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					                                     Engr. Donabel Lee
                    5thFloor, Flat 73, Al Kanary Bldg., Al Hamdani St.
                                   Al Sadd, Doha, Qatar
                                 Contact Number: +97433926052
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        To obtain a career in chemical engineering profession that would use my analytical,
detail-oriented and interpersonal skill to optimize and maintain the quality of produced products
while enhancing professional development and personal growth in new challenges and
learning experiences


Ibiden Philippines Incorporated
Sta. Anastacia Sto. Tomas Batangas
February 2007 – February 2012

Quality Assurance Engineer I
April 2011 to February 2012

Quality Assurance Line Engineer /Assistant Supervisor
February 2007 to April 2011

      In charge in quality assurance of products under Semi-additive process which consists of
       contact exposure by UV rays, Copper plating, polymer stripping NaOH, electroless
       etching processes and automatic optical inspection.
             Semi-additive process has a maximum capacity of 29 million pieces per month.
                Process maintenance includes filtration system, chemical cleaning, bath make-
                up and replenishment.
      Leads a team of 7 personnel which ensures the quality of products and compliance to
       established quality related and process control system of Semi-additive process and
       product visual inspection
      Prepares, attends and reports daily, weekly and monthly meeting with all superiors
       regarding operation activities and status
      Generate product and process design reviews to provide input on functional
       requirements, schedules, or potential problems
      Provides control limits on defect rate, input and output parameters using JMP software to
       alarm the manufacturing for abnormalities or process deviations.
      Generates and send PowerPoint and excel file process abnormality reports to Top
      Aligns all activities and schedules on QC group semiannual objectives and targets
      Prepares, revises and reviews documents like response flow check sheet (RFC), work
       instructions, work procedures and one point lesson (OPL) for operations standardization
      Makes analysis and generates corrective and preventive actions of trouble or
       abnormalities in the area
      Updates status of quality indices and initiate continuous improvement activities on
       product quality, reliability and yield through close working relationship with other
       Engineers and Top Management
      Monitors process control chart parameters and output parameters
      Conducts patrol in the area for checking of any abnormalities
      Carry out random audits of all operator activities to ensure compliance with company
       QMS and client specifications
      Conducts data commonality study and controls process stability using Statistical data
      Coordinates with other team leaders regarding Quality control related concerns
      Monitors and evaluates performance of her members
      Trains newly hired operators and engineers in technical or QC system standards
      Leads the individual improvement and morale pillar to uplift personnel’s spirit for
       continuous improvement
      Certified subject matter expert trainer on Quality Control of Semi-additive process

Process Engineer
Rezcoat Inc.
Alkyd Resin Manufacturing
June 2006 – November 2006
     In-charge in manufacturing of Alkyd resin through constant monitoring of process
       parameters in every stages of processing
     Conducts chemical test analysis and decides the exact heat-off time of reactor that will
       ensure the optimum quality of products
     Supervise personnel to ensure every task is performed in conformance with the standard
       operating procedure
     Conducts research and development through small scale laboratory analysis
     Performs evaluations and validations of incoming raw materials

On the Job Trainee
Holcim Philippines Inc.
Portland Cement Manufacturing
April – June 2004
     Trainee on the Production Control Room and Quality Assurance Department


Registered Professional Chemical Engineer (PRC ID No.: 0025366), passed board examination for
Chemical Engineering Manila Philippines April 2006

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BS CHE), Saint Louis University Baguio City
Philippines 2005


      Design review training (Ibiden Philippines Inc., 28 May 2009)
      Quality Operating System Plus and Process Control System ( By Intel Malaysia in Ibiden
       Philippines Inc. 17-18 May 2010)
      Failure Mode and Effect Analysis ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. 15 December 2009
      Kaizen Method training ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. 6 March 2009)
      Seven QC Tools ( Ibiden Philippines Inc. 22 October 2009
      ISO 9001: 2004 management training ( Ibiden Phils. Inc 28 January 2009)
      Production Planning Orientation and Training ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. 20 August 2008)
      ISO 14001: 2004 management training and orientation ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. 20 September
      Competency training on Effective Communication Skill ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. 14 July 2010
      Chemical Management Training ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. 17 August 2010
      TPM Visual Systems training ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. 11 August 2008)
      Japanese Language Training ( Japanese Language Research Center Inc. 31 August – 30
       November 2010)
      White Paper Analysis ( by Intel Malaysia at Ibiden Phils. Inc. 03 October 2011)
      Substrate Supplier Training ( by Intel Malaysia at Ibiden Phils. Inc. 08 November 2011)
      New Product Development Introduction ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. )
      Document Control Center Training and Orientation ( Ibiden Phils. Inc. 14 September 2011)


       Date of Birth   : December 21, 1983
       Age             : 28 years old
       Civil Status    : Single


       Computer Literate (Microsoft Programs: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint),Basic AutoCAD,
       SAS JMP Software, Knows how to use Macro program generated file
       Proficient both in Filipino and English Language


Ms. Lhenie Martinez
Assistant Section Manager- Quality Control
Ibiden Phils. Inc.
Contact #: +639175053166

Ms. Lanilyn Mariňo
Manufacturing Superintendent
Ibiden Phils. Inc.
Contact #: +639175054030

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