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									Proper Use of Properties

Last year only, I have converted my friend’s negative gearing property into a positive one
with the help of Paul and Karen.

He and his family are well settled in Philippines since last 10 years and his property here
was lying idle. I always insisted to give the property on rent, but he told that let the
property remain as it is, who will go to find a renter or collect the rent from them. But
when he returned home last year, he found that his property was lying in a very bad
condition as no one took proper care of it. He then decided to give the property on rent and
thus, we contacted these two personnel.

They were very understanding and cooperative people and they told us that we will not
face any problems from the renter’s point of view as they will take the complete
responsibility. Within a month the renter was found and money started pouring into their
account every month.

It is one year since his negative gearing property had been converted into a positive one,
but till now he has not faced any problem with the renters and the property is also well
taken care of.

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