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									                      Muhammad Sajjad
                                      Phone: 0092-3468015554

Career Objective

    To work as PRODUCTION OPERATOR with a progressive organization where, I can utilize my skills for
   improving operational performance and contributing substantially towards the growth of the organization.

Personal Detail
       Father’s Name                        Muhammad Saleem
       Date of Birth                        01-06-1987
       Religion                              ISLAM
       N.I.C No.                            31304-3320525-5
       Marital Status                       Single
       Domicile           E- Mail: jamshed_ahmed81@yahoo.com Khan)
                                            Punjab (Rahim Yar
         Passport #                        BT5575251
Academic Qualifications

 Qualification               Marks              Percentage           Board/University

B.Sc                       449/800                 56%              Islamia University Bahawalpur

F.Sc (Pre-engineering)     616/1100                56%               Govt. Degree College Sadiq Abad
Metric                     514/850                 60.5             B.I.S.E. Bahawalpur


Two years of Apprenticeship training at AMMONIA plant in ENGRO (EXXON) CHEMICALS PAKISTAN LIMITED

                 TOTAL PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                             07 YEAR

Present Position
                         OMV (Pakistan) Exploration GmbH (From Oct, 2009 to continue)

            OMV Pakistan is a subsidiary of OMV Exploration GmbH, an Austrian Oil and Gas company
    producing almost 550MMSCFD Pipe line quality Sales gas from Kadanwari/Miano and Sawan Gas Fields
    located in Thar Desert in District Khairpur and Sukkur, Pakistan respectively.Working as PRODUCTION
    OPERATOR in Kadanwari Gas Field.

   The following equipment and processes are handled during course of my job.
    UOP Seperax Membrane process, 232 MMscfd Plant for the Removal of CO2, H2S, Heavy
     Hydrocarbons, Water and Condensate from Gas. UOP Membrane Based One Of The Biggest Units
   Memguard Molecular Sieve system, Removes Heavy Hydrocarbon Using Memguard Molecular Sieve
    System (MG-3 &MG-5). UOP Adsorbent Bed Packed With Sodium Aluminum Silicate Adsorbent With
    Low Pressure, High Temperature Regeneration.
   Permeate Compressor Nuouvo Pignone (GE turbine) Multistage Centrifugal Compressor with LM-2500
    GE Gas Turbine Using Mark-V Control System
   Sales Gas Centrifugal Compressors (Solar Turbine) Single Stage Centrifugal Compressor with Solar
    Turbine Using PLC Control Logic.
   Front End Compressor for Boosting Gas of LP Kadanwari Wells(K-10/11/12)
    Two Stage PD Compressors Driven by Cooper 2200 BHP Gas Engine.
   H2S Removal Tower Using catalyst (ZnO) for removal of H2S from sale gas
   Well Head Operation Kadanwari and Miano Wellheads Operation, Hydraulic Panel Operations, and
    Handling Wells Sub Surface Jobs. Well Head Operation by Telemetry. Custody Transfer of Gas via
    Fiscal Measurement.
   Gas/Condensate wells network ,wells work overs & bottom hole pressure surveys
   Fire & gas monitoring and shut-down system, PLC/ HMI based centralized controlling &monitoring.
   Horizontal/vertical slug Catchers, scrubbers, Filter coalescer, three phase separator.
   Gas turbines and Engines; Variable frequency drive motors, PD and centrifugal Compressors. Power
    generation and Plant utilities.
   Dew point control by Joule-Thompson effect; Condensate and produced water handling disposal and
   Corrosion inhibition of flow lines and their Dewatering/Batch pigging activities.

                            PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE

      FATIMA FERTLIZER COMPANY PAKISTAN LTD (From Aug 2008 to Oct, 2009)

Before I worked as Front End Board DCS operator at Ammonia plant designed by “CF BROUN” (Re
engineering by MW KELLOGG) having 1500 MTPD capacity. Plant is fully equipped with most advanced
technology controlled by DCS of YOKOGAWA JAPAN. Plant is Commissioned & start-up Complete.
The following equipment and processes are handled during course of my job.
                        AMMONIA PLANT

   PRE-REFORMER: it is adiabatic Reformer 20 % methane is reformed in pre-reformer.
   PRIMARY REFORMER: it is induced draft furnace consist of 260 tubes &160 burners.
   SECONDARY REFORMER: it is auto thermal reformer having 12 air nozzles for combustion.
   DESULPHURIZATION: it consists of two reactors filled with HTZ-05 catalyst.
   H.T.S.C: this reactor is filled with pyrophoric “Fe3O4”.
   L.T.S.C: this reactor is filled with “Cu” (Lk 820 Holder Topsoe) catalyst.
   CO2 ABSORBER: It consist of 05 packing beds of saddle rings with 30kg/cm2 operating pressure
   SEMI LEAN REGENRATOR: It consist of 03 packing beds with 1.6kg/cm2 operating pressure
   LEAN REGENRATOR: It consist of 03 packing beds with 1.7kg/cm2 operating pressure
   METHNATOR: It consist of nickel catalyst with 305C0 operating temperature
   PROCESS CONDENSATE RECOVERY: It treats condensate up to 60tons/hr


   Errection and Commissioning of Ammonia plant
   Ensure Lines and Equipment installation According to P & ID
   Chemical cleaning of lines and Equipment
   Steam blowing and Air blowing
   Lube oil and seal oil Flushing
   Safe Start up and Shut down
          Reduction of Catalyst
          Hydro Test of Equipment and Exchangers
          Catalyst Loading
          Packing loading of Absorber and Strippers.
          Refractory Installation and Refractory dry out (by VESTA)of Furnace, Secondary Reformer and
            transfer line

                           REFORMING & SHIFT CONVERSION

         GAS TURBINE & AIR COMPRESSOR: GE company gas turbine with mark five control, Capacity
          15400 Watts. Centrifugal Air Compressor (Designed by Clark), 4 stages.
  DESULPHRIZERS: Nickel Molybdenum hydrodesulphurization, ZnO and Copper based adsorbent.
  PRE-REFORMER: Adiabatic reactor with nickel based catalyst for reforming reaction.
  PRIMARY REFORMER (FURNANCE): It is induced draft furnace designed by Fosters Wheeler.
  SECONDARY REFORMERS:         It consists of top mounted sparger type burner with NiO Catalyst
          at bottom for Reforming Reaction at 1780 F.
         WASTE HEAT BOILER:              900 PSIG steam generation to recover heat from secondary reformer
          outlet gases.
         WATER GAS SHIFT CONVERSION: Reactors with Fe & Cu based catalyst converting CO to CO2.

                          BFW AND CHEMICAL DOSING SYSTEM

          Mechanical and Chemical Deaeration
          11 stages HP BFW pumps with discharge pressure of 150Kg/cm2.
          Stroke adjustment type plunger pump for chemical dosing.

     1.     Production Efficiency training                               OMV Pakistan
     2.    Centrifugal compressor operation                             OMV Pakistan
     3.    Fire fighting exercise                                       OMV Pakistan
     4.    Fire extinguishers operation                                 OMV Pakistan
     5.    H2S Handling                                                OMV Pakistan
     6.    Maximo                                                      Engro Chemicals Pakistan ltd
     7.    HAZOP                                                       Engro Chemicals Pakistan ltd


          Excellent knowledge of Process Safety and Risk Management (PSRMs) DuPont Safety Standards.
          Excellent knowledge of Personnel Safety Management (PSMs) DuPont Safety Standards.
          Good Knowledge of work permit system.
          Good Knowledge of Safety Critical System
          Member of Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) conducting team.
          Emergency Squad Member of our team
          Trained on Fire Fighting and First Aid.
          I am the Safety Captain of my shift and participated in incident investigation to avoid reoccurring.
           I can proficiently use Maximo, LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), Lotus Notes,
           Microsoft Office & Visio.

                           WAITNG FOR YOUR KIND RESPONSE

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