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					IVF Treatment Cycles To Witness Double Digit Growth In India
Increasing infertility rate among couples to drive IVF treatment market in India.

According to recently published research report “India IVF Treatment Market Analysis” by
KuicK Research, the number of IVF treatment cycle in India is expected to surpass 120,000 by
end of 2012. The infertility market in India is growing, with many infertility clinics
mushrooming all over the country. Couples walking into infertility clinics and asking about
assisted methods of reproduction is common these days. To cater to the needs of these
couples the number of infertility clinics in metros and urban parts of the country has risen.

In India, approximately 15%-20% of married couples in their fertile age group, suffer from
infertility and it is on the increase because of urbanization, pollution, chemical exposure,
stress, competitive work environment, fast-paced lifestyles, late settlement in life, more
women opting to work, increased incidence of diabetes, pelvic inflammatory diseases, etc.

Today, arrays of treatment options to treat infertility are readily available in India. These
include medications for ovulation induction; endoscopic surgery to correct anatomical
problems; and the assisted reproductive technologies, including IUI, IVF, and ICSI (intra
cytoplasmic sperm injection).

India has become one of the favored destinations for infertility treatments such as IVF due to
several factors including its medical expertise, awareness of available treatment options, hi-
tech infrastructure, effective treatment options, low cost treatments as compared to
developed countries, easy access and availability, economical prices of IVF drugs and an
unregulated market. Moreover, experts have observed a correlation between the growth of
the Indian IVF segment and the advancements in the World Wide Web.

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