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									Quiz 4 – card game
                      This activity can be used in many ways to either
Overview of           facilitate learning or check understanding. It asks the
activity:             learners to match questions taken from the SFBB
                      pack with the relevant answer.

Learning objective:   To test the learners’ general SFBB knowledge.

Target audience:      Level 1 or 2.

                      Packs of pre-prepared cards (please see below).

Estimated duration
                      20 minutes.
of activity:

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                      Learners need to match each question card (on the
                      left) with the appropriate answer card (on the right).
                      Several packs of cards can be printed/laminated to
                      allow several sets of group work activities to take
Guidance notes:       place.
                      Cards could be printed on coloured paper.
                      Learners can work in groups of two or three. A time
                      limit could be set.

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
                         The person who is
   Who is the person     responsible for the
   who should take       day-to-day running
  charge of the SFBB     of the business, for
        pack?            example, the head

     Why is effective    It helps prevent the
      handwashing         spread of harmful
       important?              bacteria.

   When should staff
                         After 48 hours of
  return to work after
                         being clear of the
   being sick and/or
   having diarrhoea?

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
                         A brightly coloured
    What should cuts
                         waterproof plaster,
     and sores be
                          normally blue in
     covered with?

  Which type of cloth
   is it preferable to
                          Single-use cloth.
     use for wiping

  Ideally, how should     In a washing
  re-usable cloths be    machine on a hot
       cleaned?               cycle.

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
                          In the fridge in a
   What is the safest
                         covered container,
   method to defrost
                         below ready-to-eat

 What should you do          Contact your
 if you see signs of a   manager/supervisor
    pest infestation?    as soon as possible.

 Which two foods are      Egg mayonnaise
 examples of ready-       sandwich and a
    to-eat foods?            pork pie.

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
  Name two types of
    food that could
     cause allergic     Peanuts and fish.
  reactions in some

     Why should you
     store chemicals    To stop chemicals
     separately from     getting into food.

                          ‘Hand contact
    As well as food      surfaces’, which
 surfaces, what other      people touch
  surfaces should be      frequently, for
      disinfected         example taps,
       regularly?          handles and

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
  This is useful to let
    staff know what          A cleaning
  needs cleaning and         schedule.

 What are the 4 Cs in      contamination,
  the SFBB pack?          cleaning, chilling
                            and cooking

  What do you call a
  chemical that acts
                            A sanitiser.
  as a detergent and

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
   To keep it safe,
  where should food      In a fridge/chilled
  with a ‘use by’ date      storage unit.
      be stored?

      Legally, what
   temperature must
                          8°C or below.
     chilled food be
       stored at?

  This method could
                         Divide food into
 be used to help cool
                         smaller portions.
   hot food quickly.

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
  Which two methods
                        Check the food for
  should be used to
                         ice crystals and
   check food has
                        check for pliability

                          Check it is piping
    How could you
                          hot (steaming) all
     check that a
                       the way through and
     sausage was
                         there is no pink or
  cooked thoroughly?
                          red in the centre.

       Why are eggs
                        They can contain
                        harmful bacteria.

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
  Hot food should be
  kept above a core           63°C.
   temperature of?

   Why do ‘ready-to-     They will not be
    eat’ foods need    cooked or reheated
    particular care?     before serving.

                       Staff are fit for work
                       and wearing clean
  Give two examples       work clothes.
    of an opening
        check.          Fridges, freezers
                        etc. are working

SFBB resources
Quiz 4
   When recording a       What you did to put
    problem in your      it right and prevent it
   diary, what must          from happening
   you also record?               again.

   On an employee’s       Personal hygiene
   first day which two          and
      safe methods       Opening and closing
  should be covered?           checks

SFBB resources
Quiz 4

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