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					                           CHEMICAL INVENTORY
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Emergency contact(s): __________________ ______________________________

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      Chemical name                  Common name                Manufacturer        Amt. on hand
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      Chemical name                 Common name               Manufacturer       Amt. on hand
                                          *****HELPFUL INFORMATION*****

1. Web sites where you can get MSDS and chemicals information:

2. MSDS can also be obtained from the distributors’ customer service. It is a requirement that manufacturers provide MSDS
   sheets for every chemical and reagent distributed. Every time you order a new chemical you should request the MSDS on
   your Purchase Order specifying that it be sent directly to your mailing address. Also the Research Biosafety Officer is
   working on a master MSDS inventory which will be available from above provided web site link. The hard copies of
   MSDSs are available at Rooms: 4A125 (Office of animal lab supervisor-for animal Lab Section only), 4A150, In hallways
   across Room 5A109A, 11C120, and 12C190.

3 Laboratory personnel are responsible for ensuring that all chemicals are properly labeled and stored.

4. The Chemical Inventory must contain all chemicals whether hazardous or not present in your laboratory.

5. PIs and laboratory personnel with access must ensure the proper storage and use of any controlled substances that have
    been issued under the PIs’ responsibilities. This inventory must be secured within a locked container and access to its
    contents limited and monitored. Additionally, an inventory of the controlled items must be maintained and regularly

6. The NFPA rating is the National Fire Protection Association rating number. This number is found in the MSDS most of
    the time. A copy of the National Fire Protection Association standards with the most used NFPA ratings in the Research
    Biosafety Office (5A104G) in the Research Administration Office. The NFPA ratings can also be looked up from the link
    for MSDSs:
   Other suggested links for NFPA ratings are:

7. Each new addition of a chemical to your inventory requires an update to the laboratory’s chemical inventory and the
    updated version should be forwarded to the Research Biosafety officer. Chemical Inventory must be updated every time
    the Laboratory Self-Inspection Form (LASIF) is filled and every 6 months thereafter.

8. Print updated chemical inventories on bright yellow paper and posts it on the outside of your laboratory door. The yellow
    paper can be obtained from the Administration Office or the Research Biosafety Office. Only the chemical inventory list
    and the hazardous signs such as radioactive and biohazard signage must be posted on the outside of your laboratory door.
    To ensure compliance with the safety regulations, any other kind of posters, pictures, articles, or displays should not be
    posted on the outside of the laboratory doors.

If there are any questions concerning laboratory procedures and facility requirements regarding chemical inventories, please
contact Dr. Tejpal Basra at the following contact information.

Tejpal Singh Basra, PhD, CAC, CHMM
Research Biosafety Officer/Industrial Hygienist
(404) 321-6111 x3078
VA Medical Center
Atlanta, GA

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