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					Monday Nov. 6, 2006
Early Bird 6:30-7:00 Lighthouse Walk. A fun walk across the Rockland
breakwater before breakfast. Dress warm, learn some history and take a walk with
Maine Guide Gary Spinney.

Breakfast         7:00-8:15

8:30 – Announcements, schedule changes etc.
Welcome from Kris Grant, MAHPERD President, Richard Fopeano, EDA President, Kathy Wilbur,
                           AAHE President, DE Raynes, NASPE
9:00- Keynote Fred Schafer aka FitFood Dude
                    “Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Healthiness”
   Discover how you can permanently become a More Fully Alive, Higher Performing,
   Lean, Fat-Incinerating, Anti-Aging, Better Looking, Wellness Machine! This session is
   high energy and encourages each of us to become better role models and to
   personally enjoy the benefits of a dynamic Fitness, Health and Wellness Lifestyle.
   Certified personal fitness trainer, School Nutrition Director, author and nationally
   recognized transformational speaker will educate, entertain and encourage you to live
   better, live longer, dream bigger and grow stronger.

   Silent Auction on Monday immediately following the
   Awards Dinner. Check out some of the items in your
   conference packet!!

Session 5 10:15-11:15

   The Kids First School-Based Wellness Model         All
Presenters: Regis Tremblay, Center for Kids First, Marilyn Gugliucci,UNE
Presider: Deb Smith, South Portland Rec
Location: Ebb Tide Room
The Center for KIDS First and the University of New England have become partners in the
implementation of an innovative process that integrates a comprehensive Wellness Model
in Schools. The model is based upon multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary participation as
well as partnerships in the local community. The model provides breakthrough lifelong
behavior modification and education for children, parents, teachers, school administrators
and surrounding communities to reinforce good health in our children while reducing
obesity and inactivity.
   Team Up For Success       APE
Presenters: Andrea Lee, Allison Berube, MSAD #22
Presider: Merita McKenzie, Lyseth School
Location: Monhegan Room
Adapted Physical Education Teachers, Physical Education Teachers, Physical
Therapists and Educational Technician's as professionals can share in supporting
our students’ goals. By working as a team, we can offer support to students
throughout their school day. Physical development can happen in every aspect
of life. This session will discuss how all the members of the team can use their
special skills to achieve students’ maximal physical potential. Please join us!

   Physical Education ToolKit         PE
          (Repeat session)
Presenter: Liz Giles Brown, South Bristol School
Presider: Sue Beaudet, UMPI
Location: Schooner Room
The Physical Education Assessment Toolkit is a new resource for physical education
teachers published by Human Kinetics. The main goal of the resource is to provide
teachers with meaningful yet practical ways of assessing learning in physical education and
to help students become more cognizant of their learning and accomplishments. All
assessments were designed with today's busy teachers in mind. Just by filling in a
reproducible form, included in the book as well as on the accompanying CD-ROM, you
can customize many of the assessments for virtually any unit in physical education. This
session will be presented by the author and will provide participants with many ways in
which the book and CD can be used.

  Dynamic Dialogues: Promoting Sexual Health in Your School And
Community H
Presenter: Sandy Lovell, Family Planning Association of Maine
Location: Penobscot Bay Room
Are you one of those people who care about the sexual health of the young people in
your community, but aren’t sure what to do or say? This workshop offers an opportunity
to review the rational for a comprehensive approach to sexuality education and view the
new 12 ½ minute video, Plain Truth for Maine Youth- the perfect advocacy tool to get
the conversation going!

   Horton Hears A Who            PE
Presenter: Dr. Cucina, Plymouth State University
Presider: Bruce Jones, Bowdoinham
Location: Rockland Room
Participants will investigate how to integrate physical activity using literature.
A variety of Dr. Seuss books will be used to demonstrate how students can use
movement to enhance their literacy. A packet of activities will be shared with
participants. This is an activity based session.

    Mission: Movement! An Elementary Introduction To Fitness PE
Presenter: Diana Demetrius, Mapleshade Elementary
Presider: Carolyn Gross, MSAD#6
Location: Rockport Room
Experience a simple way to teach your students fitness components.
Participants will be exposed to flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and
cardiorespiratory endurance in a station format. While there is no formal
fitness testing, there will be sample cognitive, motor skill, and goal-setting
assessments provided during this participation/demonstration session.

    Teaching Students To Create An Action Packed Dance             D
Presenters: Gretchen Berg, Gwyneth Jones, Bowdoin College
Presider: Erma Colvin, MSAD#28
Location: Camden
In this session participants will learn to teach their students how to make their own action
packed movement duets. Participants create an original group piece during this hour. This
session is designed for all kinds of movers!

    Experiential Activities For the MS/HS Health Education: Making The
Classroom Come Alive             H
Presenter: Dr. Fopeano, EDA President, Rowan University
Presider: Deborah Ziobron, Leonard MS
Location: Owl’s Head Room
Involving students in the learning experience in the classroom is a challenge for
all teachers. This session will address the theory of experiential learning and
will demonstrate a number of proven activities that can be integrated into class
instruction. Attendees will be encouraged to participate!

    Phitness Technology       PE (This is a drop in session all day Monday)
Presenter: Wayne Martin, Windham HS
Presider: Wayne Martin, Windham HS
Location: Spruce Head Room
Come see what the buzz is all about! Educators will have the opportunity to try
the latest in Physical Education Technology in an all-day exhibit. Cateye
Gamebikes, DDR Dance Revolution, Polar Heart Rate Monitors & TriFit
Evaluation, Pedometers, etc…. Representatives from PolarUSA and Workout
Fitness will be available to answer any questions. Sign up for the ATV Off Road
Fury Racing Challenge! There will also be a web-based station for educators to
research the latest in physical education technology.

 11:15-11:45 Snack Break in the Exhibit Hall Sponsored by Jump and
                          Hoops for Heart

Session 6       11:45-12:45

   Phitness Technology Con’t             PE

   Grant Writing For MAHPERD Grants              ALL
Presenter: Dr. Butterfield, UM
Location: Ebb Tide Room
This session will deal specifically with writing a successful MAHPERD grant
proposal. Bring a copy of your grant if you have started to write one or get ideas
how to write one.

   Bicycle Safety in the Elementary Classroom and After School
Programming    H/PE
Presenter: Deborah Ladner, Bicycle Coalition of Maine
Presider: Judy Ingram, Retired
Location: Monhegan Room
Learn of the free program available to teach elementary students bike riding
safety skills including the “A, B, C’s “ of checking bikes for safety and “Eyes,
Ears, Mouth” of helmet fit. Also, take charge of a free 6 week after school bike
program targeted for middle school youth.

   Thoroughbreds Don’t Eat Twinkies              H
Presenter: Fred Schafer aka FitFood Dude
Presider: Dave Norwood, Knowlton Elementary
Location: Schooner Room
 Avoid being “put out to pasture”! We need the right training & fuel to win the race at
work and in life. In this revolutionary session, discover methods that will help you harness
improved health, appearance and energy. Tomorrow you’ll be equipped to hurdle the
stress, fatigue and time challenges in your life in a simpler and more effective way than
you ever thought possible.

    Brain Injury Awareness 101                H
 Presenter: Kristie LeBlanc, Brain Injury Association of Maine
 Presider: Katharyn Zwicker, Maine Injury Prevention
 Location: Penobscot Bay Room
This session will provide information about traumatic brain injury. The “normal”
workings of the brain will be discussed and changes that emerge after a brain
injury summarized. This session will include information about concussion as a
brain injury and the importance of rest.

    Percussion For All           PE/D
Presenter: Dr. Cucina, Plymouth State University
Presider: Michele Danois, Yarmouth Elementary
Location: Rockland Room
STOMP the exploration of rhythm in everyday things. According to the creators
of Stomp, it is a marriage of movement and music, where both create and
enhance each other. Come and explore this rhythmic style of movement as it has
been used with middle school students (grades 5-8). All grade levels can
participate in a unit of Stomp. Set patterns will be shared with participants
that were designed by middle school students. Participants, who would like a
copy of the music used, should bring a blank CD to the session. This is an
activity-based session.

    Teaching Students To Create An Action Packed Dance             D
Presenters: Gretchen Berg, Gwyneth Jones, Bowdoin College
Presider: Erma Colvin, MSAD#28
Location: Camden
In this session participants will learn to teach their students how to make their own action
packed movement duets. Participants create an original group piece during this hour. This
session is designed for all kinds of movers!

    Rolling Your Way to Better Performance                   H/PE
Presenter: Jon Floyd, Tim Drown, Building Champions
Presider: Carolyn Gross, MSAD #6
Location: Owls Head Room
Discover how this revolutionary approach of training can increase the
effectiveness of your pre-activity, pre-exercise movement prep/dynamic warm-
up enabling you to move more effectively, powerfully and more efficiently. Learn
how to use tennis balls, foam rollers and other types of balls as part of a warm-
up to increase flexibility, mobility and muscle function.

   What is Aspegers and How Can I Help? APE
Presenter: Maureen Dow, Kids On The Move
Location: Rockport Room
What is Aspergers and how can you help children in a classroom and/or physical
education setting. Learn how you can help yourself understand and help families
deal with a variety of resources available to them.

Lunch 12:45-1:30

Student Lunch…A “no cost” taco lunch to college/university
students in the Marcel’s Restaurant with previous
Outstanding Future Professional Erin Schloeman

                    The Theme Baskets are Back!!!
                Tickets available $1.00 or 6 for $5.00

Session 7         1:30-2:30

    Phitness Technology Con’t                  PE

    The Need For Netzsmart         H
Presenter: Seth Blodgett, Office of the Attorney General
Location: Ebb Tide Room
Almost one in five (19 percent) of the young Internet users surveyed received unwanted
sexual solicitation in the past year. Three percent of youth received an aggressive
solicitation involving offline contact or attempts or requests for offline contact. Internet
safety is an extension of personal safety. This session is designed to inform the participants
of threats that exist to our children on the Internet and steps that should be taken to
ensure the Internet is a safe place for our children to have fun and learn.

     Inhalant Abuse..It’s Right Under Your Nose          H
Presenter: Rebecca Miller, Northern New England Poison Center
Presider: Shelley Maxfield, Telstar MS
Location: Monhegan Room
What is inhalant abuse? Many people do not understand what this means. Inhalant Abuse
is the intentional sniffing of chemicals to get high. Who is doing it? Our children, teens
and young adults. The first time inhaling a chemical could be the last time. Find out what
inhalant abuse is, what to look for and prevention strategies.

     The World Of Dance Through a “non-dancers” Perspective PE
Presenter: Helen Sherman, Oak Hill HS
Location: Penobscot Bay Room
Dance a physical education elective for Juniors and Seniors at Oak Hill High School. This
highly popular class of “non-dancers” produces an annual dance show that draws over 600
each year to see the classes’ final exam. Each show is centered through a thematic style
approach. The fun, excitement and learning is incredible.

Dance to the sounds of Rog and Ray. Wear your Hawaiian
shirt!! 9:00-12:00 PM

     Maine Learning Results: Proposed 2007 Revisions            PE
Presenter: Denise Preisser, PEC
Location: Schooner Room
This session will share with participants the revisions made to the MLR by the
Revisions Task Force. This task force reviewed results from Survey Monkey
that many practitioners completed in spring 2006, as well as solicited input from
other specialists to create the proposed revisions. This session will allow groups
“work time” to become familiar with the revisions, as well as provide feedback
to the DOE in regards to technical assistance needed for full implementation if
adopted in January.

     Beach Volleyball: A Snapshot of the Volleyball Skill Theme With a Twist
Presenter: Diana Demetrius, Mapleshade Elementary
 Location: Rockland Room
We will journey through the Volleying skill theme in an attempt to reach the
 utilization level/game play stages. The set and forearm passes will be the key to earning
 net play – all with beach balls and modified nets. Organization and assessment ideas will
 be shared.

     Super Games, Super Balls PE/R
 Presenter: Mario Demers, Omnikin
 Presider: Michele Danois, Yarmouth Elementary
 Location: Rockport Room
 New Omnikin all sport balls: New games with big football named Super ball…accessible
 games always in action! Activities with 6 balls, 6 colors, 6 teams that include cooperation,
 competition and coordination. Team games with a large basketball that making learning
 the skills easier!!

     White Water Canoeing         PE/R
 Presenter: Mark Savage Brewer HS
 Presider: Cindy Porter-McLaughlin, Brewer HS
 Location: North Samoset Room
 Come gain ideas of how to get your students involved in a very exciting lifetime
 sport. We will give you suggestions for how to get started, some of the concepts
 you need to cover and how to teach participants basic skills that may improve
 their own white water experiences. This will be a very interactive and fun
 session presented by students in Brewer High School’s outdoor education

     A Model of Experiential Learning: NH Dance Institute D
 Presenter: Wendy Dwyer, NH Dance Institute
 Presider: Erma Colvin, MSAD #28
 Location: Camden Room
  Now in its 21st year, the New Hampshire Dance Institute brings the challenge and rewards
 of dance training and performance to over 1,500 elementary and middle school children
 in southwestern NH each year through residencies and a yearlong program. The session
 will include a performance by 4-8th grade boys & girls, a demonstration of teaching
 methods and discussion of the goals and challenges of an in-school dance education

     Fit Moves For Physical Education             PE
 Presenter: Jon Floyd, Tim Drown, Building Champions
 Presider: Carolyn Gross, MSAD#6
 Location: Owls Head Room
Who needs complicated-expensive equipment? FITMOVES Circuits are a highly
effective way to combine cardio conditioning with functional strength training.
This program was developed by Juan Carlos Santana, a leading expert in the
fitness industry. This format can be utilized by an individual, a small group or
large groups. The FITMOVES Circuit can use a variety of inexpensive equipment
such as medicine balls, stability balls, dumbbells, rubber tubing etc. and training
methodologies allow unparalleled application and diversity. Learn how to enhance
motor skills and cardiovascular health, build muscle, improve flexibility and body
awareness, balance, stability, enhance postural awareness and body alignment
while having fun! Get moving-Get Fit-Get FITMOVES!

Session 8                2:45-3:45

    Phitness Technology Con’t                 PE

    A Model of Experiential Learning: NH Dance Institute D
Presenter: Wendy Dwyer, Franklin Pierce College
Presider: Erma Colvin, MSAD#28
Location: Camden Room
 Now in its 21st year, the New Hampshire Dance Institute brings the challenge and rewards
of dance training and performance to over 1,500 elementary and middle school children
in southwestern NH each year through residencies and a yearlong program. The session
will include a performance by 4-8th grade boys & girls, a demonstration of teaching
methods and discussion of the goals and challenges of an in-school dance education

    Real Life: Preventing Teen Pregnancy           H
 Presenters: Rachel Larlee, Penquis Valley HS & Students
 Presider: Katharyn Zwicker, Maine Injury Prevention
 Location: Penobscot Bay Room
In this session sophomores Erica, Christin, and Kelsey and health educator Rachel Larlee
will discuss and demonstrate the use of battery operated babies. This allows students to
have a first hand experience when dealing with teen parenthood.

   American Association Physical Activity Recreation (AAPAR)
Information Session    R
Presenter: Dr. Rick LaRue, UNE
Presider: Rick LaRue, UNE
Location: Ebb Tide Room
This session is designed to introduce participants to the Alliance’s newest
national association: Mission, Programs, Products, and Services. FACT: The
largest percentage of AAPAR members are Physical Educators!!

   Physical Best and Fitnessgram. Why is it For You? PE/H
Presenter: Dave Norwood, Knowlton Elementary
Presider: Dave Norwood, Knowlton Elementary
Location: Monhegan Room
A brief overview of the AAHPERD Physical Best Fitness education programming.
Included in this session will be an introduction to the Fitnessgram fitness
assessment software.

   What’s New in Health Education in Maine and in the Nation?                        H
Presenter: Kathy Wilbur, DOE, AAHE President
Presider: Eliza Adams, Windham MS
Location: Schooner Room
Participants will review the current version of the revised Maine Health Education
Standards and Performance Indicators and also learn about the latest information
regarding health education in the state and country.

   An Inside Look at Brewer High School’s Outdoor Ed Program PE
Presenter: Mark Savage, Cindy Porter-McLaughlin, Brewer HS
Presider: Mark Savage, Brewer HS
Location: North Samoset Room
This session will be a brief look at the program that we offer at Brewer High
School. It will include pictures of many parts of our curriculum activities and an
explanation of how this can be a achieved in the physical education program. You
can experience how students can be leaders and take pride in putting together 9
trips, 3 each session and the activities offered in these outings!

   Elementary Phys Ed Sharing              PE
Presenters: Carolyn Gross, MSAD#6, Michele Danois, Yarmouth Elementary
Presider: Carolyn Gross, MSAD #6
Location: Rockland Room
Get some new ideas for your classes as elementary physical education teachers
share what works for them. Come join and bring an idea to share. Be ready to

   Frisbee Skills, Drills And Games With a World Champion                       PE/R
Presenter: Tod Brodeur
Location: Rockport Room
An exciting, fun-filled, hands on program for all ages and
abilities. In this workshop, you will learn more than Golf and Ultimate,
along with a brief history and science of Frisbees.

    How To Run a Hoops For Heart Event                   All
Presenter: Gary Spinney, Rockport Elementary
Presider: Gary Spinney, Rockport Elementary
Location: Owls Head Room
How to run a Hoops For Heart event from start to finish. The program is
designed for your students to be successful and for them to have lots of fun.
Handouts and a gift with this session!!

Session 9                     4:00-5:00

    Phitnes Technology Con’t                  PE

    New Tools For Program Evaluation          PE
Presenter: De Raynes, AAHPERD NASPE
Location: Ebb Tide Room
Revising your curriculum? NASPE is here to tell you about CDC’s Physical Education
Curriculum Analysis Tool (PE-CAT) and the NASPE STARs Program that honors
excellence in school physical programs. These latest tools are designed to help you identify
your program’s strengths and align it with national standards for physical education. Learn
how NASPE can provide you with your own technical assistance and training.

    Fitness And Obesity PE/H
Presenter: Nicholas Lyons, Lincoln Academy
Location: Monhegan Room
This session will give an overview of the obesity epidemic. There will be
statistical information, a look from the surgeon general’s point of view,
discussion about our programs, nutrition, lifestyles and countless other aspects.
This session will also give some ideas to fix the current trends.

    Coaching Boys into Men            H/PE
Presenter: Angel Lorom, ME Coalition To End Domestic Violence
Location: Rockland Room
 The boys in your life need your time and energy. The boys you teach, coach and
 mentor. All need you to help them grow into healthy young men. Boys are
 swamped with influences outside of the home – from friends, the neighborhood,
 television, the internet, music, the movies… everything they see around them.
 They hear all kinds of messages about what it means to “be a man” – that they
 have to be tough and in control. There are numerous conflicting and some
 harmful messages being given to boys about what constitutes “being a man” in a
 relationship. This workshop will examine these issues and will assist you in
 helping them to overcome these messages.

    Using Technology in the Health Classroom          H
Presenter: Randy Hutchins, Brewer MS
Location: North Samoset Room
  Using technology to produce PSA’s. Allowing the student to produce media and
  experience media from that end. Students become more aware of how media affects them
  more clearly!

     Olympic Day In The Schools PE
  (Interdisciplinary Unit)
 Presenter: Elaine Michaud, Mountain Valley MS
 Presider: Mia Pangburn, Fort Street Elementary
 Location: Schooner Room
 From Opening Ceremonies to a full day of Athletic and Academic activities, followed by a
 touching closing ceremonies. Come and see how a full group school effort can be a very
 fun, positive experience.

     Wellness Through Champ PE
 Presenters: Rick Krammer, Darren Littlefield, Poland HS
 Location: Penobscot Bay Room
 Discussion of Wellness curriculum at Poland Regional HS that was established to integrate
 health and physical education standards in one series of courses.

     More Hiking and Striking Fun       PE
 Presenter: John Thompson, US Games
 Location: Rockport Room
   This activity-oriented session is a compilation of games and procedures from the past,
   present, and future. There will be camouflage fitness drills, Funnoodle challenges, mini-
   parachute activities and some crazy critter tricks.
   A continuation of Sunday’s presentation. You did not have had to attend Sunday’s
   presentation to attend this session.

      Square & Barn Dances For All Ages to Live Fiddling And Calls D
   Presenters: Jacqueline & Dudley Laufman, Two Fiddles
   Presider: Erma Colvin
   Location: Camden Room
   Longway dances like the Virginia Reel and square and circle dances are called by dancing
   master Dudley Laufman to live fiddle music. Dances are suitable for all ages and are
   available in his books with the calls on the CD: White Mountain Reel, or, Sweets Of May.

      I Love You Doesn’t Mean I Own You: A theatrical in-depth look at the
   dynamics and reality of Dating Violence H
   Presenter: Matthew Perry
   Presider: Kim Bartholomew, Windham HS
   Location: Owls Head Room
Come join YAAPP as they perform and introduce the audience to “Jake and
Caroline”, two high school youth who are dating. They will talk about their
relationship and the audience will watch the unhealthy choices that Jake
makes in the relationship including emotional, economical, sexual, physical and
psychological abuse. After the play, the domestic violence
advocates/educators will step out of character and talk about the dynamics
and warning signs of dating violence, how to support someone effected by
dating violence and how to hold someone accountable for their abusive

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