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How are products made in the
 What is Quality Assurance
    and Quality Control?
Methods of manufacturing
   One off production – only making one item to the
    customers specification ie. Wedding cake.
   Batch production – making identical products when a
    certain quantity is required. 1000 cheese pasties
    followed by 1000 ham and onion pasties. Products can
    be made according to demand.
   Mass production – the process is divided into stages.
    Workers learn the part of the manufacturing process
    and become very skilled. The production line can be
    varied from day to day. E.g. Vanilla Swiss Roll
   Continuous production – A production line is set up and
    produces good continuously, often 24 hrs a day and 7
    days a week – e.g. coca cola cans
Pasta Manufacture
 Mass production
Pasta Manufacture
 Mass Production
      How can a factory maintain quality?

   Quality Assurance – this is
    concerned with the overall
    standard of quality of the
    factory processes. It involves
    everyone in the business, from
    lab technicians to clerical staff.
    It should include:-
       • Raw material specifications
       • Suitability of the suppliers
       • Recipe information
       • Manufacturing methods
       • In-put, process specifications and
           feedback for control
       •   Appropriate storage
       •   Distribution and recall control
    Quality Control
   This is part of the quality assurance.
    It involves sampling and testing a
    product as it is being made, to
    ensure it fits within the designated
    tolerances. QC can take the form
         • Weight checks- under or over-weights are
         • Visual checks for checking condition of
           food, seal etc.
         • Computer monitoring for colour / shape
         • Organoleptic – tasting and smelling, sensory
           testing on delivery and final product.
         • Inspection for quality to match the
         • Chemical analysis – samples tested for
             chemical contamination and nutritional
         •   Microbiological analysis – testing for
         •   Temperature – at various stages from
             delivery to cooking temperatures, often
             using probes.
         •   Metal detectors – identify any metal from
             machinery etc.
   TQM – Total Quality Management
   JIT - Just in time stock control
      TQM                         JIT
      This involves all           This is a system
       workers in the quality       which orders stock to
       assurance                    arrive for when and
       procedures. Each             where it is needed.
       stage of the                It prevents the
       manufacturing                unnecessary use of
       process is checked by        storage space and
       the next section on          staff required to
       the line.                    monitor the safe
                                    storage of
      Exam Questions
   Describe (giving reasons )your choice
    of method for the manufacture of
    Ravioli. 6 marks
   Describe 3 quality control checks
    which would be carried out during
    production. 3 marks
   Explain Write a definition of TQM and
    JIT 4marks.

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