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DTH in India has been growing by leaps and bound in the past couple of years. It has just
been repeating the telecom sector history.Initially everyone thought that Mobile phones
were a luxury and the middle class man could not afford it. But later on everyone
accepted the fourth necessity of life and today Mobile has become a part of our life.The
same is the case with DTH in India. Initially DTH was considered to be a costly
substitute for Cable services but today DTH have reached to the most remote
villages.Today you may not find proper drainage facilities services in a village but you
will definitely find a Dish Antenna popping out of a House.Such has been the growth of
DTH in India. Today the DTH market in India is considered to be the most competitive
market in the world.Today the Indian DTH has a total of 7 DTH players with a potential
subscriber base of 110 million. This number is very high when compared to any other
country in the world. Today USA is the country with the most number of DTH
subscribers but it is being estimated that India will take over USA in the DTH market by
the mid of 2012.In such a heavily competitive market if one service provider has to be the
Best DTH Service in India then it should really be affordable, should have great content
and should be technologically advanced.One DTH service in India which has all these
and more today is Videocon d2h, the DTH TV by Videocon Group.Videocon d2h is the
most affordable DTH service in India with the basic pack starting at Rs 159
only.Videocon d2h also has HD packs which are very affordable when compared to the
other DTH services in India. Videocon d2h has its Platinum HD pack at Rs.400 which
has 12 Asli "HD" channels whereas anotherDTH service provider its HD pack at Rs 450
per month when taken for 6 months which only has 7 HD channels. Apart from the
channels Videocon d2h also has the latest movies on its platform in d2h movies.The
movies available are in optimum Video and audio quality. The price for these movies
starts from RS 25 and goes up to RS 50. This means that the minimum price that you
have to pay for watching aa movie on Videocon d2h; The Best DTH service is only Rs
25. Videocon d2h is also the best dth service when it comes to technology. During
torrential rains most of the dth services do not work due to scrambled service but
Videocon d2h does not experience any such problem because of its advanced
technology.Videocon d2h has a total of 330 channels and services on its dth.DTH in India
is being taken to the next level by Videocon d2h the best dth service.

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