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					Potential Environmental Training

         Training                              Requirement
EFEC Awareness           All employees are trained that plant on EFEC
training                 components and how their job relates to EFEC
HAZCOM                   All employees are trained on the chemical hazards
                         within the plant that affect their job
Maximum Achievable       All employees involved in finishing will be trained on
Control Technology       the proper work practice standards
RCRA Training            Employees that handle, store, ship, and label
                         hazardous waste must be trained with respect to their
                         specific duty and emergency response measures.
Hazardous Materials      All employees that transport, load, unload, handle
Transportation (DOT)     prepare hazardous materials for shipment are trained
                         on proper handling and shipping methods.
SPCC training            Employees that handle, store, or use oil and oil
                         products including lacquers must be trained to
                         minimize release of oil into surface water
Storm water training     Employees that work with materials that come in
                         contact with storm water runoff are trained on best
                         management practices to minimize potential to
                         contaminate storm water
Forklift Operator        Employees that use forklifts and power hand jack tools
training/Power Hand      must be trained on the proper and safe use of them
Jack Operator training
Formaldehyde exposure Employees that use and handle glues containing
training                formaldehyde must be trained to minimize exposure to
Respirator training     All employees that may use respirators will be trained
                        on proper use and maintenance of respirators
Lockout/Tagout Training Appropriate employees are trained on proper
                        lockout/tagout procedures for machinery and
Hot Work Permit         Training for workers that may be using equipment that
Training                generates heat or sparks (i.e., welding)
Confined Space Entry    Appropriate employees are trained to recognize
Training                confined space and how to properly work in confined
                        space environment
Fire Hazard Training    Employees trained on what to do in the event of an
Fire Extinguisher       Employees trained on proper use of fire extinguisher
Hearing Conservation,   Exam for employees that may work in areas of
audiometer exam         elevated noise levels
         Training                          Requirement
Hazardous Materials   Appropriate employees trained on proper response
Responders training   actions during emergencies
First Aid training    Appropriate employees (typically emergency
                      responders) are trained on trained on first aid
CPR Training          Appropriate employees (typically emergency
                      responders) are CPR trained
Infection             Appropriate employees (typically emergency
Control/Bloodborne    responders) trained on proper management and
Pathogens/TB          procedures to minimize the potential for bloodborne
                      pathogens transfer
Fire Hose Training    Appropriate employees (typically emergency
                      responders) are trained on proper use of fire hose

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