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					March 8, 2012, noon, BSRB 383
Department of Biological Chemistry Safety Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Miguel Ramirez, Ben Kuryan, Christine Janson, Patrick Alger, Dan Anderson, Andrew Ah-Young, Jason Ernst,
Gabriela Monsalve, Maureen Lynch, Art Catapang, Jeannette Chau, Fang Sheng, Eryn Ujita Lee, Klara Olofsdotter-Otis,
Lucas Bruton, Robin McKee, Hedi Roseboro, Gihani Wijewickrama, Archana Dutta, Ajay Vashisht, Dorian Gunning.
Tamara Vartanian, Steve Jurado.
Labs absent: DeRobertis, Edmond, Edwards, Grunstein, Guo, Haykinson, Loo, Neufeld, Ryazantsev, Travis, Weinmaster

    1. Sign in. Pick up handouts –updated MSDS index for BSRB 301 notebooks, EHS record of Classroom
       Health and Safety Training by PI, 2012 Annual Safety Check-up Sheet, Safety Fair flyer, agenda
    2. Fire in CHS- presentation by Fire Marshal Steve Jurado
           a. PowerPoint will be sent out with minutes.
           b. Reinforced importance of keeping doors closed to prevent the spread of fire.
    3. Introduced UCLA EHS Representative –Tamara Vartanian. Tamara is the lab inspector for BSRB.
    4. Selected review SOM Safety Meeting from March 5, 2012
           a. Report on CDC inspection in February 2012 – Select agents (BSL-3)
                     i. Inspection occurred over two days in BSRB and MRL.
                    ii. There were few minor findings. Among the findings was a hole in the wall and a cracked
                        floor drain.
                   iii. CDC will be back later in 2012 for the Global Biolab inspection. There is a possibility
                        that BSRB and MRL may be reinspected.
                   iv. Official report expected to be received later this week.
           b. Medical waste inspection by state of California upcoming in May 2012
                     i. Dates not final yet
                    ii. EH&S will send start walk-throughs in late March 2012
                   iii. Information will be disseminated through biosafety listserv.
                   iv. Two of the most common findings from the last inspection include sharps containers
                        more than 75% full and storage of items on top of biohazard waste containers.
           c. UCLA Lab Safety Manual updates
                     i. Some chapters of the UCLA Lab Safety Manual have been updated.
                    ii. The printed copies of the Lab Safety Manual in each lab must have the current updated
                        chapters dated December 2011.
                   iii. Eryn will distribute printouts of required updates to Lab Safety Manual including the
                        IIPP at the May safety meeting
                   iv. Links to the updated chapters (Eryn will provide printed copies at May meeting)
           d. Safety Inspections
                     i. A training manual is being developed with pictures to provide consistency between
                    ii. When complete the training manual will be available online so labs can consult the
                        manual for interpretation of lab inspection items.
                   iii. Inspections are to help labs maintain a safe working environment.
                  iv. An inspection is a snapshot in time. A lab can be perfect one day and have multiple
                       findings the next day. The goal is to help labs be safe.
          e. Recombinant DNA exposure
                    i. Needle sticks causing exposure to recombinant DNA must be reported to the NIH by
                       UCLA. Labs report exposures to EH&S. EH&S reports exposures to NIH.
                   ii. Call in recombinant DNA exposures to the EH&S hotline: 310 825 9797.
                  iii. The 1-2-3 Poster will not be updated.
5.    2012 Lab Safety Check
          a. Changes to safety program
                    i. Program goes from Jan-Dec instead of May-April
                   ii. Jan-Feb-Mar have many tasks. The rest of the year has a much lighter work load than
          b. Sign up for 30 minute appointment on March 19, 20, 21, 22 on Doodle:
          c. If you don’t sign up, I’ll sign you up starting March 12, 2012. As of 3/8- 12 people signed up.
          d. Preparation
                    i. Update Safety check-up form (electronic copy will be sent to you)
                   ii. Update EHS Record of Classroom Health and Safety Training (paper copy provided.
                       Electronic copy will be sent).
                           1. Update electronic copy
                           2. Send updated electronic copy back to Eryn who will forward to EH&S.
                  iii. Update lab specific training document (electronic template to be sent)
6.    Biological Chemistry injury reported incidents from June 2011 to present
          a. Fall from chair with wheels
          b. Burn from phenol
          c. Back injury
          d. Falls and back injuries are very common. Review safety procedures with your group.
7.    LabBook
          a. Electronic storage and retrieval of records
          b. Place to store chemical inventory, lab specific training document, SOP, JSA
          c. Review training records
          d. May be released in mid-April. More details will be sent later
          e. Biol Chem will be one of the first departments to try this program.
          f. Beta testing has already been done by Rachel Loo and Hedi Roseboro in our dept.
8.    Monthly safety training - http://safety.healthsciences.ucla.edu/
          a. No longer required, but highly recommended.
          b. Keep you up to date on what is important in the lab safety manual.
          c. Quick and easy.
          d. All online – 51 participants in Jan, 102 participants in Feb
          e. Incentives continue - $10 credit to Bruin Card and a lab timer courtesy of New England Biolabs
9.    Safety Fair
          a. Publicize to your group – poster handed out at meeting
          b. Confirmed UCLA groups: UCLA Fitwell, Emergency Management, DLAM, Health Systems
              Safety, UCPD
          c. Confirmed outside vendors: OfficeMax, USA Scientific, VWR, Mission Linen, VistaLabs,
              Grainger, Fisher Safety, Stericycle, Humanscale
10.   Emergency Response Plan
          a. Estimated completion date July 1, 2012
          b. Need help collecting information from everyone
          c. Updated lab specific hazard orientation document will help collect information
11.   Questions/Comments from Safety Reps
       a. New lab workers are not wearing proper PPE. PPE is required in the laboratory (minimum – legs
          covered completely and close toed shows). Sometimes the only way to get workers to comply is
          to get cited during an inspection. PIs and direct supervisors need to step up and require proper
       b. Glass waste is disposed of differently in different buildings. In BSRB it is boxed up and left in the
          hallway. Tamara noted that plastic pipets are not to be mixed with glass waste.
       c. LHAT dates must be updated manually when submitting annual update. It is not automatically
          updated to the current date. This problem will be addressed when LHAT is updated (soon).
       d. Klara in the Martin lab has free surplus supplies. Please contact her at kotis@mednet.ucla.edu if
          you are interested.
           Disposable glass cell culture tubes (rimless)   13*100mm   1000 tubes    VWR 60825-571
                                                           16*125mm   500 tubes     VWR 60825-630
           Disposable serological polystyrene pipet        1 ml       2000 pipets   Fisher 16-678-12B
           Disposable serological polystyrene pipet        2 ml       500 pipets    Fisher 13-675-2C
           Individually packed serological pipets          1 ml       800 pipets    Falcon

12. Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 17, 2012, at 1 PM—including lunch and results of annual lab

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