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Hiding Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint


									                  Hiding Slides in PowerPoint 2007

First, click on View.
Under the Presentations
View group, click on
Slide Sorter.

             Here we can quickly see which slides we would like to display or hidden. For my example I’ve
             highlighted slides 7-13 as slides that I would like to hide during my PowerPoint quiz.

                                                                                        After you’ve surveyed
                                                                                        your slides, click on
                                                                                        Slide Show. Under the
                                                                                        Set up group, click Set
                                                                                        Up Slide Show.
The Set Up Show
window will appear.

                 Under the Show Slides group uncheck all and choose from. Now in the
                 From drop down menu choose the presentations start and ending points.
                 (The process is similar to selecting the page range when printing).

                 When you are done click OK and test your presentation. Only the slides you
                 chose to show should appear.

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