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									The proper format for word equations is as follows:

        REACTANT      +   REACTANT        PRODUCT + PRODUCT

Write the following reactions into word equations:

 Photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide and water to produce oxygen gas
  and glucose.

 Cellular respiration occurs in plant and animal cells. During cellular
  respiration oxygen and glucose combine to produce carbon dioxide, water
  and ATP (an energy molecule)

 Hydrogen gas and zinc chloride are produced when zinc is mixed with
  hydrochloric acid.

 Hydrogen reacts with oxygen to produce water.

 Sodium chloride is made from combining sodium and chlorine.

 When a car rusts, iron is combined with oxygen to produce iron oxide.
A chemical equation is a reaction equation that contains the chemical formulas
for the reactants and products.

Some information you will need to know in order to write chemical equations

a. Some elements form diatomic molecules. If you see these elements in
   elements in a word equation you must use the formula from the table below:

                       Elements            Formula
                    Hydrogen                 H2
                    Oxygen                   O2
                    Nitrogen                 N2
                    Fluorine                  F2
                    Chlorine                 Cl2
                    Bromine                  Br2
                    Iodine                    I2

b. Metal elements written in word equations should just be written as their
   element symbol in the chemical equation. For example calcium would be
   written as Ca. Do not write the ion with a charge.

Try to write chemical equations for the following:

 aluminum + chlorine                     aluminum chloride + bromine

 sodium phosphate + calcium chloride           calcium phosphate + sodium chloride

 hydrogen gas +       oxygen gas               water

 sodium     +   chlorine                       sodium chloride

 aluminum + hydrochloric acid (HCl)                 aluminum chloride + water

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