ABS Plastic (Lustran*, Cycolac*) - DOC by NgZcbk7f


									PVC plastic
(polyvinylchloride, Versadur®, Vintec®, Type I)

   Special Grades:
    Clear PVC type I.
    CPVC Corazon® - better impact & higher temperature resistance -40 F to 200 F.
    PVC Type II has higher impact resistance.

   Key Features:
    Good mechanical strength, excellent chemical & corrosion resistance, good thermal
    and electrical properties, moderate cost, excellent flammability resistance,
    economical, natural UV resistance, colorfast.

   Fabricating:
    Machines well, formable, glueable, weldable.

   Applications:
    Chemical tanks, cleanrrom equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, etching
    & plating tanks, pipes, valves, work stations.

   PVC Sheet Sizes:
    24" x 48"
    48" x 48"
    48" x 96"

   PVC Sheet Thickness Available:
    .012" - 4.00" thick

   PVC Sheet Thickness Tolerances:

   PVC Rod Diamters:
    .125" diameter - 6"

   PVC Rod Lengths:
    5 ft.
    10 ft.

   Standard Colors:
    Type I - grey, white, clear.
    Corazon® - off-white.

   Specifications Met:
    PVC Type I meets ASTM D-1784-81 Type I Grade I class 12454, Federal
    specification L-P 535e, flammability rating - UL94V-O and UL94-5V.
    CPVC meets UL94V-O flame spread rate 20.
    CPVC meets ASTM-D-1784-03 Class 23446-B.

Versadur® is a registered trademark of Simona America.
Vintec® is a registered trademark of Vycom.
Corazon® is a registered trademark of Noveon.

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