ENERGY SECTOR ACHIEVEMENTS: Inventory of currently applied by j3CZ5d


									Capacity Building to Assess Technology
Needs, Modalities to Acquire and Absorb
   Them, Evaluate and Host Projects

         GEO/96/G31(phase 2)

Duration: 1 October 2000-31 March 2002
Two main sectors were considered: Energy and Industry
State of these sectors was assessed: in 1990 year as a
baseline year according to the UNFCCC and in 1999 or 2000
for the evaluation of trends and current status

Sub-sectors of energy supply complex encompassed by
         Georgian energy recourses
         Power generation
         Transmission and distribution of electricity and heat

Inventory of currently applied technologies (main parameters) and
their efficiency

Bottom up inventory of GHGs emissions related with the low
efficiency of technologies

Design and filling up of computer database for technologies applied
in the Georgian energy sector

Assessment of GHGs reduction potential recovering the standard
efficiency of applied technologies

Proposals on improvement of efficiency in generation, transmission
and consumer sub-sectors
  Some large enterprises and plants of industry sector were
  reviewed and studied in detail: Rustavi Metallurgical Plant,
  Rustavi Chemical Plant “Azoti”, Rustavi Cement Plant and
               Tbilisi N4 Bread-Baking Plant.

Industry sector achievements:

• Assessment of energy efficiency of each technological

• Development of capacities for in-depth analysis of the
  different enterprises and the entire sector

• Proposals on the improvement of energy-efficiency in the
  listed plants
        Achievements of project

• Revealing the barriers to the energy-efficiency in
  industry sector and to the technology transfer process

• Assessment of potential for GHGs emission reduction
  in energy and industry sectors

• 8 proposals for further development and submission
  to the GEF and other financial structures.
                Energy Efficiency Improvement Proposals
           Defined in the Frame of Technology Transfer Project

Name of proposal                                    Measures to improve the energy efficiency            Potential of CO2     emission
                                                                                                         t/year           %
1. Reconstruction and Modernization of      Transfer of existing CHP plant from the currently applied
    Tbilisi CHP Using Modern Energy              outdated Soviet technology of electricity and heat
    Efficient     Power     Generation           generation to the steam and gas combined-cycle,
                                                                                                              90,000           61
    Technology                                   using modern “FT8-30” gas turbines and steam
                                                 boiler utilizers, manufactured by “Man GHH
2.   Adoption of Advanced Commutation       Replacement of 86 outdated and obsolete Soviet-type oil
     Technology for High Tension (500-220        and gas electric switches by modern ones, produced
                                                                                                                  1,060       100
     KV) Transmission Lines                      by Siemens and Alsthom that are using elegas (SF6 )
                                                 as an arc arrester and insulating environment filler
3.   Introduction of Energy Saving          Introduction of energy efficient starting devices produced
     Technologies for Street Lighting             by “OSRAM” for the street lighting lamps and
                                                  installation of autonomous lighting devices                     942          31
                                                  operating on the solar energy, manufactured by
                                                  “PHOTOWATT Inc.”
4. Application of Energy-saving Lamps for   Proposal for the arrangement of energy efficient lamps
     Lighting in Georgia                         production on the basis of indigenous know-how and           37,700           80
                                                 manufacturing facilities
5. Reconditioning and    Reconditioning of major unit for the production of            14
Modernization of         Ammonia and modernization of installation            31,000
Ammonia and Nitric       complex for the production of Nitric Acid.
Acid Production at the   Major repairs of the basic unit at the Ammonia
Rustavi Chemical         synthesis shop, the recuperation of absorption
Enterprise “Azoti”       column and the replacement of Platinum nets in
                         the contact installation at the Nitric acid
                         production shop.
6. Modernization of Steel Production at the .   Introduction of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) instead of
     Rustavi Metallurgical Plant                      Open Hearth Furnace and implementation of
                                                                                                                307,800        73
                                                      continuous casting of steel against the ingot casting
                                                      in the pipe production
7. Undertaking of Complex Measures to
    Raise    the   Cement  Production               Increase of dust catching efficiency by adoption of
    Efficiency at the Rustavi Cement                 modern kiln-dust catching filters to increase the
    Plant                                            efficiency of cement production at the plant and
                                                                                                                107,000        13
                                                     decrease the environmental pollution.
                                                    Replacement of currently used wet method of
                                                     cement production by less energy consuming dry
8.   Application   of    Energy Saving          Replacement of vacuum elevators by rather energy
     Technologies at the Tbilisi N4 Bread-           efficient screw conveyors for the transportation of
                                                                                                                206,000        25
     Baking Plant                                    flour and the introduction of modern, less energy
                                                     consuming baking stoves in the baking process
9. Decrease the Technical Losses from
    Tbilisi Gas Distribution Network                Replacement of damaged and unreliable gas
                                                     distribution pipelines using the 30% cheaper in
                                                     construction and maintenance plastic pipelines with
                                                     anticorrosion protection.                                  273,000   40
                                                    Use of two-stepped system instead of existing three-
                                                     stepped one
                                                    Applying modern technologies for monitoring the
                                                     condition of gas supply network.

Lack of coordination and subordination between the governmental structures related to
the problem;

Most of the documentation and initial data of 1990 from industry objects appeared to be

Delay of privatization process of large and medium-size enterprises;

Crisis still existing in the Industry sector caused by transition processes from planned
to market economy;

Barriers to the access to the information induced by the data gaps and the disappearing
of the data during management changes;

Lack of national experts on technology needs;

Comprehensive analysis of energy
efficiency of electric appliances used in

In-depth inventory of Industry sector energy

Launching the same process for transport

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