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									                           Pointers To International Tax Planning

The closest comparison to a minefield in the modern day global business scenario could be taken as the
diverse U.S and foreign tax rules that influence cross-border business. Organizations that are involved
in foreign business requires an efficient global strategy or they risk encountering highly unfavorable
business tax return consequences. The worst that can happen is unaware organizations might just
miss the scope leverage the U.S and foreign benefits available to enterprises in cross-border business
ventures. International tax scopes and drawbacks are present in even a small U.S company that sell
goods to the U.S export or is involved in foreign R&D.

Why International Taxation is a complex procedure?

The multiple U.S and foreign tax planning authorities are all aiming for the cross border revenue
advantage, They are becoming extremely proactive and meticulous in attempting the collection of what
is considered as a “fair share” of an organization’s cross border revenue. An appropriate example would
the the development that has taken place over the last decade and the intricate international transfer
pricing rules, that need enterprises to document their yearly compliance with rigid standards for pricing
inter-organization transfers of services and goods. Other global taxation policies and regulations are
changing constantly and is becoming a crucial minefield for uninformed organization that are involved in
cross-border business transactions.

International tax consultants can mend the foreign and U.S tax sides of an enterprise’s business into a
unified business and tax strategy. They are all conversant with the changing trends and issues involved
in international tax planning and continuously track them.

Key To An Efficient International Tax Strategy

In order to carry on an international tax planning appropriately, an organization needs to develop
a sound global tax strategy that helps in catering to global business objectives. The process begins
with setting up a consolidated understanding of an enterprise’s business and financial condition,
its international operating strategy and where and how it plans to function outside U.S. With these
relevant inputs an international tax consultant can assist a company to come up with an overall global
tax strategy that is practicable and has sound business sense. International tax planning for certain
cases can be approached in a compact manner considering the organization’s broader global tax and
operating strategies.

International tax laws are same regardless of the size of the corporate taxpayer. The only difference is
how business firms use technicalities and legal interpretations to their advantage as compared to the
profitability of the small scale businesses that simply adheres to the tax regulations. Eminent corporate
tax preparation solution providers help small scale business owners to monitor their operations and
helps them to make the most of the strategies thereby ensuring a lower tax bill.

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