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					Northeast Pennsylvania
Area Contingency Plan
       NEPA ACP

         May 2011
   Purpose and Objective
   Statutory Authority
   Geographic Boundaries and Description
   Scope
   Brief Discussion of Area Responsibility
   Response Systems and Policies Overview
       Duties of President Delegated to Federal
       National Response System and Policy
       General Organization Concepts
Federal Response
   Area of Responsibility
   Federal Organizational Framework
    (Response System)
       U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
       Scientific Support Coordinator
       Overview of the Crisis Response
        Support Group’s Components
   On-Scene Coordinators
   Incident Command System
Federal Response (continued)

   Response Organizational Framework
       Response Operations
       Multi-Area Responses
       Operational Response Phases for Oil
       Hazardous Substance Response
       Documentation and Cost Recovery
       Worker Health and Safety
Federal Response (continued)

   Technical Support Available to OSCs
       Superfund Technical Assessment and
        Response Team (START)
       EPA Emergency Response and Rapid
        Remediation Services Contracts (ERRS)
       Environmental Response Team (ERT)
       Agency for Toxic Substances and
        Disease Registry
       USCG National Strike Force
    Federal Response (continued)

       Secondary Support Agencies
   Environmental Monitoring and        Department of Justice
    Support Laboratory                  Occupational Safety and Health
   Environmental Photographic           Administration
    Interpretation Center               Public Information Assist Team
   Federal Emergency                   USCG National Pollution Funds
    Management Agency                    Center
   Department of the Interior          U.S. Navy
    (USFWS and USGS)                    USN Superintendent of Salvage
   U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service      Chemical Transportation
   U.S. Geological Survey               Emergency Center
Federal Response (continued)
   Non-Government Agency Participation
       Participation by Other Persons
   Notification and Communications
       Federal Statutory Notification Requirements
       Regional Notification Procedures
   Public Information and Community
   Planning and Preparedness
       Planning and Coordination Structure
       Federal Contingency Plans
Federal Response (continued)
   Relationship to Other Plans
       Plan Integration
       Integration With Facility Response
       Other Federal Plans
   FRP Links with the National
    Response Team
       COTP Area Plans
       Other Non-Governmental Plans
Federal Response (continued)
   Planning and Response Strategy
       Prevention
       Other Planning Requirements
       Response
       Feedback
   Counter-Terrorism
       EPA’s Roles and Responsibilities
       EPA’s Role in a Crisis Management Terrorism
       EPA’s Role in a Consequence Management
        Terrorism Event
       EPA’s Role in Planning and Preparedness
Federal Response (continued)
   Use of Dispersants and Other Chemicals
       Chemical Methods
       Types of Chemical Agents
       Concurrence Network
   Trustees for Natural Resources
       Designation of Trustees
       Functions of Trustees
   Administrative Record for Selection of
    Response Action
State Responsibilities
   Area of Responsibility
   Commonwealth of PA Organizational
    Framework (Response Systems)
       PADEP
       PEMA
       PADOH
   Mutual Aid Agreements
   State Required Plans
       PADEP
       PEMA
State Responsibilities (continued)

   State Regulations and Requirements
   State and Local Participation /
    Involvement in Response
   Planning and Preparedness
   State Access to Other Funds
   State Emergency Response
Local County Responsibilities
   Area of Responsibility
   Response Systems and Policies
   County Emergency Management
    Response Team
   HAZMAT Teams
   Qualified Contractors
   Hospital Contacts
   County Emergency Operations Plans
   Mutual Aid Agreements
   Water Intakes
Local County Responsibilities
   Downstream Notifications
   Facility Response Plans
   SPCC/PPC/SPR Plans
   Superfund Amendments and
    Reauthorization Act
   Railroad Companies
   Equipment Resource List
   Facility Support Team
   Risk Management Plans

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