mental, emotional, and/or social disadvantages.
                                                              Sports studies is the interdisciplinary study of
                                                               sport and exercise. It deals with improving
                                                               human performance, prevention and
       Sports Studies                                         management of chronic disease through
                                                               exercise, theory and practice of coaching, and
                                                               the social, cultural, and political aspects of sport
                                                               and exercise.

Major at Dean: Physical Education

                                                              Physical Education is for students who want to
                                                               teach elementary or high school physical
                                                               education classes. Students in this study how the
       Physical Education                                     human body is affected by exercise and sports
                                                               as well as teaching strategies such as curriculum
                                                               design and lesson planning.

Major at Dean: Personal Trainer

This degree program is designed for the students who want to go directly to work after earning their Associates
Degree. Some students are choosing to go on to massage therapy school so that they can increase the number of
services they provide for their clients.

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