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					                           The Organization Committee
                      of Extreme Man greets the Competitors!

Szliczki József       Herr Évi          Herr Gyula     Beleznay Katalin Beleznay Judit      Kocsis Péter      Herr Dávid     Dr Joós Mária - registration Race director       protocol       Awarding Hungarian
                                                                                                                           Health insurance

Kovács Gábor       Balogh József      Papp József        Nagy Erika         Ludán János Menyhárt Csilla Kocsis István Beleznay László
 Swimming             Cycling        Cycling - Beleg   Cycling - Segesd       Running   Reg. Office chief Reg. Office   CET award

Huszics Klári      Huszics Zoltán Gergely Ferenc          Filó Lajos        Karászi Gabi     Sárdi Péter     Kocsis Imre   Göbölös József
c. refreshing       Main cooker    Race Center           r.refreshing         FINISH         R.C. lighting    Transport     R.C. - DEPO
         Masters of Ceremony in Ironman:
               Announcers and

               ifj.Herr Gyula,   Beleznay Katalin

Péter Attila                                        Kremmer Zoltán
                    Who takes care of Ironman OB
                      sportmanship / fair play

                       Csőgör Péter                                        Rónai Ferenc
                     Chief Race official                                 Technical delegate

 Böröczi Viktória   Vadkerti Tóth József         Tomor Miklós               Molnár Jenő         Chovanyecz Emese
Swimming session     TZ 1. session chief      Cycling session chief      TZ 2. session chief   Running session chief
                                           Members of competition jury
The offical racetime measurer team of
Ironman NC wish you a fantastic race!

      Evochip Hungary Kft.
                    Entry pack

• Race number, rubber band for fixing
• Stickers (Photo – etiquette)
  /frame, helmet/
• Swimming cap
• ”B” és „R” marked bag
Above ancle – under wetsuit
    Wear / mount your chip !
Race numbers:
Colors help you to navigate in the cycling
Transition Zone !

1-1000 individual
first time Ironman competitor *

5001 – 5045 awarded relay teams

6001 - 6145 other relay teams
        29. July (Friday)

• 14:00 – 21:00 hand out running
  shoes and things - „R” marked bag
  in Race Center
 (Town Swimming Pool,
  Changing room No. 5)
                       Swimming in mine
                      lake of Gyékényes village

40km from Nagyatád   ‫ 54٭‬minutes by car !
    Transfer buses for people
    Transport vehicles for bikes
• 5:00 Meeting at SportHall parking place
• Defensive cover for Bikeframe – by
• Please bring your bus tickets, bus drivers
  will ask
• 5:15 Departure of transfers to Gyékényes
  There is no number of people control.
• 10:30 Buses comes back from the lake
       Parking – viewers I.

• A sign for every policemen, civil
  guards, organizers, signed car belong
  to event – help to find adequate
  (defended) parking place
• You can buy it in the Ironman shop –
  300Ft/piece price – „parking ticket”
  Parking – Swimming - Gyékényes


Transition zone

                      Parking place

                                      From Nagyatád

    Parking place closed:   8:25 – 9:25
                  and 9:45-10:30
Swimming in mine lake Gyékényes

     Swimming in 2 laps !
Ú                                    S
S                                    W
Z                                    I
S     „Check    in”: 6:45 - 7:35     M
    Warming up in water until 7:35
          /Final countdown…/
Ú                                 S
S                                 W
Á                                 I
S     ÚSZÁS-SWIM                  M

Limit: 2hours 20minutes
       Until starting cycling !
                 Summary: „morning agenda”
• 5:00 Bike packing, buses arrive to SportHall parking place
            – / tickets are requested at bike transfer and people transfer /
• 5:15 Buses, bike transfer vehicles departure from SportHall
• 6:00 Gyékényes Transition Zone opens – spare wheels hand out for bike
       service car
• 6:45 – 7:35 swimming check in (Chip under the wetsuit), warming up
       possibility in water
• 7:35 „Final countdown” – finish warming up, competitors at lake side
• 7:40 Start for individual competitors – by cannon-shot
• 7:41 Relay teams’ swimmers check in, warming up possibility in water
• 7:55 Relay swimmers at lake side
• 8:55 Start for relay teams – by cannon-shot
• Viewers! Car drivers should wear white wristl band !
  Having white band, policeman gives way to Parking places to Swimming Pool
  Nagyatád town
  Please leave lake side until 8:25 or between 9:25 and 9:45 or after 10:30 !
  Buses come back to Nagyatád at 10:30 – to Atád Shopping Center
   White band
 Parking open

 Until 11:30
Closed 11:30 – 17:30

                        Parking at
                       Race Center
Cycling 180km

  Mine lake

                Race Center
B   Biking course contains railway crosses !
        Time compensation is counted, if
R          competitor stops by train.          B
     „I” mark on race number !
I                                              I
N                                              K
G                                              E
        Cycling: 180Km
R   Car driver of service van is

I   FILÓ TAMÁS 0036/30/858 9307             B
       Spare wheels can hand out at at
        entrance of Transition zone in
N               Gyékényes.                  I
    Service car cannot go through between
G   Csurgónagymarton – Ágneslak, follows
        cycling course at Iharosberény.
A                                           E
Refreshing points at Cycling:
25km, 50km, 75km ( Race Center), then in
And Race Center

At refreshing points:
         water in flask,
         SPEED in flask,

Only competitor will have new flask with refreshments,

if empty flasks are thrown out at refreshing point.
Cycling individual refreshment
                giving up option:
  In the Race Center in the dedicated area ONLY
  ( after chip carpet) only there… ! (75km, 110km, 145km)

 Increased accient risk !!!
Cycling individual refreshment

R                                              B
I                                              I
              No drafting !
N                                              K
    Suspisious case   5 minutes Stop & Go…
G           Limit: 8 hours 45 minutes          E
     Until beginning the last lap of cycling
R                                    B
         At the end of biking
I      organizers help to bring      I
        Competitors’ bicycle to
N         marked place, then         K
     every competitors have to go
G         to changing room.          E
    „R” sign plastic bag = running
A          shoes and things
F      Running: 11 x 3830 m
     Only competitor (with race    U
T    number) can run in running
Á             course.              N
    „Escorting” of competitor is
S          forbidden !!!
                      Swimming Pool      Running course in 11 laps.
                       Race Center

                      START/FINISH       11x3830m+Finish=42,195m
                      zone+ Individual

                       Keep on LEFT !

                        Refresment at 1100m

Refresment at 2700m

                                              Turning point
      On running course „Keep on
F   left” rule is in force – especially at
              refreshing points.             R
                        Which side
                         should I            U
T                         run?!

Á                                            N

             Refreshments zones:
T               At every station:

    Power-hydro (5%) in plastic cup, biscuit,   N
           glucose and water, and
           + banana in Race Center!
S   At Spa refreshing zone: + water melon
    Time limit(s) on running
      until beginng of running:

10:30 of race time (18:10 CET)
          Time Limits on running
until the beginning of running - 10:30 (18:10 CET)
                 30 minutes by lap!
            The 10th lap (before Fireworks)

 Should start at 15:00 of race time (22:40 CET) !
         Time Limit(s) on running
    Time limit is 30 minutes by lap (should start) the :

1st running lap: 10:30 (18:10 CET) , 2nd lap: 11:00 (18:40

    3rd lap: 11:30 (19:10 CET) ,      4th lap: 12:00 (19:40 CET)
    5th lap: 12:30 (20:10 CET) ,      6th lap: 13:00 (20:40 CET)
    7th lap: 13:30 (21:10 CET) ,      8th lap: 14:00 (21:40 CET)
  9th lap: 14:30 (22:10 CET),   10th lap:15:00 (22:40 CET)
Counting of laps on running is
 competitors’ responsibilty !!!

      Can be followed up on 128cm   plasma TV,
+ Wi-Fi in Race Center – supporters can use laptop…
Transition Zone
  6:00 – 8:20
V                                R
Á                                E
L                                L
    (Swimming) check in – from
T             7:41               A
        Warming up option
Ó                                Y
           7:41 - 7:55
K          Start - 8:55          S
V                                                                     R
Á                                                                     E
            Official Time Limits of Relay Teams is
L                                                                     L
              1 hours 45 minutes.
T         (Lake is provided over 3 hours from the first start.)       A
    Those relay team, where swimmer is still in the water at 10:40,
     can perform the swimming course, but cyclist have to start at
Ó      3:00:00 of race time (10:40 CET) with an additional chip.      Y
K                                                                     S
V                                                                           R
Á                                                                           E
    „At cycling if cyclist member of relay team
L   bikes over time limit" (those, who cannot start the last                L
     lap of cycling course at 8:45 of race time or return from the last
    cycling lap until 10:30), can perform cycling course as   „out of
T                       race„ relay team.                                   A
Ó                At   10:30 of race time                                    Y
     all waiting relay team will start         (with an additional chip),
    with a common start for the last course, the
K              marathon running.                                            S
V                                                       R
Á                                                       E
     Changing points – for awarded
             relay teams:
L                  from swimming to cycling
    at Transition Zone of Gyékényes mine lake
T                   From cycling to running:
       At Town Swimming Pool green area,
                            „VÁLTÓHELY /
      „other” relay teams - marked
Ó                  Changing zone”                       Y
           Relay team members run to finish together.

K         Please be polite at finish photo!
Suggested changing points - other relay teams

                                                      Cycling changing

  Suggested: run to finish together at last 150 m – joining point
    At finish area only invited media and
               competitors can stay.                 F
C   Competitors who performed event are kindly
    asked to leave finish area after a short time.   I
É        Please be polite at finish                  N
         because of finish photos.

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