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One of the prominent reasons for the success of DTH in India is the number of channels
that DTH offers. DTH channels are much greater in number as compared to those offered
by local Cable operators. DTH channels are also Digital Channels where as the channels
available on Cable services are analog channels. DTH service providers are trying to give
their customers as many channels as they can. Videocon d2h alone has over 330 channels
and services which is very high as compared what cable services may offer. IN general
cable operators do not offer more than 100 channels and charge the same as a DTH
service provider. Hence it is very practical for a TV Viewer to go with DTH channels
instead of Cable services. Along with Digital Channel quality DTH services in India are
also strong with the regional content. A resident of North India if moves to the Southern
Part of India and he has a DTH connection then he can enjoy all the channels that he used
to enjoy in North India whereas if he has a cable then he may or may not be able to enjoy
the same content in South India. DTH channels also have some advanced features like
Digital picture quality which can be viewed on Digital channels of DTH . Channels on a
DTH connection also have 5 times more picture clarity which enhances the TV viewing

DTH channels have High Definition Digital (HDD) sound which gives you better audio
quality. DTH channels come with a wide aspect ratio of 16 : 9 to give you a bigger, better
and wider picture. DTH channels also have High Definition picture quality with 1080i.
High Definition content is better in quality as compared to Standard Definition (SD)
channels. Videocon d2h which is India's fastest growing dth company has the highest
number of HD channels in India. Videocon d2h has as many as 12 HD channels.
Videocon d2h has Star Cricket HD, ESPN HD, Colors HD, 3 D Active Channel, Star
Plus HD, Star Movies HD, Star World HD, Star Gold HD, Discovery HD, National
Geographic HD, Movies Now HD and Travel xp HD. Videocon d2h is the fastest
growing DTH service with more than 330 channels and services on its DTH platform.
Videocon d2h is the fastest growing dth service in India and considered to be the most
affordable dth service in India. IN the race to get most number of DTH HD channels
Videocon is already leading the way as it has 12 High Definition channels on Videocon

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